First Bookshelf Reading Challenge



Hosted by my dear Nette over @ Nette’s Bookshelf Reviews, this awesome initiative is meant to encourage all of us to KICK OUR TBR PILE IN THE BUTT! I know, I know, too many books, so little time, but hey! I have more than 600+ books in this list since 2010 that I KNOW one day I need to complete. In the meantime (and for the next 4 months) I am hoping to read at least ONE A MONTH of all those books…(tough but DO-ABLE!)


Rules are easy!

  • Create a post about your challenge letting us know which ‘shelf’ you’ll be using for the challenge (virtual, physical, kindle, kobo, nook) *it’s totally ok to combine shelves!

  • Include the books that you’ve chosen to read in your post

  • Include the image at the top of this post and link it back to this post

  • Share the challenge on social media

  • If you post a review of a book on your chosen shelf(s) link it up so we can see it and comment!

  • Check in at least once a month to give me a status update (I’m not going to set a schedule on when to post a challenge update but at least update every month or month and a half.

  • HAVE FUN! My goal with this challenge is for me to read those books that are sitting on my shelves that I’ve been dying to read but haven’t gotten around to and I of course want my fellow bookies to join me!


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