Sweet Sofie (The Moreno Brothers # 3)

If you have read this book before, PLEASE agree with me that the following song AND video, are the PERFECT soundtrack for it: —->

If you happen to be (like me) in your early thirties, you can’t even try denying that many songs nowadays remind you of your teenage years. And many books also. Sweet Sofie is one of those books that actually describe a HUGE part of your own life that you didn’t even know existed. Really. You as a girl (no, I won’t include guys here cause boys from age 13 to 18 are crazy) will remember how cute was your first crush, your first kiss, your sweet 16 party (or fiesta rosa aka quinceañera), the popular girls cliq, the cheerleading squad…all those beautiful (and sometimes painful) memories are usually shoved in the back of our mind and with the natural course of life, you simply forget to remember. Simple as that. You forget to remember how life was when everything was easier and all you had to do was get good grades in school and behave.
Sofia Moreno, is the most wonderful girl for a story like this. Eric Diego is the one boy who was destined to steal her heart since day one. I remember I met my first crush (the very very very first time I EVER liked a boy) when I was 11. He was my neighbor also (Gee! all first crushes start in the hood huh!? hahaha) and the school bus would come and pick him up at 6am cause his school was far away. I would sneak thru my brother’s window early before even taking a shower just to see him walk out of his door and leave on the bus. I had it bad. Now that i think about it, the boy was UGLY! OMG…hahahah but that was 20 years ago, the thing is, that while I was reading Sofia and Eric’s story, I thought about that and how much I miss that wonderful and innocent time of my life.
Sofia grew up with her 3 (over protective / maniac) brothers. Just like I did. (people actually called me Sofia until I started college LOL) and Sofia is not allowed to have boyfriends until age 17. (just like Sophie couldn’t). But secretly, she gave her heart to her brother Angel’s best friend Eric when she was barely 10 years old. (and that’s where the similarities end). Eric is the most focused and well mannered friend anybody could ask for. Loyal to Angel and Romero, he also spends great ammount of time with Alex (Angel’s older brother) and secretly, loves Sofia. Very secretly, but with no doubt, all his heart.
I have to say I am a firm believer that TRUE LOVE, eternal and passionate, pure, simple, REAL; begins when you are a kid. Sofia knew since the beggining she loved Eric. Saying it out loud at age 16 sounds hard and stupidly naive sometimes, but when you are 16, you actually say it from the heart, YOU MEAN IT because u don’t know any other way to hurt somebody or lie about something so natural, so heartful. Eric not only LOVES Sofia, he also has a fear that if he makes clear what she means to him, he will get in trouble with his best friend. Through this book you will learn in stages, the story of two kids who knew since their early years that they absolutely belonged together. Sometimes it happens: nothing last forever and as they say CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT! But, as in every story, is up to you if you wanna live thru the trial to see if you get the best of it and add it to your collection of learned lessons in life. 
I loved this book. Love it is actually an undestatement. Many things that happened don’t match with situations I’ve lived but some did. I had my own Eric Diego who got married in 2000, has nowadays 3 kids, a HUGE beer belly, drives an F350 and lives in a ranch 2.5 hours away from the city. After him came the love of my life, but still, I agree that it’s only once in a lifetime that you will find joy, true love, happiness, and SWEETNESS <3

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