Changing Tide by D P Denman [BookBlitz]



Title: Changing Tide
Author: DP Denman
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance

​For Jack Lewis love comes from unexpected places…so does tragedy. When David arrived on Vancouver Island, he was just another tourist looking to charter a boat. A few hours on the water together proves he is more than that. As a world traveler, David is a man of mystery who has been everywhere and seen everything.

Attraction draws them together but an attempt at a meaningless fling fails one touch at a time when Jack feels more than he thought he would. The love affair sparks fear in David and jealousy in Emerson, the man who frequents Jack’s bed in a relationship that is all sex and no soul.

At odds with the men in his life Jack tries to talk David into staying and Emerson into going. The attempt sends things spinning out of control and he struggles with the consequences that could leave him empty handed.


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“What are you running from?”
Blue eyes came up from his mug and pinned him with a pensive stare. He was pushing the boundaries of their intense little affair. It was supposed to be sex and casual conversation but there was a lot more to David than just a nice ass. He wasn’t the sort of man you used and threw away.
“Nothing that matters.”
“I think it does. I see it every time I look at you. I realize we’re not really friends but sometimes a stranger you’re never going to see again is the perfect forum for spilling your guts.”
“Sometimes,” David nodded and dropped his gaze to the table before he picked up his mug and took another sip of coffee. Emotion twitched across his lips. “Sometimes there is no perfect forum,” he let his eyes drift back out to sea. “I know there’s something between us that could become more than just this,” he told the water, his voice quiet. “I feel it too but that’s not what I want. I just want to fuck you, Jack,” David’s gaze drifted back to him. “That’s all and if we can’t keep the rest of it under control then maybe it’s time to end this before things get out of hand.”
“It didn’t say I couldn’t handle it the way it is. It just seems a shame when you’ve got so much more to offer than a nice body and good sex.”
“’Good sex’?” David’s eyebrows slid up his forehead.
“Ok, great sex.”
David smiled. “That’s better.”


About D P Denman

DP Denman is an M/M (gay) contemporary romance author from the soggy splendor of the Pacific Northwest. She is a long-suffering hockey fan and an enthusiast of all things coffee. In addition to being an obsessed writer, DP is also an eclectic reader and determined LGBT rights activist. She lives with her fur babies and a pair of hyper-caffeinated muses.

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