Random Monday Reviews: The Absolute Romance Queen of my Heart: Erin McCarthy and You Don’t Know Jack

4 1/2 

This is not exactly a review but my honest opinion as to WHY i loved it and WHY i think it’s such an awesome book:

I would be tempted to throw in a 5 star only because i really think a book i love deserves the 5 stars…BUT i must admit that at the end i didn’t really understand Beckwith’s prediction….other than that YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! 
O.M.G. Erin, you have got to be one of the most talented writers ever to be born and if i were you, i would have moved to a different publishing company LONG TIME AGO, you deserve nothing but the BEST! and your books NEED to be read nationwide and internationally! Erin McCarthy needs to be writing at least 3 or 4 books per year instead of only one every 2 yrs….or so I’ve heard…I have read all her books and i can absolutely assure anybody who has not made up their mind in reading her, that you will not be disappointed. Every time i open a book from her is like reading a movie script…i can only imagine how cool it would be to have one of these books in a chick flick kinda movie…specially these 2 about the NY girlfriends 🙂 Loved Jack! loved Pops! Love Beckwith (which i kinda imagines like Lafayette Reynolds from True Blood LOL) LOVED Amanda, loved Austin! everybody….If you want to start reading a book by Erin McCarthy, start with her Las Vegas vampires and make these the next…. its absolutely WORTH every penny 🙂

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