Before I read Skin Deep: “Breaking Point” by Pamela Clare my # 2 book of 2011

Why # 2? Because I am a hardcore Black Dagger Brotherhood fan and Lover Unleashed beat every single one of the 121 books I read last year, including this one, which I decided to make my # 2, BECAUSE IT IS WORTH EVERY MINUTE YOU READ IT AND EVERY PENNY YOU PAID FOR IT.
Pamela Clare has a special gift for writing books that keeps your attention from a to z. You don’t get bored, you will not want to stop (not even to eat!) you will be biting your nails and constantly hyperventilating because every single page holds so much suspense and emotion, it’s even hard to focus on anything besides the book. 
I learned about her books only last year, thanks to my friend Taryn (from My Secret Romance) who got me the first 3 (or was it 4?) I-Team books when I had just bought my new kindle as a I-just-got-a-new-kindle gift!. I was so happy that I actually read Unlawful Contact in less than 48 hours and soon enough I was getting my hands on Breaking Point (after going thru the other three in less than a week) and I remember myself CRYING my eyes out, in the middle of the street, when I though Joaquin was killed. After the HEA that Nataly and Zach achieve, I decided to become a loyal fan of Mrs. Clare, because I do consider, that above all books I could get my hands on, this one, is nothing less than a REAL MASTERPIECE. So because I’ve been so eager to also get my hands on Skin Deep, which she proudly self published and released this past Tuesday, I just had to share what I wrote last summer about my FAVORITE book in the I-Team series:
If I could give this book 10 stars I would and let me tell you why:

In my 31 years of life, I have read SEVERAL books (in Spanish of course) about Narcos and drug lords, real life stories of Carteles in Latin America, you name it. For somebody who actually has the guts to WRITE a fictional story using such real elements of knowledge like Pamela Clare has done with this book; I have to bend on my knees and praise her until the end of my days. I never thought it could even be possible to write something so real even tho it’s fictional. She used the exact elements that needed to be used without getting out of line, and for that alone, she deserves any praise possible.

See, being Hispanic (even tho I was born here and my mother is more American than hot dogs) makes me suffer along with the rest of my Hispanic community when I hear news that involves violence related to this environment. This is REAL, it happens every day and everybody is exposed. We see this in news and it never stops breaking your heart every time you picture the violence and drama behind it. This real life drama goes beyond borders, nationalities and ethnicity. Nataly Benoit was lucky, but the truth is that many journalists never come back, as well as many military elements in super high ranked missions across the globe. Mrs. Clare narrates a thrilling story about a kidnapped journalist and the journey she has to go through to survive which is actually  a story among many that happen all the time. I actually have thought while reading this book on how many times she had to stop and cry while writing it. The desert is witness of many tragedies, majority of which are never told because the memories are lost in the sand as well as the ashes of those who begin that same journey seeking freedom and new life or running away from the one they have just for a little bit of peace. It reminds me on how much I wanted to be a journalist and never made up my mind, mostly because I am a chicken, but also because this is real violence, it DOES exist and it’s more real than what we believe or hear. I knew if I had end up pursuing a journalist career it would be in the outfield, where all of the good stuff happens.
Because this is a romance book, you WILL feel the love in every page you read. Sensuality, love, steam and  HAWTNESS are the elements that makes this a romantic suspense from page one, but I won’t get into more details or spoil it for you. YOU NEED TO READ THE WHOLE SERIES. ASAP!

Needless to say, Nataly and Zach hold a breathtaking emotionally charged story that will keep you expectant page after page, word after word.

Mrs. Clare: You have so ROCKED MY WORLD!

Skin Deep (I-Team After Hours Novella) for Kindle

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