Any Given Sunday by Mari Carr

Ok, so, I can’t really think of where to start with this review. I’m giving it 4 stars ONLY because the meaning behind the story is actually heart melting, and ALSO, because I loved the Epilogue and I cried. It was so lovely.

I am troubled ONCE AGAIN! I mean, ok, writers like to fantasize about many things, situations, events…well, anything; I guess that’s the whole purpose of writing a book, BUT COME ON!!!! who lives in a relationship OF 3! Does a woman REALLY can love two men at the same time? Think about psychological consequences for children, or the implication of WHO’S THE FATHER OF THE BABY? which last name are we gonna give him? HELLO!!! this simply doesn’t happen in real life, and if it does…the society is STILL learning to deal with several other issues to reach that point YET. Im not saying its crazy, I’m just trying to picture the scenario.. Now, I have no problem with gay relationships. I am absolutely pro gay and 90 % of my male friends are gay. However, I just don’t like to read m/m stories. I have to admit that this particular one did caught my attention, and basically its nothing too outrageous or scandalizing, one half m/m scene is OK i guess..

As you read thru the whole serie, you’ll find out that Sean, being the baby of the family has matured to become a responsible man and has achieved a lot since the first book when he’s barely graduating from HS and Keira is barely meeting Will. But Sean knows since those days that he is bisexual and the situation that Keira encounters with him triggers your curiosity. (i kinda thought he was completely gay) anyways, thru all the rest of the books, Sean is all you would like to find in a brother. Chad is absolutely mad when he confronts his sister’s desition of living in a threesome, but secretly you could kinda guess he thinks about the same situation himself. I have to admire Lauren, tho i honestly cant imagine myself loving two men equally.

Overall this has been an unexpected and really great reading treat for me. I simply love Irish men:)

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  1. aszuter says:

    I have these on my TBR list. The only reason I haven’t read them yet is that I had the impression that they were short stories? And I was leery about spending the money on it if it was really short? I have the Nook and may need to go out and get me a kindle as well so that you and I can share books! lol

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