Review: Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000448_00034]Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This IS a love story. Twisted, messed up, perverse, sinful, and crazy as hell, but a love story nonetheless.

It’s DEFINITELY not your average love story, but if you ask me, this falls in the EPIC category of love stories, told from a bold, realistic and blunt kind of way only few authors are gifted enough to write about.

See, not to be whiny or anything, but for the past few months I’ve been having an inner debate with myself on why continue reading!? Many things have shown me that books are a positive addiction, but for some people they become an obsession. And I’ve gone from NY times bestselling books to 99 cent hidden jewels, and nothing had given me joy. Until I picked this book up a few days ago. Until i clicked on the $2.99 sale of an audiobook that came along with it, and actually listened/read thru it in less than 48 hours. The first time I had done that in 2 1/2 years. I had been losing my interest in books, for many other reasons that really nobody cares about but me (in all honesty NOBODY has even cared to ask, and it’s fine, nobody has to) but I kept on buying books in hope to find THE ONE.

And I found it in the story of Eva and Deuce.

The messed up-crazed-sickened-weird and all sorts of WRONG story of Eva and Deuce. Their love story. Cause at the end, as I said, it is a love story.

You’ve probably have read thu the blurbs, so I’ll go straight to what i think about it: It is absolutely preversed in any and all possible ways.

But i loved it.

And I would rate it 5+ stars if that would even be possible.

To get into the psych of each character would be too extense and maybe boring, not to mention all of the reviews I see here are almost the same, but to get my point clear and understood, i can tell you that only a handful of books (including authors like Stephen King, Lee Goldberg, Sherrilyn Kenyon , Brandon Sanderson, Robert Jordan, JK Rowling among them) have kept me as expectant and deliberately distracted from the real world like this one did.

I honestly have no possible words left to praise Madeline enough (and not that she hasnt heard it before) but i have the feeling that besides the talented and extraordinary gifted way she writes, to be able to describe certain scenes she must’ve had lived them or seen them firsthand. And if she hasn’t then God loves her tons extra and blessed her brain with enough imagination to put together such a brutal and fantastic story.

New York City to Montana. Who would’ve thought it would take u 4 days to get from point A to point B. Yet in reality it took Deuce and Eva 30 years, a lot of blood, tears, guns, daggers and a kid to complete the full ride. What I loved most about this uncommon love story was precisely that: age never mattered. Society never mattered. Circumstanced didn’t mattered. And certainly distance didn’t matter either. It was all weird and crazy, but it happened because of love. A love that grew for the course of 30 years and overcame any obstacle you can possibly imagine. All of them.

If you ask me, this story needs to be turned into a movie. Any Hollywood script writer would have a freakin’ field trip making this into a blockbuster. It has everything you need to make it a box office hit. And if you ask me who should play Deuce, I decided today that nobody but Triple H himself would make the cut. Nobody. For Eva, well if you are familiar (trust me, I only know about her thru tattoo magazines LOL) with the name Christy Mack, then she’s the one who I would pick. Minus the buzz cut on the sides.

Madeline if you ever read this, I thank you. Thank you for spiking my curiosity and interest with a kick ass story written with such a style only truly gifted writers can achieve.

And thank you Amanda, for not once letting me down on your book recommendations. You just brought the light back to me without even realizing it 🙂


This is a FIVE (5) Bookie read!

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