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cover Obsessed with me book two Contemporary

 Obsessed with Me

by Eve Rabi



Tarago Jakobus was 6’4”, intelligent, extremely wealthy with a Midas touch. He was also openly racist, politically incorrect and a chauvinistic pig who told offensive jokes. He loved to party and was used to women vying for his attention. So when his eyes fell on Tanin, he expected her to just melt into his bed and be grateful that he even looked her way.

 To his utter surprise, she was totally unimpressed with his wealth, thought he was an uneducated buffoon and publicly rejected him. Of course he was shocked and humiliated by her response.

 But no woman had ever turned Tarago down before, and he found her fascinating. He became obsessed with her and decided to win her over his way – destroy all that is precious to her, so that she would have no choice but to need him. If that didn’t work, he’d switch to plan ‘B’ – take away her freedom and throw her ass in jail. And being the absolute bastard that he was, he did.

 Obsessed With Me is a modern-day love story.



When the adrenalin wears off, once again, reality kicks in – how the hell could I have done what I did? They could have kicked my butt from here to Timbuktu.

 Both of them together could have really taken me apart. And Tarago – I was so disrespectful toward him. In his own house.

 What was I thinking? Who am I these days?

 Now, I am afraid of the maids, afraid that they will seek revenge. At night, I lock my door. During the day, I serve my own food and coffee, for fear that they may tamper with it.

 For a day or two, people tiptoe around me. Sure, I should be happy that they are, but I feel isolated and shunned by everyone.

 Then, some changes take place. Some peculiar ones.

 When I enter the dining room, Suzette stays put. Does not take her food and high-tail her OCD arse out of the room like the bitch usually does.

Once or twice, I catch her looking at me with pursed lips. It is a stare that tells me that she has not forgotten what I did to her and that I should watch my back.

 As for Julia and Charlene – overnight they become polite, helpful and absolutely respectful. No more throwing coffee at me, they call me Mejuffro, not Miss America, and …they knock before they enter my room. Knock!


Now, they appear curious about me and try to make conversation with me. I do keep them at a distance because I’m not sure if I can trust them as yet.

When I see Julia with Plaster of Paris over her nose, I feel really bad.





Author Bio

Eve Rabi lives in Sydney Australia, but she hails from South Africa.

She is the author of 20 modern-day love stories and is known for her kick-ass leading ladies, her alpha males and her ability to make you laugh and make you cry while falling in love.

Eve is currently single and is looking for a man who resembles George Clooney (the young one, not the grey one).

He must also have the abs of Channing Tatum and the sense of humor of Johnny Depp.


If he doesn’t have all these prerequisites, he must be willing to undergo plastic surgery to look like George (at his own expense, so he must also be loaded) and endure rigorous physical training on a daily basis to acquire a six pack.

Or have ab implants, she’s not fussy.

And most importantly, since Eve hates shallow people, he must accept her for who she is.


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(This is a two-part series and neither books are stand alone. Both books are currently available for purchasing)

Eve will be awarding a set of Obsessed with Me e-books to five randomly drawn commenters during the tour

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