My First NetGalley Review: Her Cowboy Distraction by Carla Cassidy

This is the first (and hopefully not the last) NetGalley book I’m reviewing; and since I wanted to start with my well known trademark of COWBOY ROMANCE FREAK, I decided to search for a light yet romantic enough story.
I came across Carla Cassidy’s “Her Cowboy Distraction” by accident, as I was looking for another book and truly it was a welcome gift! I’ve never read any stories by this author, and sure enough I discovered this belongs to no other than Harlequin Romantic Suspense as part of the Mini Series “Cowboy Café”. I simply LOVE cowboy romances and well, this one didn’t disappoint and though it wasn’t an unforgettable life touching story, it has the perfect elements to make it a quick and entertaining reading.
Lizzy has a “bucket list”, (I want one of those too!) and she finds herself middle of the road towards the final steps of it getting a job at the Cowboy Café in the small town of Grady Gulch, OK. She becomes a waitress and soon enough, almost everybody in town knows her. Her plan though, is to complete this list as she believes this is her mother’s final wish for her. A few weeks after her arrival, she becomes intrigued about a lonely man who stops by the café every Friday night and always orders 2 slices of peach pie, sits down at the same booth, and places one slice at each side, as if he was sharing it with somebody. Lizzy has no idea who is this man and why he does that, but she can’t help feeling a bit intrigued.
Daniel is a lonely man who has a huge burden on his shouldersand meeting Lizzy will change not only his point of view, but will spark his life in a way he never thought possible again.
I won’t give out too many spoilers, because I know if you read this book, you will immediately love it as I did, but know that this story contains the two elements I love most in a story: suspense and mystery. This story only contains one full love scene and though it is written with delicacy and style, very suggestive and not too explicit, it doesn’t lack of intensity and emotion. There is also a small cliffhanger at the end that will definitely convince you to follow with the rest of Cowboy Café stories. I would highly recommend this book as a weekend read.

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  1. sandra says:

    Hi love this review I love cowboy stories they are my favorite but I do read others 🙂

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