Taking a Shot by Jaci Burton

This was a great read, but I’m giving this book 3.5 stars and let me tell you why: (relax! they are absolutely justified reasons):

I still have a problem with her writing style. Mrs. Burton can definitely write a story. She keeps you expectant, and almost nervous cause the drama seems so real, so emotional. The story is absolutely enjoyable and I must admit I could not put this book down. Second book in the year I’ve read in less than 48 hours. HOWEVER, it takes a little while to get used to reading short sentences. I think the short sentence part thru the whole book was too much for me. I’m not saying it’s BAD, I simply have had a problem all my life with reading 5 word sentences.

Second thing I really have to point: Yes, Mrs. Burton ALSO knows how to write hot, steamy, wicked, (did i say HOT?) sex scenes. But i have a HUGE problem with the dialogues between characters. Does this really happen in real life? I just don’t believe that and I’ve read several dialogues of other stories. They just seem played out and over reacted.

Now, the story itself is great. The Riley’s are all awesome people. People you could hang out with, loyal people with an great average life. Tyler as Jenna’s true love and friend of Gavin and Mick is actually a pretty cool dude. I think Ty’s character is one of the BEST character’s she has written about. Ty has kept all his life a sad feeling about his parent’s divorce and has thought this might be a problem when he decided to finally settle and make a life with the woman he loves, which is Jenna. He’s reluctant and scared his parents history might repeat itself all over again with him if he ever falls in love. But at the end Ty admits he’s head over heels for Jenna. Her stubbornness probably does it for him. What I DIDN’T LIKE about this whole story, was Jenna. I’m sorry if nobody agrees with me but you really don’t want to be reading about a girl who’s more hard headed than a grandmother and as nagging as a 5 year old kid. I just couldn’t stand her. She is so insecure, so doubtful, so stressed, so BLIND! OMG i wanted to slap her and beat the living hell out of her! She is NOTHING like she was pictured in the previous 2 books. I swear! I wanted to cry in frustration! NO WONDER THERE’S SO MANY SINGLE WOMEN IN THIS WORLD! including myself! am I THAT annoying? God i feel embarrassed! I really hope nobody has ever though things like that about me cause I can be annoying from time to time, but I am NOTHING like her. I didn’t like Jenna. At all. Now, that doesn’t mean I didn’t like the book! NOOOO! This is, as I said, an awesome story. There is a lot of drama! and a sports bar! and fun people! and karaoke nights! MY DREAMS COME TRUE!, but it has some things i just don’t feel happy about. Jenna’s last minute admittance SHE IS WRONG, saves the whole story tho. Kudos to her for doing that. It really needed to be done that way to rise the story and fulfill readers expectations.

But hey! it’s only my humble opinion. Mrs. Burton, you are a FABULOUS AND PHENOMENAL WRITER!. I would buy all your books blindfolded. I know I’m buying pure magic translated in words.

You can count on my pre order for the next Play by Play <3

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