Before I read Under a Vampire Moon and Once Burned: The Bite Before Christmas by Lynsay Sands & Jeaniene Frost (6 months later)

Let’s split this in the two obligated parts that correspond: The Gift: 3.0 Stars; Home For the Holidays: 5 stars!
Lynsay Sands bought my loyalty when she wrote Lucern Argeneau’s story “Single White Vampire”. For those who DON’T read the RT Book Reviews magazine you may not understand several jokes inside the story, but making a MALE romance novel writer attend the RT Book Lovers Convention is possibly a HUGE task. Inside the convention several things happen and at the end you fall in love with the whole Argeneau clan as much as Lucern falls in love with Kate.
12 books and several short stories later, THE GIFT made me just want to ask for my money back….

I just can’t (no matter how much I tried) imagine a 64 year old man lusting after a 25 yr old (LOOKING) woman. Now, granted she’s over 2K years old, yes, BUT STILL! Picturing old Teddy Brunswick, fall in love IN A DAY! (Actually less than 48 HOURS!) with a woman JUST because she convinces him she’s his life mate, is one of the most twisted and wacky stories I have possibly read. Many will disagree, but don’t get me wrong! I love Teddy. He was possibly THE ONLY character that actually SAVED the entire book “The Accidental Vampire” (possibly the worst book in Sands Argeneau series) and made it survive the inevitable drowning as you could actually realize Sands is running out of ideas. But if he has been part of several books and is a well known character by now, don’t you agree with me that he at least deserved a BOOK instead of a story? Look at “The Reluctant Vampire” how come “Drina Argenis” and “Harper Stoyan” deserved an entire book (actually well written) and not Teddy??? Maybe my disappointment rounds the idea of unfairness towards some characters we have learned to love. “Bitten by Cupid” DID justice to Tiny and Mirabeau, but this one… I’m sorry Mrs. Sands, I am your ever loving and loyal fan, I will read every single book you write on this series cause I love it, but with this particular book you absolutely disappointed me beyond reason. That doesn’t mean in any way I’m not eager to start “Under a Vampire Moon”, I just know deep in my heart that Christian Notte’s story will be beyond awesome, because Christian himself is beyond awesome!

So talking about Jeaniene Frost’s latest installment BEFORE Vlad Tepe’s story:
Cat and Bones…well, I worship Jeanine Frost’s hands and brain. It’s like Cat & Bones live with her and she has seen every single adventure happen before her eyes. I just LOVE books written in first person. So maybe that’s why Cat never disappoints. I just wish it would’ve been longer. Possibly explain a little bit more, but I think that The Bite Before Xmas should be enough for all of us her loyal readers. 2 books and one story in a year must be EXHAUSTING! 🙂 and based on the fabulous story told here, you can now imagine how cool Once Burned will turn out once it hit the shelves in June 🙂

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