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When twenty-eight year old Haley Simpson, a sales associate for her best friend’s clothing boutique in Columbus, Ohio, begins a secret affair with the boutique’s potential New York City business partner, she digs a cavernous hole of deception that not only threatens to end her blossoming career, but to destroy a life-long friendship.

Jennifer Vessells’s debut novel, LIFE IN PLAN B, encompasses everything classic chick lit should: the dynamics of friendship, the nuances of high-reaching career aspirations, and the struggles – both usual and unique – presented by romantic and familial relationships. An entertaining story at every turn, LIFE IN PLAN B is identifiable for readers of any age. In short, Ms. Vessells hits her debut novel out of the park!


Retreating from the kitchen to flee from the ice cream that still beckoned from the freezer, I almost ran into Patrick coming through the doorway.  “Sorry, Patrick!”  I exclaimed, releasing my grip on his shoulders.  Smiling, he nodded his head toward the kitchen and whispered softly.

“Can I talk to you for a minute?”  He asked, unfazed by our near collision.

“Sure,” I said curiously, following him back into the kitchen.  Eyeing the freezer, I took a step opposite the ice cream.  “What’s up?”  I asked.  Placing his bowl into the sink, Patrick waited for a moment until he heard Lindsay and Alex laughing loudly in the living room.

“I have something I’ve been meaning to talk to you about,” he started quietly.  He looked at me urgently before continuing.  “Now’s not the time, though.”  He leaned into the kitchen and peered through the doorway, his soft brown eyes darting back and forth nervously under his bushy eyebrows.  “Can you meet me for lunch sometime this weekend or early next week?”  He asked.  “Even a coffee is fine – I just need to chat.”  I narrowed my eyebrows in concern.  The mysterious way Patrick was acting made me wonder if everything was okay between him and Alex.

“Of course,” I said, “but you’re making me a little nervous.  Is everything alright?”  Patrick nodded reassuringly and reached out to touch me on the arm.

“Yes!  Sorry, it’s just . . . private,” he replied.  My eyes still narrowed, I wondered what he could need to talk to me about that he couldn’t talk about with Alex.  Although I was curious, I resisted the urge to ask more questions.

“I’m grabbing ice cream with Nick tomorrow around three,” I said, “but I can meet for lunch before that if you’d like.”  Patrick smiled and nodded, revealing the gap between his two front teeth.  He explained to me a while back that he’d never wanted to fix the gap because of its resemblance to Elton John – someone he’d idolized since before he could read.

“That’s great!”  Patrick said.  “Just do me a favor and don’t tell Alex we’re meeting up, okay?”  I looked at him, disappointed that I’d have to hide even more from Alex.  Patrick sensed my thoughts immediately.  “I know you and Alex share everything,” he said quickly, “but this is important.  Please do me this favor for the time being and you can decide after lunch whether to tell him about it.”

“Okay,” I said, my curiosity intensifying.  He thanked me and started to leave the kitchen.  Before he made it out the doorway, however, I stopped him, my fierce love for Alex getting the better of me.  “This better not be about hurting Alex in any way, Patrick,” I advised, ignoring the irony in my warning.  “I love him and won’t hesitate to protect him at all costs.”  Smiling, Patrick walked forward to hug me.

“I know,” he whispered in my ear.  “And that’s why you’re perfect.”

 Author Bio

After practicing law for nearly three years, Jennifer Vessells decided to leave the practice to pursue her dream of being a novelist. After an intensive year and a half of writing, Ms. Vessells is proud to finally present her debut novel to the world – a story that’s been marinating since her early collejennifer vessellsge days.

Passionate about women’s fiction and children’s chapter books, Ms. Vessells plans to enjoy a long writing career. Keep your eye out for more exciting publications from this author in the future!







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