The Melody Thief by Shira Anthony [Review]



Title:   The Melody Thief  (Blue Notes # 2)

Author:  Shira Anthony

Genre:  Gay Contemporary Romance

Publication Date:  August 24, 2012

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press 

ISBN: 978-1-61372-695-2

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romance novel recommended for a mature audience

If I could only explain with words all the emotion and joy I felt reading this book, I wouldn’t have enough space in this post to do so. So, I’ll stick to what can be described in words and will tell you this: The Melody Thief is possibly one of the greatest books I have read this year. Mrs.. Anthony knocked this completely out of the ball park. The story, the love they share, family values, friends, passion, Milan, New York. This book has all the necessary elements to make this love story, AN EPIC LOVE STORY. And of course the added bonus of a proud gay couple with the overwhelming blessing of a child is just the cherry on top.

I’m still emotionally wrecked about this beautiful yet painful love story between two men who have meet in the most awkward circumstance, and built a love from ashes, where each one was literally reborn.

If you’ve read Blue Notes, you probably remember Antonio Biachi, Rosie’s lawyer in Milan at a brief scene with Jason. Well, this is Antonio’s and Carey’s story. Before I describe you Antonio, let me describe you Carey in 5 words:


Carey is a gifted Cellist. He’s also a sex addict. A man whore who turned to promiscuity as an escape from his fucked up reality. Here’s the thing though: Carey doesn’t care about his life being this upside down. All he cares for is to release his inner pleasure beast night after night anywhere he can, with whoever he can, however he can. It doesn’t really matter that he’s a world known artist and that he has fame and fortune. Because of his strict upbringing, Carey grew resented of his mother’s demands. At the end he understands she only did it so he could succeed, but the lack of motherly love every child craves and needs is what turned him into what he is nowadays. His greatest escape? Anonymous sex in public bathrooms. After getting in trouble for unleashing his innermost cravings in a very careless way, his manager creates an alter ego for him. From there on, Carey is known in the downworld as Connor Taylor.

Ok so that’s Carey in a nutshell.

Antonio ‘Tonino’ Bianchi is a powerful lawyer, who just happened to be walking by the day he met (and saved) Carey from being mugged. From there, Carey noticed that Antonio was all he ever dreamed for in a man and he realizes he’s scared shitless to give him the opportunity to care for him. Little things like chicken soup, a bath, a massage and nurturing he never received from anyone do the trick. And Tonino is just all about loving and caring, since he has a little bundle of joy of his own to practice with.  Massi is the son he procreated with his best friend, Francesca, who shares custody of Massi with him, although she has a girlfriend of her own. Gifted with infinite patience, Tonino also carries a burden that shatters his soul, but that he’s willing to finally let go when he meets Carey.

Both of these guys stole my heart completely. Both had internal battles. Both were scared, but dared to love. Carey in particular was more adamant, and many of his insecurities were so deep rooted he didn’t even think he deserved a love and a family like the one Tonino was offering him. The overall story of forgiveness and second chances, makes this story a recipe for laughter, joy and pure reading pleasure everybody could love.

I cried a lot reading this book. Carey’s transformation is just one of the many reasons. Tonino’s soft, love and patience was another. Massi’s pure heart was the key to mine.

Mrs. Anthony: thank you, again and again and again until the end of time, cause without you knowing it, this book brought my love for reading back to life when I had thought it was dead.

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