The Edge of Forever: Fate by D.C. Gambel [BookBlitz + Giveaway]

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Title: The Edge of Forever: Fate

Author: D.C. Gambel

Genre: Paranormal Romance Adult 17+

Date: April 8, 2014

Publisher: Independent

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Gabriella Carmichael has always tried to find her place in the world, but being raised as half-human/half-vampire she doesn’t quite know where she fits in, until she meets Grayson.
Grayson Alexander is one of the most influential men in New York. When he runs head on into Gabriella, he doesn’t quite know how that one event will change his world.
Gabriella knows that being involved with a human is strictly forbidden, even though she’s part human herself, and begins to fear for Grayson’s safety especially when the head of her nest, Anton, makes a play for her affections.

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Sacrifice – Gaby is willing to sacrifice everything she is and has in order to have what she’s always wanted in this one man, Grayson. She puts her entire world in jeopardy as she decides which path to follow, almost sacrificing it all.

Obsession – Anton is a powerful master vampire obsessed with himself and his ever expanding empire. His obsession with power influences his desire for Gaby and the control having her by his side promises for his rule.

Devotion – Persephone’s love and devotion for her daughter is shown throughout years of submission in the coven. Also, Grayson and Gaby’s devotion to each other is portrayed in every obstacle that arises.

Unrequited – Anton’s desire for Gaby is obvious but her feelings towards the would be union are lacking to say the least.

Possession – Anton sees himself as a procurer of worldly goods. To him Gabriella would be the crown jewel of his collection. His intention to claim her, resides more in what she could accomplish for him and less with his feelings towards her.

Unique – There has never been another Day Walker. Gabriella’s uniqueness makes her a target for the power seeking, Anton.

Author BioAuthor DC Gamble

D.C. Gambel is an independent author & army wife. She spends her free time with her fur babies, who sit next to her whether she’s writing or just curled up with a good book, when she’s not taking care of my soldier.

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