Stealing The Wind (Mermen of Ea # 1) by Shira Anthony

18216592There is so much more in a M/M romance than what many people think there is. I remember a few years ago, I used to feel really uncomfortable and not too keen on reading it, mostly because I felt too curious and thought that my curiosity would kill the cat.


My adventure reading M/M romance started with a pack of wolves too damn gorgeous for their own good, and recently skipped deep in the sea to find some scorching mermen who basically can turn the damn ocean into flames because of how hot they are.

A fair warning though, for those too stubborn to give M/M romance a chance: this book contains explicit encounters recommended for those with an open enough mind to find the beauty and greatness above the clichéd scandal. I’ve seen plenty of reviews in cyberspace with harsh words against this particular genre. It’s really simple though: If you can’t take the heat, stop trying to burn yourself. Stealing The Wind is a BEAUTIFUL story full of love and mystique.

The Mermen of Ea are an ancient race who have existed for millennia but have had to hide because they are threatened by humans. When a young boy named Taren Laxey, who was basically raised by local Regger Borstan Laxey, is taken away as a payment for Borstan’s debt to Lord Grell. Taren is then kept as a help hand in the local tavern where sailors stop for meals at the harbor. Two years later, he finds himself in a comfort zone at this job when Captain Rider, master of the Sea Witch notices him and gives him a slight taste of pleasure Taren neither expected or refused to feel. Next thing he knows, he’s aboard the Sea Witch, inside the Captain’s cabin, laying on the Captain’s bed. From that moment on, Taren’s life will turn into a mix of emotions, sea adventures, and lots and lots of passionate moments such as this:


“I want to feel your warmth, feel myself fill you. Show you what you’ve longed for.” “Ahhh… gods…. I…. Please… fuck me!” It felt strange, crouching like a dog, his ass splayed so both men could see his most private of places, and yet he did not object. More than anything, he wanted this. He wanted to understand. He had not expected Bastian’s fingers to thrill him so, and the thought of Bastian’s cock in their place sent shivers through his body. Rider lay watching them with an intensity that surprised Taren. He no longer felt shame beneath that lustful gaze. He knew only his desire, his hunger, and his aching need. “Please. Oh please…,” Taren begged. Bastian pushed his hard cock against Taren’s opening. “Relax. Just let me in.” Bastian’s voice soothed him, and Rider once again caressed Taren’s head. The moan that issued from Taren’s lips as Bastian breached him was tinged with pain, but as Bastian seated himself inside, the heat from within erased all but the heady sensation of being filled.”


During his time on the Sea Witch, Taren meets Bastian the quartermaster; who is also the owner of Captain Rider’s heart and the one who suggested he bring another man to their bed. The deal is to stay three years and once completed, Taren’s has the option of leaving or staying with them. After two years, Taren becomes a man in every sense of the word and he feels at home aboard the Witch. Until the night he falls from the ship to rescue one of the crew members. Life as he knows it will never be the same: Ian Dunaidh, captain of the Phantom will be the one in charge to show Taren the beauty beneath the sea and love beyond all imagination.


What I like mostly of this story is the delicate way the author describes Taren’s encounters with Bastian and Ian. It’s so easy to fall in the common way of attracting readers by keeping up the steam to a high notch, but the topic of finding and admitting their love to one another was the greatest protagonist here rather than the hot steamy scenes, (which were not as many as I would love to had seen), BUT carried the passion and amazement only certain writers have the ability to put in words. The fantastic world Mrs. Anthony has created motivates you even more to understand and learn about the characters, and there is plenty of action, drama, suspense and adrenaline rush to keep you over the edge.

I consider myself a hopeless fan from now on, awaiting for the next installment of the Mermen of Ea series.

This is an absolute 4/2 bookie for me


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