Gio by Elizabeth Reyes

Giovanni Bravo finds himself drowning in guilt after the unfortunate death of fellow boxer Trinidad, by his own fist. All he wants to do after this is escape reality and forget about the incident by staying in his garage, hypnotized by his TV. His best friends Noah, Abel & Hector have supported him, and now it’s time for Gio to snap out of his funk. When old time friend and welterweight world champion Felix Sanchez invites him to spend two months in his cabin in Big Bear Mountain, to help him train for his next fight. What Gio doesn’t know is that this trip will mark him in every way possible, from a test of loyalty to the biggest fight of his life when he meets Bianca, Felix’s girlfriend and former classmate who he hasn’t seen since High School.
I have to admit I’ve been looking forward to this book since I finished Noah a few months back. I didn’t know when it would be released and I was expecting this to come out sometime during the winter, but what a great surprise for me when I heard the news from Elizabeth herself a few days before the actual release date. Of course,  I DEVOURED this book non stop since I put my hands on it a few hours after. This is one of those books that are actually worth an all day fasting! just read, read and read nonstop.
Needless to say IT WAS ABSOLUTELY FREAKING AWESOME! No words i can write here can described how much I LOVED Gio. Of course, a few things crossed my mind while reading this:
Eli, by any chance did you happen to stop by Oscar De La Hoya’s crib up in Big Bear? ha! the description of Felix’s cabin is one I could only imagine would belong to a professional boxer like him, and of course, it is well known that the Golden Boy himself lives there. WOW! imagine Felix doing his morning running session with him!I just LOVE! and absolutely envy your knowledge of our beautiful SoCal. The great LA area is really privileged to have access to mountain, desert and sea all in one. I think by connecting this story in all the right places to be and visit, you did an awesome job. East L.A (a.k.a The Hood) is possibly the most Hispanic place in all Southern California and proudly, I can say that I have eaten THE BEST shrimp tacos EVER at a local Taco Truck in East LA. (I’ll give u the address later!).

How loyalty and friendship is exposed in every aspect from the moment tragedy struck Gio’s life with Trinidad’s accident, the support he received from all the 5th St. gang, how he struggles with guilt because of his new feelings towards Bianca. I think all of these are key elements that needed to be in this story to make it was it really is A BEAUTIFUL LOVE STORY; love in all means, from Felix’s offer to Gio with hopes of a mood change, a boost, something to cheer him up, to the fatherly love Jack professed to all members of the 5th street clan; Noah, Abel and Hector’s brotherly love towards him, showing him that in every need he can count on them.

I think, that of all the books I have read this year alone, this one taught me a great lesson: Love makes you a better person. Challenges will arise, situations that you didn’t count on will show up on your doorstep, but some things will always remain: love and true friendship.

Another winner for Elizabeth Reyes, woman, mother, wife Hispanic pride, AWESOME WRITER you CAN’T AND SHOULDN’T miss!

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  1. Nette says:

    I’ll have to read this one…if only for the simple fact that my youngest son’s name is Jiovanni (spelled with a J instead of G) but really, it sounds like a good story. =)

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