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OK, so basically I will give two different ratings to this book: For the effort, the extraordinary writing and flawless imagination, I don’t believe anybody could give Sherrilyn Kenyon less than 5 stars. Matter of fact, I would give her more.
I have read many series in my life, with all sorts of connections and twists and greatly described worlds. Let’s not go so far and think about literature classic HARRY POTTER. SK and her Dark Hunters are even above and beyond everything her genre has created. For that alone, I must bend my knee and praise her writing skills and her absolutely marvelous imagination. I’m actually getting myself a Bow and Arrow DH tattoo for my next bday. This book though..I cant…I just CANNOT give her more than 3 stars. Why SK MUST put us in this position of having to read torture and pain and suffering? Throughout how many books now? … Some will say: “well, drama is what sells” and true, the more there is drama, the more you guarantee the success of a book or movie, but come on! One author can not revolve around the same torture theme thru a whole serie..A WHOLE SERIE OF MORE THAN 20 BOOKS!. I don’t want to make a count on how many times those warriors can be tortured. And if you thought you had cried enough with Acheron’s book, you need to read this one. It was ENOUGH. There was no need for more tortured warriors! But come hell or high water, SK just seems to INSIST on bringing to life troubled men, tortured, violated, mentally ruined and in a period of what? 2 days? make them whole again and have them fall in love with the first girl they see. 
 Ok, so Acheron’s book was BEYOND AWESOME, and it made me cry and made me laugh, but OMG, one was more than enough for several years. I cant deny, this is a sweet love story after all. Lydia’s heart has been kept in a safe place thru her life and Solin, although you don’t really learn how he had a kid, has loved her with all his being. OK so if it happened to you too and YOU DON’T REMEMBER WHO SOLIN IS, go back to the fist Dream Hunter (The Dream Hunter) which is Arik and Geary’s book (Tory Parthenoupous is barely 15 and doesn’t know she’ll marry the man of MY dreams…LOL) Solin is Arikos half brother who is described as a playboy in Greece and now appears defeated and ruined as he descends to Azmodea and is being tortured by Noir. What happened to Jaden? Where did he became so useless? Did I miss something on the road? As far as I remember, Xypher summons him in the Dream Chaser, and he appears to be ALL HIGH ALMIGHTY! OK so I missed the part where Jaden becomes a lap dog. Mrs Kenyon you are my HERO. I don’t doubt the love and enthusiasm you put on each and every single story, but in a good way of criticism, I would only recommend you go back to Fantasy Lover and replay your thoughts while writing it. It was so funny, so lovely, so sweet with all the romantic elements you needed. Go back to Night Play and make me believe a HOT guy like Vane Kattalakis can fall in love with an average girl like me..go back to Unleash the Night and combine if you want the torture you put Wren thu, but with a sweet girl like Maggie to back him up and stand for him when nobody did. Don’t include too much sadness, because it sticks around.

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  1. Eileen says:

    I know exactly what you mean about the repetitiveness of the tortured loved stories from the DH series. I thought Acheron was the best one in that series. I had to stop though soon after because I had enough. Good review.

  2. SopeLinda says:

    ALL SK books are BEYOND awesome! You will not regret it a bit. Tho I have to confess when i read this book I wanted not to read about tortured warriors, THAT is what kept me reading it. 🙂

  3. laura thomas says:

    Bravo. That was a really fun review. You got me all excited. I just received Blood Trinity and No Mercy in my mailbox. You have made me eager to get reading them.

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