Chasin’ Eight By Lorelei James

Well, my first thought on the morning of 6.28.11: I LOVE AMAZON KINDLE.

Second thought was: I love Lorelei James because she writes such cool books

Third Thought: I can hardy wait the sixty seconds it takes to download kindle books to start reading Chase McKay’s story.

I started at 6:00 a.m. PDT on June 28 and finished at 12:32 p.m. PDT on June 29. Of course, I paused to sleep, eat and shower. But I could have stayed awake all night if I wouldn’t have to work the next day.
This is one of the BEST books I have read this year. I repeat it once, twice and as many times possible: THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE WINNER.
And without turning the whole review into a spoiler, I want to point out some interesting things this book has that i didn’t find in her previous ones.:

1. As Lorelei James stated in a recent interview: “this book is different from the rest”. It is. Not only because its not her average friend-lust-passion step book (like others), but because it really gets into the psyche of each character. From Chase’s realization before he hits his 30 (and a brick wall with his behavior) that he MUST turn his life, to Ava’s determination to show the world shes more than a Hollywood bimbo.

2. The way how you will LEARN about the western cowboy life is absolutely incredible. I think i learned more about cowboys in a day and a half reading than i could’ve done by watching a year full of cowboy events on TV. (if i was ever able to find cowboy events on TV here in L.A)

3. The amount of reading you have to complete in order to finally get to a “hot steamy scene” in my opinion, is the correct. More than erotica, this is a ROMANCE book. She wanted to show her readers that she can absolutely build up an expectation. Many will say “OMG HOW COME SHE TOOK SO LOOOOOOOOONG, IT WAS BORING!” well i have to disagree. She kept me expectant of what would happen next. If you are an avid romance reader, you will find this twist in her style very welcoming. It was just the correct amount for the correct time.

4.I just knew some day, she would finally venture out of the WILD WILD WEST to a big city. I just KNEW IT. And of course, she most likely had to be there to get inspiration somehow. I simply worship her turn in the story when they go to the city. each character had a taste from each other lives, and BOTH fitted accordingly.

5. The way how drama was involved, sad parts were exposed and a sense of humanity was projected from certain tragic events, was possibly the most realistic part she has written along all her books. I cried. Literally. Today in the morning while walking on the street reading, i could not hold back my tears. And I cried, because what she described was absolutely true. It could happen to anybody. Once again, she involves cowboy culture during these events and I learned so much about it, that i simply decided to read it again soon.

And finally, even though i do appreciate the knowledge and drama, and romance and passion, I also appreciated the human part. The real contemporary life she has described. Ava’s character is a resemblance of the real deal for many spoiled kids, who not necessarily have to be rich and famous and can be as simple and down to earth as any other mortal.

Mrs. James, if you ever read this, (which i highly doubt, but don’t lose faith of) please know, that your stories have brought back to me, a piece of human basics that i probably had lost long time ago. Each book of yours has had a message for me, and besides LOVE CAN OVERCOME IMPOSSIBLES, they also point that it doesn’t have to come from where you eagerly are looking for it, but from some place you could never expect, just as it has happened in your wild west scenarios.

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