Just because YOU ROCK Olivia Cunning! – Sinners on Tour Book 1 – Backstage Pass

And I can barely wait for Trey Mill’s book!

I have absolutely no words, no words AT ALL! Well, actually I do: This story has reached my top 5 for this year!
Ok so i was browsing through amazon 2 nights ago, trying to spend the remaining amount of credit I had for a returned item. So i saw the cover of book 2 “Rock Hard” and said well, that guy looks “OK” and the tittle looks promising, and its only $0.99 cents. But then i noticed it was book 2 (man! I cant read a book # 2 in a serie without buying book # 1) and, even tho i was already way passed my book limit for this month I said, what the heck, ill buy it. AND ITS BEEN THE BEST 8$ ANYBODY COULD’VE SPENT.!!!!! at the beginning I was like, well, another groupie story… and take into consideration that I TRULY HATE HARD CORE METAL ROCK AND ROLL, I’m  a die hard R&B / Rap / Hip Hop fan (I have never even met somebody born in LA in the 1980’s who doesn’t like rap). So then I’m reluctant to read this thinking ME, ROCK? a book about a rock band? And that’s when I decided not to judge the book by it’s cover. My great surprise while reading the first few pages, was to find a funny scene with your average guy and his friends who all together belong in a band, a 28 yr old dude who being the son of a “famous guitarist” of the 60’s is doing all he can to succeed without him, (Ok so in Brian’s case, Beverly Hills teens DO NOT have a lot of privileges like you would think) the psychologist who actually needs psychological help because of past life traumas, band members who live the wild life and the adventure of being famous but also realize they had to work HARD to get there. Mayhem combo. FAN-FREAKIN’-TASTIC!
I still couldn’t put a face on this dude though. I though about his tattoos, so it was so hard to put a pretty face on a rockstar, that I end up doing something you just DO NOT DO while reading about a heavy metal band, and put them the faces of the only “rock” band that actually attracts me: Tokyo Hotel! (I know, I know, NOTHING like Sinners), but hey, I’m  a huge fan and even tho i don’t speak German (and Bill Kaulitz does look like a girl sometimes) i put his face on Brian Sinclair, and IT WORKED! mostly cause Brian wears heavy black eyeliner as Bill Kaulitz does (but I’m talking about the Bill Kaulitz PRE-MAKE OVER, still long hair Bill). To me, even tho he looks like a girl sometimes, he is absolutely stunning.! Wait until he reaches 30 and hes gonna be AMAZINGLY gorgeous! Ok let me stop the fan girl moment.
Mrs. Cunning, you used the best language, the perfect environment, the timing, scenes, each character and the story itself and made me believe you were actually witnessing the whole thing. You narrated this story in a way few authors can. Few authors who also KNOW so much about ROCK as you do 🙂
Anyway, the story is well written, absolutely entertaining, I CAN JUST PICTURE ERIC BANGING HIS HEAR EVERYWHERE hahahahah I just laughed so much! Explaining how much I LOVED IT and WHY is too short for words, you better get this book ASAP and read it BEFORE book # 3 comes out in November! 

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