Mrs. Cunning, you keep ROCKING! – Sinners on Tour Book 2 – Rock Hard

You have not read about CRAZY-STUPID-OVER-THE-TOP-INSANE-LOVE until you read this book.

Once again, PRAISE TO YOU OLIVIA CUNNING!!! i have no idea where have you been hiding all these years. This is a book that EVERY romantic fan NEEDS TO READ. In fact, I would consider it a MUST.
As many of you will possibly agree with me, I thought  Sed was a total jerk on the first book, the way how he discarded women, his carelessness, the way he talks, the way he acts, everything was a cocktail of more and more bad attributes for Sedric Lionheart. When I finished Backstage Pass I could only think how cool it would it be to see Sed suffer because from the outside he did deserve it. But OH HOW WRONG WAS I! and thank you so much Mrs. Cunning cause YOU MADE HIM REDEEM HIMSELF like the ROCKSTAR he is!!! In the best way possible and in the funniest most loving situations anybody could think about. I have to say, Sed is quite a character; dealing with a hardheaded woman like Jessica he no wonder drives everybody crazy trying to get her back in his life!
Jessica left Sed when she realized he was way too addictive for her, and back then he was just beginning his career with Sinners. He had no money, no luxuries, no fans. He had an old beat up van and all the possible talent to make something of himself and his band mates. Jessica then decides to leave him, and though she is heartbroken she knows it’s for the best. What none of them realized is that a few years later, they would meet again in TOTALLY different circumstances, and even though she is struggling to pursue her law career, she is determined to accomplish it. Even if she has to STRIP to get there, something that Sed, (after not seeing, or knowing about her for so many years), just can’t tolerate and explodes against the whole crowd before letting his Jessica show herself to any other man. From there, until you read the most BEAUTIFUL MARRIAGE PROPOSAL E*V*E*R, please don’t miss a single line in this book. It has EVERYTHING a modern contemporary romance should have. I mean it. EVERYTHING. Adventure, drama, friendship, loyalty, VEGAS!, and EXTREMELY HOT scenes you actually KNOW you want to read about!
This story is a true ROLLERCOASTER! And speaking of rollercoasters, I think I do like a little tiny bit of ROCK once in a while. The PERFECT song for this book is even described in a very Beavis & Butthead way by no others than L.A’s own Red Hot Chili Peppers 🙂

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