Sweet Thursday

Ok, i’m a little bit troubled by this book. No, let me re phrase this: REALLY TROUBLED. Everything was going ok…I even gave Ruby Tuesday 5 stars! but this book, although well written, lacks of individual elements that each character needs to explain so readers can feel identified. Theres a brief flashback for each one and basically Mrs. Carr feels comfortable with leaving it like that. The sex scene extends for almost 3 chapters of this short book, and to me it was way too much. And lets not begin with the crazy idea of living in a menage? HELLO! does that even exist? i’m pretty sure it may, but WHERE? and HOW? I do believe old Pop Collins is very understandable, for if you really know Irish people, from Irish descent, i can say 90% most likely are catholic and the idea of living in a threesome is completely unacceptable. Now, Im not saying all of it is bad. You can tell that Justin and Killian do love Lily, but i can hardly believe shes been in love with them for 10 years and they have also. Not believable. And it all ignites again suddenly after she sees them one night. OMG i honestly coudnt believe it.

Dont get me wrong I liked the book, but yes, it troubled me because its not a picture i can process that easily. Although the book itself was great I cant give it more than 3 stars because of that. The rest of them are awesome!

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