One Sweet Ride by Jaci Burton [Review]

15716993One Sweet Ride by Jaci Burton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It’s so hard NOT to like a Jaci Burton book. She masters every single angle of a love story like the pro she is.

One Sweet Ride, is just another bold statement to the already known fact that she is one hell of a great writer. And every book, every story, very HOT, SMOKIN’ GORGEOUS ALPHA STUD OF A MALE CHARACTER only keeps getting BETTER.

Ya’ll know the blurb. Rich kid grows, decided not to follow his rich dad steps, turns the plate to a totally opposite career and succeeds. His dad gets sick, changes, runs for vice president. Vice president to be sends one of his political aides in congress to chaperone his son and they end up having some melting / scorching sex that literally fogged my car just by listening to it through my audiobook.

That’s what I call ‘a crazy beautiful love story

Now, do you want to know how much I liked this book? Obviously: I loved it, yet I have to admit I came across the same ‘dialogue-between-male-and-female-characters-during-intercourse-that-just-doesn’t-happen-in-real-life’.

I have a problem with that, I seriously do. That’s the only reason why I can’t really give these books a full 5 + star. It bothers me the dialogues of “dirty talk” that I don’t really think happen in real life. They are repetitive, somewhat not really very convincing and not to mention robotic. This has happened with all of the books I’ve read from the Play by Play series, BUT, that doesn’t hide the fact that the story itself if what a contemporary romance should be all about.

Since this was a story based on a race car driver, I just knew there was going to be a wrecked car at some point in the story. I just knew it. But I won’t tell you more. Read it, and while your doing so, please stop drooling over Gray. I know he’s ridiculously hot but he only has eyes for Evelyn…

And of course, this is the reason why despite the fact that I do believe sex scene dialogues should be kept at minimum (kind of what was done with this one I have to admit) the story captivated me and made me (once again) devour this book in less than 3 days.

So to wrap up my happy thoughts, I believe that the hot specimen of a male that was Grayson Preston and his knock out of a girl Evelyn Hill were just a match made at the race track; and their love story was one hell of a ride to remember.

This is a four (4) Bookie read for me


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