Wild Irish Christmas by Mari Carr

How come a book so short (or short story) can make you cry so much! :(! This is one of the most SPECTACULAR and UNEXPECTED book treats I have ever read.

So a few hours ago, I’m going thru my list of books to read for this week (yes, I usually do that) and I’m checking on amazon for free reads, when suddenly, it appears in my recommendations “Wild Irish Christmas”, so since I read very recently the full 7 books out of this serie i just HAD to read this as well, and the $2.50 bucks I paid are possibly one of the BEST investments in books I’ve ever made.

For those acquainted with the Collin’s and their stories, you will agree with me that the series could not be completed without Patrick Collins story. Everybody will also agree with me, that besides being the coolest dad, he holds the biggest most understanding heart. How I wished i would’ve had a father like him.

Pat and Sunday’s story tho short, makes your heart swell. I do agree that, it’s not really your first love that counts, but the last one who will eternally stay with you beyond death. That’s exactly what Mrs. Carr has projected thru the past 7 Wild Irish books with Pat’s character. I can only remember that Cher song “Believe” and the most outstanding image of Pat & Sunday Collins bringing to reality that part that says “Do you believe in life after love” or in their case Love after life.

Excellent closure Mrs. Carr. You got me crying my eyes off in pure joy with this story 🙂 <3

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