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Gone Country (Rough Riders, #14)Gone Country by Lorelei James

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This book is all about DECISIONS.

Decisions that make you happy.

Decisions that affect those you love.

Hard decisions.

Life changing decisions.

A few years ago, I honestly did not care AT ALL about cowboys, bull riders, barrel racers, saddle bronc competitions, cattle and live stock, being a rancher or two stepping until I read a book by Mrs. James. My love for the all American tradition of cowboy life is all because of her.

Let me start by making clear that I love Lorelei James’s books. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. THEM. So saying all the typical “this book is awesome”, “this is full of emotional rollercoasters”, “I freaking loved it” and all those same old KNOWN facts, is a little bit overrated at this point.

What I will do, is give you a breakdown of the overall content of this very particular story which made me seriously re think about some decisions I’ve made thru my life.

Please correct me if I’m mistaken, but it is my understanding that Gone Country is the “almost” end of the Rough Riders series. We are waiting (eagerly, I must say) for the last installment sometime during the spring, which is Dalton McKay’s story: Redneck Romeo. For that alone, this was a very, VERY, bittersweet book for me. I have grown so attached to Mrs. James’s stories that knowing I won’t have any more McKay’s in my reading life makes me feel like I’m losing a limb. Seriously. The funny part is, Gone Country is the least cowboy-ish story of all.

If you have religiously followed the Rough Riders series (chronologically) you most likely remember who Gavin Daniels is and when he appeared for the first time. You may also remember a little bit of the background that was shared about him and the way he decided to look out for his McKay family.

For someone like Gavin who had a nice childhood, a very successful career and a business which gave him everything he needed to provide for his daughter, to reach age 40 and find out he was an adopted kid and that his biological mother gave him away must’ve been something beyond hard, mostly, when he has a kid of his own that he can’t live without.

Thinking about what this means in real life, I can’t help to feel jealous of Sierra. She’s a kid with everything, despite the fact that her parents are divorced. When Sierra hits those “rebellious” years and starts getting into a lot of trouble, Gavin must make a serious decision to keep his daughter from getting into MORE trouble, and decides to move to Wyoming. Mind you, Sierra doesn’t like it, but has to stick with her dad’s decision for her own good.

And over there, far away in Wyoming, Rielle Wetzler has made the decision (a little bit pressed by her daughter Rory) to have a makeover. Her new look will open not only her eyes, but also Gavin’s who remembers her like the eco-friendly-tree-hugger-organic-hippie-farmer who made a living out of her garden grown vegetables and baked bread. As you may also remember, Rielle had sold her Bed & Breakfast to Gavin yet she still lived there as Gavin thought it would be best since he still managed his business in Arizona. Once he arrives in Wyoming and makes all the necessary arrangements to manage his business from there, Rielle is still living in HIS house.

I just LOVE how Mrs. James creates this FANTASTIC environment where ALL her women are more than just delicate wallflowers.

Here’s my FAVORITE Rielle moment:

“What do you want to say to me, Rielle?”

“I want more of you. More of us. But naked this time. I wanna feel your hands on me. I wanna feel your mouth on me. God, Gavin I’m dying to feel every inch of your body rubbing on mine. Like at least four times tonight”.

Jesus fucking Christ

“What do you have to say to that?”

And of course, these wouldn’t be true COWBOYS if she wouldn’t make them complete ALPHA.

Here’s my FAVORITE Gavin moment:

“But we are more than just body heat and movement beneath the sheets in this darkness”. He nuzzled her neck. “I thought about how perfect it feels when I slide into you. When I hear that catch in your breath and I know in that moment you’re only mine”

This is a book I will hold close to my heart for a long time. Like all her previous installments, Mrs. James digs deep into family ties, simple life, and love. Once again, we had an ABSOLUTE WINNER in Gone Country.

This story deserves 5 Bookies!



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