Making You Mine (The Moreno Brothers # 5)

I’m still thinking of an appropriate song to include in my personal soundtrack of this book. I guess all the romantic songs in the world could not describe, how beautiful and down to earth this story is. 
Salvador Moreno is your average guy focused on achieving a personal goal of managing his parents restaurant once they retire, expanding his business and keeping it as successful as his father has done for the past 30 years after starting with just a very small Taco truck. We learned about Sal since Forever Mine, we learned about his relationship with his brothers and friends in Sweet Sofie but we finally got the complete package of who Sal was, in this absolutely STUNNING and FLAWLESS love story, of a guy, who didn’t think he would find love in his own restaurant.
Graciela is just one of those thousands of cases we learn from every day of kids, who know what they want, but have had to struggle their whole life with careless parents who neglected them a normal childhood. Basically Grace grew up with her grandmother who died on her Prom night, and lost her dad to violence south of the border. She as many latin american girls, learned since early age that in order for you to win something in life you need to work for it. She had to experience first hand and struggle until she set her mind on one thing specifically: COOKING.
Maybe what I loved most about this book, is not only the maturity and level head Salvador showed (until the wild night in Vegas), but also the focus and straightforwardness of Gracie. The way how they meet could be considered “rocky” if not worse, but she manages to win his confidence and charm him with nothing more than what her grandma taught her when she was a little girl. Her skills and natural gift to prepare delicious food. 
Sal is reluctant in the beginning, we see a man with so much responsibility on him for being barely 25, but with a Master’s degree completed. Still, he does not want to disappoint his parents nor does he want to miss the opportunity of using his business skills to expand their restaurant. When Grace walks in his life the day she walked in the restaurant, he knows deep inside that no matter how much he wanted to prove himself, she would be his ultimate goal.
I honestly think this is the best book of all 5. There is a lot of maturity, sincerity, true love, drama, and I relate a lot with Grace (only on the bus rides ha!) but the emotional point of this books makes your heart swell. Gracie’s best friends (as 80 % of all my male friends) are not only a loving, ADORING gay couple, but they are the brothers she never had and  her support after all what happens with Sal. I guess, life just turns you around and makes you realize that love falls in the right place, in the right time and that’s exactly what happened to Grace. She fought against it but, her attraction, (THEIR mutual attraction) was stronger, and much more powerful than all their fears. Sal “woos” her in such a beautiful way I hardly can believe men do this nowadays They brake up and make up in such a believable way you just KNOW that the author shed a lot more tears than expected to get to the end. Right Eli? , I know I did just reading it.
So one thing I do know after completing the 5 (first, i hope) books of The Moreno Brothers: I AM YOUR LOYAL READER AND FAN FOR LIFE. You, as some awesome authors, brought back so many loving memories and emotions I thought I had lost. Reading these books I took a trip back in time to a place where I knew nothing about worries, nothing about evil, (like credit cards) nothing about DEBT! but mostly, i closed my eyes and I saw him, the biggest love of my life, the guy who broke my heart and kept it, who 17 years later has not give it back to me. Far from feeling bad it makes me happy. I’ve been able to see back in my life to a time when all I had to focus on was in my grades, and mostly, enjoying my youth. 
Thank you Eli, I’ve been the happiest woman alive these past 12 days reading these books, that I can hardly wait for more!
BTW, i did actually thought about a soundtrack….I just thought about Sal in his backyard couch (was it a couch?) singing this to his Gracie. No other love song seems more appropriate 🙂

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