The Husband and Wives Series: The Neighbours by Anna Ellis [BookBlitz]




How well do you know your neighbours?

 When happily married couple Jacey and Dominic move into their new neighbourhood, they’re surprised at how friendly everyone is. Jacey never liked the idea of moving out of the city to begin with, but she’s slowly won over by the wives on the street, as well as Joe, the resident handyman.
When the neighbours invite Jacey and Dominic to their Saturday night parties, the couple learn just how very close-knit group in the neighbourhood is. Do Jacey and Dominic really need extra excitement in their marriage?

 As their relationships with the husbands and wives on the street become more involved, it brings out a side of Jacey she never knew existed.  Dominic seems to approve of the changes in their marriage and certainly enjoys hearing about Jacey’s exploits with their neighbours.  But when the new neighbours on the street threaten to bring changes into their neighbourhood, Jacey is concerned with her new lifestyle – and her marriage.


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