BookBlitz + Guest Post: A Shot in the Dark by Jennifer Burrows

A Shot in the Dark front cover (4)Romantic Thriller

Date Published: 7/11/2013

Most of the patients that are brought to the trauma bay in the ER remain nameless, and for the most part, faceless.  For Laney Pearson and the rest of the staff, this makes it easier to move past the senseless death and destruction that they see on an almost daily basis.  But all of that changes for Laney when she finds herself trying to pump the life back into a young motorcycle rider who arrives by helicopter more dead than alive.

Skyler Smith has all the makings of the next great motocross rider, right up until he crashes while trying to perform the trick that will secure his future.  From the time his motionless body is lifted off the track, the question becomes not when his next race takes place, but whether he will live to see another day.  And now there is mounting evidence that the tragedy was no accident

Laney can never envision this boy’s crash and the ensuing investigation will have such an impact on her own life, but in the days that follow, she discovers a life within her she never knew existed.  While the police sort through the mounting evidence from the crash, Laney has to sort through her own feelings for the handsome trauma surgeon that she previously never gave a second thought.  Is he really as charming as he seems, or is there another reality hiding beneath the surface?  And just how long has he been watching her?




 As he got to the base of the jump, he noticed his front wheel was wobbling. His first instinct was to panic. Instead, he took a deep breath and counted to five to calm himself. All he had to do was make this jump. He knew he could do it. There wasn’t a chance he was going to miss it. As he watched the wheel become persistently looser, doubt filled his mind. This is bad. Maybe I shouldn’t do this jump. This could end terribly. Man, you have to do this jump. This is what you have been preparing for. As he went up the jump and started his flip, he saw his front tire fall off in midair. A brief moment of panic surged through his body. He continued on not knowing what else to do as he tried to turn his bike around and land on the back tire. But the surprise of his tire falling off made his timing off. Instead, he landed on the ground with his bike falling on top of him leaving him in complete darkness.

Ten Favorite Authors and Why

I like a variety of genres.  But here are ten of my favorite authors in no particular order:

  •  Dan Brown:  I feel like I get an art history lesson every time I read one of his books.  I’m not particularly a fan of art history.  But somehow, Dan Brown makes me not only enjoy it but I want to learn more about what he’s referencing.
  • Bill O’Riley: As controversial as he may be, I find his books informative and thought provoking.  I can’t wait to read Killing Lincoln.
  • Jamie McGuire:  Who doesn’t love Beautiful Disaster?  I felt like I was right there with Travis and Pidge.  I felt so many different emotions when reading the book.  And, who doesn’t love a bad boy like Travis?
  • Samantha Young:  I just love her writing style.  I love her references to Scotland and how she builds her characters.  She always has a female who has had some trauma in her life and works hard to have a normal life and eventually fall in love.  Who doesn’t love a good love story?
  • C.M. Stunich:  I just read the Hard Rock Serious.  Needless to say, I can’t wait for the third one to come out.  These rockers are hard core dirty.  At times, they are just so disgusting.  I have to admire anyone who can make me fall in love with characters that are so filthy they are hot!
  • Tarryn Fisher: Her Love me with Lies serious was very messed up.  I kept finding myself shocked and it was unpredictable.  I love a book in which I’m not going to figure out the ending.  And she definitely captured my attention through the entire three book series.
  • Tiffany Reisz: The Original Sinners serious is like nothing I’ve ever read before.  She develops her characters so well and the sex scenes are so well done.  I’ve read the first four books and I’m looking forward to the fifth.  She is definitely someone I’m going to continue to follow.
  • Kylie Scott: I recently read Lick.  And again, I’ve never been into the rock star books.  But, something about her characters made me want to keep reading her book.  And, I’m glad I did.  It was one of the very few books I’ve read that makes me keep thinking about it for days after I read it.  I keep hoping to stumble onto something similar.
  • Stieg Larsson: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series.  The books reminded me a little bit of Dan Brown’s writing but without all of the art history.  I loved how he kept me guessing throughout the entire series.  It was suspenseful, had just the right amount of love scenes, and it made me feel like an intelligent reader.
  • Gillian Flynn: Gone girl was seriously a messed up story.  It’s one of those books where when you finished all you can say is WOW!


 Jennifer Burrows


Jennifer is a Registered Nurse, and she holds a Master’s degree in Nursing Administration.  She has 15 years of experience working in the Emergency Room and the Intensive Care Unit of a major trauma center.  While she is equally adept at all facets of patient care, Emergency room nursing is her passion, and is the inspiration for this story.  Currently, she resides in Southern California with her husband and their three amazing boys.  This is her first published novel, with the sequel expected soon.


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