Romero (The Moreno Brothers # 4)

4.5 Stars

4.5 stars ONLY cause I expected to see more of Angel & Eric being they were Romero’s best friends, BUT this is a really emotional down to earth love story…something that happens more frequently than you would thought. 🙂
I wonder how life would be if I had a man like Ramon “Moe” Romero, best friend of all 3 of the Moreno Brothers, Sal, Alex but mostly Angel, with whom he graduated from High School. He knew since back in those days that college was not for him, he knew that hard work and setting a goal in life would take him as far as he wanted, he knew that he had a mission. What he DIDN’T KNOW, is that love would slap him in the face when he least expected it. 
How I loved Romero. He would be my ideal guy, uncle Manny and uncle Max included.
Isabel Montenegro knows nothing about hard life. She had everything growing up, a loving and over protective family and education was all she ever cared for; the few moments of fun she had with a boyfriend were way back in HS and she was OK with that. Meeting Valerie changed her life, she stopped being an uptight socially correct and followed Val’s lead being the rock she needed in her worst times with Alex. If you read Always Been Mine you will find extremely welcoming the side story of Val & Romero and it will help you understand in a better way this book. 
When Izzy and Romero firs meet, you just feel the connection, then the way how he first follows her at the mall, how they have their first date, simple as a cheeseburger. I just can’t help feeling happy when I think about how different yet how similar they are, how they complete each other and how love is the only thing that matters in their world and not society, not their families.
Romero’s story reminds me of possibly the funniest “soap opera” I have ever HEARD…see, back in my country, the most popular radio station has a morning show that has been on the air since 1997 I think, and it’s called “La Choli”. It’s a show that runs from 6am to 10am and it always features a RADIO NOVELA. Happens to be that the very first one they created was in 2004 and it was called “A LAS BICHAS CON PISTO LES GUSTAN LOS BICHOS CALLE” (please forgive my salvadorean slang LOL), which translated to English, basically means that rich girls like ghetto boys. The funny thing about this “novela” is that the main host does 16 different voices and never fails! Well, strory aside, this book reminded me in a very sweet way of that radio show. The meaning behind it is the same, LOVE DOESN’T KNOW ABOUT BARRIERS, no social status, no higher education, no money, NOTHING! where there is LOVE, there is hope! That’s exactly what Romero knows now that he found Izzy, and that’s what Izzy realizes when having to face her family.
It’s them against the word, against her sister and prejudices . What I ADORED most about this book is that as scared as Romero was of admitting he was hopelessly in love of Izzy, he manages to man up and show a maturity earned in the more than 5 years that have passesd since that first book when he was still in High School with Eric & Angel. Romero has his mind set on sucess, independency and mostly, IZZY. And Izzy, just wants to love Romero.
If you have not read this book, I really don’t know what are you waiting for. Of course, you need to read the first 3 first, but believe me, for a sweet treat like this story, I could read them all over again. 🙂

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