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Emma Hardy hasn’t been able to forget Sam Carter, or his incredible kiss in the elevator. Sadly, he rocked her world (and her libido), then calmly walked away, quit his job, and disappeared for two months. Not exactly the hot kiss follow-up she’d been hoping for. But Sam was busy making plans. And now, thanks to a glued-together gnome name George, a set of handcuffs, mistletoe, and a meddling adult store cupid disguised as an eccentric but innocent grandmother, Emma’s about to get the greatest Christmas gift of all…true love.

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Thank you for having me here today! As I write this, we’re getting closer and closer to the Big Day, for those of you who celebrate Christmas. It seems life is extra crazy this time of year. For me, I have holiday performances at my boys’ schools, teachers’ gifts (my middle schooler has ten teachers!), presents, office parties, work, life…the list goes on and on.

In Mischief Under The Mistletoe, Emma attends a holiday gift exchange party. If anyone has done one of these before, they are often hilarious. A few years ago, I came home with an inflatable trash can. Really. I used it for years until some item of trash was a little too pointy and it deflated.

What was your strangest holiday present? Was it a gift from a crazy mother-in-law? Was it a child-made treasure? Was it from a gift exchange party?

Please comment and a winner will be randomly selected to receive an ebook of Mischief Under The Mistletoe—a holiday short story.


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 Happy Holidays and a safe New Year!

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