Prelude by Shira Anthony & Venona Keyes [Review]



Book Suburbia gives 4 1/2 Bookies to Prelude



I knew David Somers’s story would be magnificent. I knew he would have a HEA and a more than smoking hot partner in Alex Bishop. I knew he would find love and keep it. What I didn’t know, was that underneath all that extravaganza of a man, with a Villa in Italy, a penthouse in Chicago, an estate in Boston, and the admiration of an entire legion of classical fans all over the world; there would be a broken man, wishing he had lived to his late grandfathers every expectation.

If you had the opportunity to read this book and dare to claim that this story didn’t make you shed a tear or two, excuse me if I don’t believe you. Not only is this story an incredible one, but it also has too many beautiful moments that will simply take your breath away.

If you are familiar with the Blue Notes series, you will remember David Somers being mentioned in every single one of them. He’s like the wild card that all the rest of the characters have in common. David inherits the job of Conductor of the Chicago Symphony after Maestro John Fuchs retires. In one of his sold out performances, a young violinist, lover of modern classical rock, appears to save the night when one of the other musicians cannot perform. Alex Bishop appears as a heaven sent angel and captivated the audience as well as David himself.

Alex is one of those prodigious kids that grow up to become legends. His mom dies when he is still a kid and soon enough, Alex is forced to enter the system and become a foster kid who nobody really wanted. When he matures enough to run away, a freezing Chicago winter changes his life drastically, when a little girl finds him almost dead thru hypothermia and shelters him in an abandoned warehouse. His only possession: his mother’s violin. With that, he practices night and day until he finally reaches the age to go to school and become the artist he always wanted to be.

What I like most about Alex, is his way of facing life as it comes.

Anybody can claim that because they don’t have their parents they couldn’t succeed in life. Alex could’ve done the same, yet he portrays that kind of guy anybody can look up to and take good example from. Even in his darkest moments, he found a ray of sunshine through the melody his violin produced. He was so hungry for success and determined to make a name out of his talent that he didn’t stop pursuing his one and only passion.

And he made it.

When Alex appears in David‘s life, David had been married and had become a widower just a few years before. David married his longtime friend Helena, mostly to please a grandfather who never quite saw beyond his own desires and his obsession of preserving the Somer’s name. When Alex meets him many years after his grandfather had died, it is still the ghost of a mean and cold-hearted man that haunts David night and day.

I loved both characters to the point I had to make up my mind on who to love more: either a tormented David, so polite and formal, or a larger than life Alex that overcame the adversity with determination and perseverance. I fell in love with them both, I couldn’t help it. Both of these characters, unique as only they could be, are totally opposite poles that complete each other in the most harmonious way.

I certainly don’t know anything about classical music, but what I do know; is that David Somers and Alex Bishop’s love story is not only one of the most beautiful stories I have read this year, but also one of those that make you sing and grin with absolute joy remembering it .

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