Blue Notes by Shira Anthony [Review]



Title: Blue Notes (Blue Notes # 1)

Author:  Shira Anthony

Genre:  Gay Contemporary Romance

Publication Date:  December 30, 2011

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press 

ISBN: 978-1-61372-273-2

Book Suburbia gives 4 Bookies to Blue Notes


It’s really hard to put in words what one feels deep inside one’s soul after reading a story as beautiful like this. It’s not meant to be mushy, it’s not meant to be life changing. It’s simply an alternative love story that was written with love and most definitely published with even more love. First of many, hopefully not the last.

The first time I read a gay oriented novel (better known in the book world as M/M or F/F) it wasn’t a conventional situation. It actually wasn’t a full M/M romance but a ménage â trois type story. The experience of reading a heart melting love story like the one the two main characters had only spiked my curiosity. A few years later, I am a hopeless romantic fan of M/M romance.

When I first heard about Shira Anthony’s ‘Blue Notes’ series, my mind traveled to all those places like New York, Paris, Milan, London and Vienna known to be cities with deep cultural value to classical music lovers. I do confess I don’t particularly like or feel attracted to it myself, but the greatest love stories usually have such remarkable scenarios. Jason and Jules’s story couldn’t have less.

Set in the beautiful City of Lights, Mrs. Anthony gives us the story of a struggling young man, who’s only wish is to be a successful jazz musician, and a workaholic lawyer who one day comes to terms with himself about his life after discovering his own fiancé in bed with another man. Jason flies away from the hectic and stressful life he runs in Philadelphia and lands at his sister’s apartment in Paris. Jules on the other hand, is fighting to make his dream come true and someday become the jazz musician he always wanted to be. He belongs to a trio of talented musicians that like him, only want to succeed.

The way I see this story is quite simple:


You could easily believe this is a typical story of the clichéd straight man who tries it once with another man and afterwards decides he likes it an suddenly he’s gay.

In reality, this is a story way more elaborate and complex than that presenting very realistic situations and emotions. The drama that we witness thru the pen of Mrs. Anthony will only make you realize, how wonderful it is to finally discover that hidden part every human being has: a musical self, an animal lover, a doctor, a mentor. Name it as you wish, Jason’s realization that Jules was indeed that missing piece to his puzzle only gave him freedom.

And Jules, troubled boy that he was, found in Jason his muse, the key to his musical heart that wants to succeed, surface from all odds and personal tragedy and finally be able to do what he most wanted to do: be a musician and share with the world. The trials that Jules had to go thru in life have only made him the man he is now, and the only thing missing in his life is a man like Jason to share it with.

This is how a romance novel should be written. In all, what you will learn by reading this book is how emotional and creative this story is. How one man who has it all, a career, money, luxury, a super hot fiancé and apparently a happy life, discovers how the simple things in life; like a struggling Jazz musician from a humble upbringing, can knock him off his feet and make him realize how beautiful it is to accept his own nature, to fight together and make a life full of love, trust and music. Blue Notes will make you wish you were there in Paris, sitting at a small café listening to Jazz music, maybe  a melody composed by Jules called L’amour Toujours’.

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