Cowboys Make Me Happy! While waiting for One Night Rodeo, “Wrangled & Tangled” by Lorelei James

Mrs. James is everything I can ask for in a writer. I absolutely adore every single book / story she has written, and, I know it’s a bit early to countdown for One Night Rodeo, but I couldn’t help myself to remember how happy all these cowboy stories have made me since last year that I decided to give these guys a try with “Long Hard Ride”. I never looked back, and I’m so glad I didn’t:

After a year full of EXCELLENT cowboy books, I had to wait approximately 304 days to read the one, I could finally call EPIC. Not only for the flawless writing, but for the absolutely gorgeous love story built behind it.

When I read Corralled like 6 months ago, I was not too impressed. But don’t get me wrong, not because I didn’t like it, but because I expected Mrs. James would go over the top and beat the McKay’s with her Blacktop Cowboys, however I do admit I compared it too much with Long Hard Ride (I could not help myself from thinking about Channing and Colby and Trevor when I read the story of Lanie, Kyle and Hank) but at the end it has absolutely NOTHING to do with it and I was pretty pleased and the book left me with a warm fuzzy feeling.

Along came Saddled and Spurred and it blew my mind. Literally. If you have not had the chance to read it I honestly don’t know what the heck are you waiting for. That one was not your average cowboy book. It has a message about trust, loneliness, fighting for what you want, overcoming all kinds of obstacles and with Mrs. James writing style, which allows you to place events in real time and possibly build your own image of characters and environments, it was not that hard to see reflected a picture of the main characters in your average hot guy and beauty queen like girl. To me, it has been one of the best books I’ve read in years.

But this one… I can only say that every single time I opened it to read little bits, my heart literally wanted to pop out of my chest. THIS is what I call a real love story.

We have to sayings in Spanish which I attempt to translate the best I can:

DONDE HUBO FUEGO, CENIZAS QUEDAN, which applies to Janie and Abe’s story.

Having been in a relationship for several years and becoming friends with an ex is really an accomplishment. Many see it awkward, others just avoid that possibility altogether. For me, who I can say I have a friendly relationship with who I consider being the love of my life, it’s not impossible, and at the end it’s actually satisfactory in many ways, cause you get to prove yourself mature enough to follow on. In my case there is no love left to rebuild anything, but I have seen cases where there is, and it can actually be way better than before. So this time, Mrs. James hit the jackpot. This is the story of a woman who even though loved her husband, needed to find her true self first. It’s well said that you can’t love others if you don’t love yourself first and accomplishing personal goals (like college) is a very good way of proving it. It is also shown in Abe, who saw and understood this need in his wife and also realized he needed to do the same. So it was painful, but wise at the same time to let her go. Eight years later, with a more mature way of seeing things, they can come back and work things around their life in a different way, for that alone, Abe and Janie actually give a great lesson of forgiveness and true love kept in a safe place in the heart throughout the years.

So the other one of my grandma’s lessons of life, fall around the popular DEL AMOR AL ODIO HAY UN SOLO PASO, which applies to Renner and Tierney.

If I would have a penny for every time Ive heard that and found out it’s true, I would be a freakin’ millionaire. I’ve seen it so many times in my 31 years of life it’s not even funny. It even happen to me. You hate somebody so much. This person annoys your guts but at the end, fatal attractions is more powerful and it overcomes the feeling. I pictured myself as a Tierney. Geeky, not very feminine, I’ve never been in the spot were guys feel immediately attracted to me. I’m not a man magnet and I look nerdy, teen-agish if you want to, cause I love to dress comfy, I hate make up, I cant stand heels and I wear my hair tied up all the time, got no social life, I’M FOREVER READING A BOOK. The difference is that I hate numbers and I am a people’s person. (For a powerful reason I studied Public Relations.) However, for some men, simple girls like me are what they need to mend their lives. Maybe the geeky part of us is what attracts them more. Sometimes simple is a new way of meaning beautiful.

Mrs James: You have done it again and this time, YOU WENT OVER THE TOP.

Many authors have done the attempt on mixing 2 stories in one book, with low success on captivating the audience. I don’t want to mention some cases because it’s pointless, but for somebody like Mrs. James, it became so easy and worked out so well, that none of the stories compete with the other and both keep you expectant.. All the little elements make this a story to share and to cherish. I am beyond words this year on how much I simply worship her ideas and her hands for writing such amazing stories. Its been because of her that I actually went to a real rodeo for the first time this past October, and have set my mind on one day giving myself a break and checking out NOWHERE, WYOMING, where cell phone reception sucks and there is more to see other than buffalo’s.

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  1. Kimber says:

    LOVE the Blacktop Cowboys series. These books have the perfect amount of emotion, sex, and plot. They are on my re-read shelf and are my go-to books when I want a perfect story. Thanks for reminding me how much I love them and I can’t wait for Kyle’s story!! 🙂

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