Saturday Night Special by Mari Carr

OMG! this book is DEFINETELY on my top 3 MOST FUNNIEST BOOKS READ THIS YEAR! hahahaha i still can’t stop LAUGHING!

Ppl at the office were like….”ok, what’s so funny?” RILEY COLLINS! THATS WHAT’S FUNNY!

Although I could absolutely assure you I would never EVER fall in love of my best MALE friends, I know this could possibly happen one day for other women. It’s easy you share a life time of adventures, and trust, and happiness and at a certain point you feel connected in a way you know you can’t be connected to anybody else. I just absolutely LOVED this story. I kinda wished it would’ve been longer, tho, i guess this is the longest of the series. I just wanted more and more and, because I do know how WILD a night in Vegas can be, i believe every single word! This is what I call a JACKPOT! Every aspect of this story is great, the romance, the friendship, the adventure, the support, the family ties….EVERYTHING! If i could give this 10 stars i would 🙂

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