Double Time (Sinners on Tour # 3) by Olivia Cunning – Opening Giveaway!

Have you ever read a book by Mrs. Cunning?

If your answer is no; then WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!

If your answer is yes, please agree with me:  ISN’T SHE A TRUE ROCKSTAR WRITER?!

“Double Time” is possibly THE MOST AWESOME HARD CORE ROMANCE BOOK I HAVE EVER READ. Trey Mills stole my heart with his cherry suckers from the moment I first read about him in “Backstage Pass”; and he made me love him even more with his boyish self trying to recover from a head injury in “Hard Rock”. I think Trey deserved the book that was written about him in a way no other character did, only because we’ve seen a Trey in many phases of this career as a rock star and we know that even though he was always a wealthy kid, he had to work HARD to earn his well deserved status of ROCKSTAR.

Trey’s story is full of emotional roller coasters, sex, drama, a wannabe kidnapper and some HOT elements only Mrs. Cunning could deliver. It was about damn time Trey met his soul mate, and no, it was NOT Brian “Master” Sinclair. Her name (yes, HER NAME) is Reagan Elliott. And his name is Ethan Connor (yes, HIS NAME).

Reagan Elliott’s life turned a full 180 the day she was selected part of the final 5 who were to be the next band member of Exodus End (Trey’s brother’s band) and Trey’s surprise was even bigger when he ends up judging the final 5 for Exodus End’s contest at Dare’s house and actually believes the band is playing a game on him with an audition from Brian! He almost passed out when he sees that who is playing guitar as fantastic as Brian is no other than Reagan. A girl. Yep, a WOMAN.

Hard to believe coming from Trey huh?

See, fate works in strange ways sometimes, and  the day Trey met Reagan was also the day Malcolm Trey Sinclair was born. On that  (fatal) day Trey Mills realized he could no longer hold on to Brian his best friend, who had just asked Trey to be the baby’s godfather and named him after him. Trey had known for a while that his heart started breaking in small pieces the day Brian & Myrna got married back in Vegas, but he felt as if he had lost  everything left to live when little Malcolm finally arrived.  He somehow understood things would never be the same. This story is not only about a change of heart, but an ode to the real meaning of the word FRIENDSHIP.

From there many things happen, which I won’t detail too much in case you hate spoilers, but I have to point out two things I found very welcoming in this book:

  • Fact # 1: True love appears when least expected.:

Trey had NO idea whatsoever, that meeting Reagan and flirting with her would lead him to find THE woman among all the ones he’d bedded before who would be able to make him bend his knees and surrender to the one thing he never even considered in his life: Loving and committing to a steady relationship.

I love it how he had no problem trying it. Many men should act the same.

  • Fact # 2: Gay relationships have deep impact in many straight hearts.

Because a great majority of all my male friends are gay I am capable of understanding the extraordinary measures a man can go to hold another man’s heart. I’ve seen how they suffer, I’ve seen how they struggle, and for one to be completely ok with his sexuality and as open as Trey is, I understand that his need for that particular element Reagan couldn’t give him, needed to be fulfilled by Ethan.

Mrs. Cunning, you did a PHENOMENAL JOB! This book is not only a twist-shake-delightful-candy to read, but it also has several different lessons of life all of us can use every daysop: parenthood, commitment, sexuality, relationships, responsibility, achievement, you name it. It has a little bit of everything for everyone. For us, your loyal fans for life, it is bittersweet, cause we know it’s the end of the road in the “Sinners on Tour” series, hopefully not the end of Sinners as a band.  I’m betting my left pinky that there will be a small novella / short story about Sed & Jessica becoming parents! If not then *PLEASE CONSIDER IT!*

The only thing that made my heart twist a bit was to hear that THIS BOOK WAS MEANT TO BE THE LAST! Beware that there are MAJOR spoilers here that will mess up part of the fun. Yes, it could’ve been worst and they are not “that” bad, but no doubt this book needed to be the last one to be published. So the publisher DOES NOT GET MY KUDOS FOR THIS ONE! Though, I am still one of many who would have bought any of her books blind.

Because this is a friendly way of opening my new blog / hobby, I want to give away a copy (Kindle or Nook) of DOUBLE TIME! all you have to do is FOLLOW ME, and bring a friend!  I will pick (via one winner between all the followers I find on either NetworkedBlogs or Linky next Tuesday, November 6.

Good Luck!

This is a 4 BOOKIE Rating

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  1. Sophie says:

    I know right! I had heard but refused to believe! ='( I just feel that sad withdrawal when u finish a serie, just like with every book of the BDB or Dark Hunters 🙁 Sinners were like the ULTIMATE ROCK BAND! I just love Trey so much! 🙂

  2. Barbara says:

    Isn’t it NUTS that Olivia’s publisher released Trey’s book third??? I don’t know what they were thinking, it’s like throwing up all the big fireworks in the middle, then doing the single booms at the end (not that the remaining guys won’t have good stories).

    Great review, I love what you said about Trey letting himself be open to having Reagan in his relationship too. I’m not normally a reader of m/m, but Olivia did such a good job of making this about the characters and who they like and love that it didn’t occur to me not to buy this. Plus I had to see Trey get over Brian!!

    I don’t think Olivia is allowed to write novellas though, sad news. She tried to write a Christmas one for Brian and Myrna and was slapped down by her publisher, who told her the characters belong to them, not her. That’s why she’s starting the new series with the new band, I think. 🙁

  3. Corinna says:

    Following you from Blogaholic. Please follow me back!

  4. Melissa says:

    How can you not love the Rock stars Olivia shares with us! Thank you for the awesome tidbits about our Trey 🙂

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