The Darkest Night by Gena Showalter (Follower Giveaway!)

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As a sneak peak for those who haven’t read Gena Showalter’s books, we picked the best quotes of each:

“You are mine, woman, and I am yours. Until you, my life was desolate. I existed, but I didn’t truly live. Now I live, even in my death.”

 “Sometimes what we want isn’t what we need.”

“I don’t even know what to say.” Aeron.
“I do. Fuck.” Paris.”

“Pale hair fell in waves to his shoulders, framing a face mortal females considered a sensual feast. They didn’t know the man was actually a devil in angel’s skin. They should have, though. He practically glowed with irreverence, and there was an unholy gleam in his green eyes that proclaimed he would laugh in your face while cutting out your heat. Or laugh in your face while you cut out his heart.”

 “Once I learned, I went online and ordered every romance novel I could find. They’re fairy tales for grown-ups.”

“He had a bleeding cut on his leg and he smelled like shit.
Her nose wrinkled. “Step in something?” she asked innocently.
“That I did not mind.” He took a menacing step toward her. “What I did mind was being hit by a cab, then landing on the lap of a naked man. With an erection, Anya. He had an erection.”

” I’m William, but you can call me Sexy. Everyone does.”

“But we all must be true to our own nature. Acting as anyone other than yourself merely brings you pain and makes you appear ashamed of who and what you are. Others will feed off that shame, and soon it will be all that you are.”

“Apparently, dancing for him and throwing herself at him weren’t enough. Apparently, she had to nearly commit murder to arouse him enough to attack her.”

“Gods, woman,” William said. “Your voice is like death. Can you shut it until I leave the room? Please. Seriously, you’re like the one woman in the world I want to resist.”

“I have to know”
“What? What do you have to know?”
“What you taste like.” Another step.
What happens when you know?” she rasped.
“I stop wondering. Stop dreaming of you every night, thinking of you every minute of every day.” Another step closer. “I think you wonder, too. I think you dream of me and wonder. You hate yourself for it. You hate me for it, but you cannot stop.”

“I am cruel and I am selfish, but this need I have inside me, this need for you and no other, is stronger than anything else I’ve ever encountered. I doubt two years of lockup would dull it in the slightest.”

“He’s a love-’em-and-leave-’em kind of guy. And though he’s not a Lord, he does have a curse hanging over his head. I have the book to prove it.”
William growled low in his throat. “Anya! Must you share my secrets with everyone?” He flattened his palms on the arms of his chair. “Fine. If you can spill, I can, too. Anya’s the reason the Titanic sank. She was playing chicken with the icebergs.”
Scowling, Anya anchored her hands on her hips. “William had a bronze made of his penis and placed it on his mantel.”

 “Anya jumped in front of the man, acting as his shield. “Now, Sabin. He didn’t mean any harm. He’s borderline stupid. You know that.

“They were connected, one being, fused together. She belonged to him, and he to her.”

“Hold everything. I missed a four-way chick fight. Then I find out someone’s been nibbling.” William’s attention shifted to Olivia, who was still lying on the floor. “Please tell me our sweet little angel is the biter. It’ll make me want her ever so much more.”

“You can include me, too.” William blew Olivia a kiss, and her cheeks heated with a blush. “No need to say anything. I already know what words are perched on your tongue. Stop me if I’m wrong, but my getting to know you will be your pleasure.”

“You’re going to have to settle on one eventually. Why not save us both the hassle, close your eyes and point. Whoever you’re pointing at will be our winner.” “I’ve played that game once before. Ended up–” Paris shuddered. “Never mind. It’s not good to wander down that particular memory trail. So no. Just no.”

“Fine,” Strider said tightly. “You can. But you wont. Because you know that if you take the woman out of this home, I’ll go gray from worry. And you like my hair the way it is.”
“Stridey-man. Are you hitting on me? Trying to get me to run my fingers through those mangy locks?”
Gideon chuckled. “Sweetie pie.”
Striders lips even twitched into a grin. “You know I hate when you get mushy like that.”
Boy loved it. No question.

“He planned to stick to her like pasties on a stripper.”

“Well I’ve been calling myself Scarlet Pattinson for several weeks. Have you seen Robert Pattinson? Hottest. Man. Ever. And no, I don’t care if that makes me a couger. He sings with the voice of an angel. Gods, I love when a man sings to me. You never did because your voice is terrrible.” She shuddered in distaste. “I swear, its like a demon running its claws over brimsone.”

“Hate. Huh. He’d never hated himself. If anything, he’d always liked himself a little too much. Once, a human female had even accused him of picturing his own face while he climaxed. He hadn’t denied it, either, and next time he’d slept with her, he’d made sure to scream, “Strider” at the pivotal moment.”

“Stridey-Man: ” Want 2 vaca w/me?”
William: “Romantic getaway for 2? UR not my type”
Stridey-Man: “I’m everyone’s type. So U in or out? ‘Cause I’m thinking about hooking up w/P, wherever he is. U’d just B extra baggage.”
William: “In”
Stridey: “Knew you couldn’t resist me. B ready in 5.”
William: “Right on. Make it 10. I want 2 style my hair for U. U know, just how U like it.”
Stridey: “Now U only have 8 minutes 2 do UR hair.”

 “How do we thank an angel? Somehow I don’t think a fruit basket will do the trick.”

“We were just sitting on the bed, together, and you were just drinking from me, your mouth on my skin, and you didn’t have any panties on?
“You mean you didn’t look?”

“No.” He wouldn’t lie about that. Not to her. And not because she’d rip him to pieces when she discovered the truth. “I can’t give you forever.”
The nibbling increased in intensity, leaving a bead of blood in the center of her mouth. “Because we’re not a good match?”
Of course she would remember every insult he’d ever thrown at her. “Yes.”
“Then what can you give me?”
“Here. Now.” Something his body craved more with every second that passed.

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  1. SopeLinda says:

    DarkStarGoddess you are the WINNER! send me an email at: with your mailing info so I can send you the book!: ) Thanks for all! You guys ROCK!

  2. Terri says:

    Darkest Kiss was my fave, but I love them all.

  3. mamajo76 says:

    I would have to say my darkest pleasure is my favorite! But I love them all.

  4. My favorite is Darkest Lie.

  5. mary says:

    Hope I can win this! This books look awesome..

  6. aszuter says:

    I think I finally figured out how to do this! lol! Anyway…I LOVE this series! I’d have to say Strider was my favorite although it is a hard choice! Reading Paris now!! =)

  7. HMat says:

    Lucien’s Book is the best for me. I really like Anya’s sense of Humor.

  8. June M. says:

    I guess my favorite would be THE DARKEST SECRET because it was the first book of the series that I read.
    New follower: GFC–June M.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

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