Always Been Mine (The Moreno Brother’s # 2)

(BTW, isn’t this brand new cover one of the HOTTEST you have ever seen?)
If I had a dime for every time I’ve heard that old traditional (and very Spanish) popular saying “DONDE HUBO FUEGO CENIZAS QUEDAN”, I swear I would be a millionaire. My Grandmother has been the one in charge of reminding me that throughout the years. Although I can’t even begin to describe how much I LOVED this book, I can relate to PART of this story, based (one more time) on my own.
While I started reading Alex’s and Valerie’s story, I once again couldn’t stop remembering my own love story. See, I’ve never had a serious relationship, (since my chubby little BF) and the few guys I actually dated didn’t hold a candle to him. Nobody can even begin to compare to him still. So while reading Always Been Mine, I thought, gee, the tittle even relates in some part to what I thought was the love story of a life time (mine and the chubby boy’s)
But my story was far from happy. Valerie and Alex brought to me the memory of loving somebody so much it hurt, but also, the realization that before you can love someone unconditionally, YOU NEED TO LOVE YOURSELF FIRST. That’s exactly what I found in Valerie’s character. As you probably read in Angel & Sarah’s story, Valerie was a fantastic partner for Sarah and encouraged her in enjoying her life and having fun while young. Four years later, we encounter a mature Valerie full of purpose, driven by success and achieving all she has worked so hard for, but also, mourning the loss of the absolute love of her life, Alex Moreno, who couldn’t man up on time to explain to her, he was doing bad in school, disappointing his parents and himself. He loved her so much since then, that the thought of disappointing her broke him in pieces also.
A year later after their horrible break up, Alex realizes he has missed the joy and understanding only Valerie brought to his life. He finally matured enough to find the guts to talk to her straightforward and make her understand that with no doubt she’s always belonged to him. Valerie on the other hand, decided never to let her heart be shattered in pieces by Alex, and decided to give a new guy, a new opportunity. 
Here we go again with the FIRE AND ASHES! See, Valerie did what many of us try with little or no success at all: REBOUND. Granted she didn’t do it on purpose nor with the straight intention of hurting Luke, but was focused since the beggining on having her way and getting over Alex no matter what. Little did she know (like me) that when you really, REALLY love somebody as much as she loved him (and I loved my boy) nobody can ever be compared with him. 
During the best part of their “reacquaintance” I couldn’t help but remember (after SO MANY YEARS) a song I actually LOVED playing during the beggining of my college years, while chillin’ at home after daydreaming for long with my ex boyfriend who also broke my heart in a million pieces; and actually found the video I honestly hand’t seen in like 5 years: 50 Cent’s “Best Friend”…

I always put soundtracks to my books, and this song came to my mind thinking how appropriate it felt. Alex finally admits he is jealous, but wants nothing more than to start from scratch with Val, let her feel he is the one and only, her best friend, her lover, her man. I think, the way he shows his caveman style but manages to soften with her only, is the absolute dream of every woman. 
Valerie portrays self confidence, determination and she holds nothing back while going for what she wants, including Alex. She has always been his, and at the end of this ROLLERCOASTER READING, you will actually understand the meaning behind some of the desitions both of them took. Remember, they are young, but even though you are young in age, sometimes you really know what you want for the rest of your life. It’s easy to see Val and Alex wanted each other, always.
Thanks again Eli, i got no words, but mostly, i have no way of thanking you enough for writting these stories.<3
Stay tuned for Sweet Sofie’s review! 🙂

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