This Blog’s first review! – Good Girls Don’t by Victoria Dahl

I am most definitely missing something but I cant quite understand what it is. This book though great in certain details, lacks of some of the spark I’ve encountered in many others.

I have to admit that Mrs. Dahl did a great job writing this story. The sex scenes are great. Luke’s character was great. But that’s it. The story, though full of mistery (up to a certain point) doesn’t seem right somehow. And the Donovan brothers are not the average family characters you encounter in other stories. Yes, it’s based on reality and I must say, possibly all the situations the have to go through during the story COULD HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE, but all three of them seem like they are just about to burst out of the book and SLIT THEIR WRISTS WITH PLASTIC SPOONS! Ok, so Eric is the ion charge older brother who had to raise 2 younger ones. But he feels bitter, insecure, and definitely does not trust anybody, not even his brothers. Jamie is the li’l rascal who possibly fooled so much during his life that by the time he grew up and finally knew what he wanted and started working his way up for it, was too late cause his older brother just simply doesn’t cu him slack. And Tessa, actually would’ve been names TERESA, as in Mother Teresa…You cant just go around trying to solve everybody’s life based on lies. I just don’t agree w a female character who does that. Everybody lies in this book. Somehow. And only because of that, though the sex scenes were great (did i said that previously? :D) could not convince me more beyond 3 stars and that only cause I really believe it could’ve been better and the other two books might save the whole thing. I would’ve liked to see a better description of Denver and Boulder. I would’ve liked to see more about the brothers, more about Simone, even more about the bad guys. I’m still missing something. But overall it’s an enjoyable read.

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