Sophie’s OFF The Book: I’m also a Movie Junkie! The Avengers (3D)

For a kid who grew up in an all boys domain, I think I did pretty good keeping up with significantly important BOY STUFF:  G.I Joe’s, Hot Wheels, Soccer, Racing Cars and Action Movies. I have to say that at age 31, I am absolutely proud of myself for learning and MASTERING those kind of things a girl wouldn’t usually master if she only hung out with Barbies. I think I went BEYOND Barbies (which I honestly HATED, and still up to this day do not like at all) and got myself enough points in the event I ever have kids, specially boys. 
My older brother (aka cousin-almost-brother-because-we-grew-up-together) used to have a very good friend who I always considered an expert in comics. He would talk to me about a whole bunch of different comic book characters but I soon learned that MARVEL & DC Comics where like THE worst enemies around. I first heard about all Marvel characters from him, like Spider Man, Thor, the X-Men, Hulk and also from super famous Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman from DC Comics. I have to admit that until today, I love a lot of them from both sides. 
I would not be able to call myself a true BOOK LOVER if I hadn’t at least read ONCE a comic book in my life, and one of the first ones I put my hands on was specifically “The Avengers” back in 1993:
Though the original cast of Avengers ARE NOT the ones you will meet in the movie, they absolutely do justice to the plot. I am not a movie critic nor do I intend to be, but I have to express my absolute delight in the movie that actually brought back a lot of great childhood memories. I am a HUGE fan of Iron Man, so he’s a winner altogether, I LOVE Chris Evans so he’s a winner to with Captain America, Scarlett Johansson has awesome hair color, Mark Ruffalo took Edward Norton’s character of The Incredible Hulk with pride and made it HIS, and Thor…..WHO HASN’T SEEN THOR???? HELLOOO! But of course all characters are well interpreted and brought to life with style. 
The movie itself is AWESOME! and that’s only to say little. You can not move your eyes away and, though because of my lovely nephews I HAD TO WATCH IT IN 3D (which I don’t like to do cause I end up with a horrible migraine) it was worth every single penny I paid for.
I think the digital era is way beyond cool, it helps us save the planet, makes us greener and I am an absolute TREE HUGGER and promote ECO FRIENDLY stuff, BUT I do believe that COMIC BOOKS like this, should never dissapear (even if they have to print them in recycled paper) and should be kept as a treasure for future generations. If you didn’t know, the first Avengers came out in 1963, but Hollywood didn’t want to wait for their 50th anniversary to release this motion picture. I am REALLY glad they didn’t 🙂 

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