Summer Pick # 1: Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost

This is the ONE book I’ve been waiting all year long that I really managed not to obsess over and for that I really feel proud of myself. If you are wondering how good this story is, believe me, Vlad’s well known pyrokinesis will burn up more than his enemies, if you know what I mean 🙂
In this well anticipated spin-off of her already popular Night Huntress Series , Jeaniene Frost takes us to Romania, where no other than Dracula himself is the main hero, and a circus performer with supernatural powers is our new heroine (whom  in my opinion is one absolutely phenomenal) and a new set of helpers and bad guys you are going to get hooked on, though you must remember: NEVER CALL HIM DRACULA! His name is Vlad Tepesh, the impaler, prince of Romania.
According to Vlad himself, Dracula is nothing but a popular character, created in the mind of an aspiring writer of the time who needed to gain a reputation of his own, and unfortunately, Vlad was the best option he had. More than 200 years later, the legend is pretty much alive and will need to fight his new enemies as they arrive.
We met Vlad a few books back as a “brother” by maker of Mencheres, Egyptian vampire ruler of the line where our beloved Bone’s (a.k.a Crispin) is co-ruler. Vlad and Bones did not get along since day one, but they’ve helped each other throughout the years and Kat (a.k.a the Red Reaper) is a very dear friend to Vlad.
I loved the way how discreetly the gang appeared (and disappeared). They were expected to make a small appearance and I think Mrs Frost delivered on time and in the best way. Vlad and Leila deserved a full sized story like this one.
Leila as you are probably wondering, is a human who got hit by lightning and ever since has the ability to see future present and past of any person she touches with her right hand and somehow, she’s able to connect with Vlad mentally to alert him he’s being chased, after she’s kidnapped by a bunch of bad guy vampires. Leila knows about the existence of vampires and actually she pairs with a midget vampire, “Marty” who’s been her partner since she joined the circus many years ago and has acted also as a substitute father to Leila. Leila’s powers are somehow famous among the vampire community and because of that small kidnapping episode, her world turns upside down, starting with an unexpected visit to Romania.
If you expect a HEA in this book you’ll have to keep waiting, HOWEVER, Mrs Frost does deliver those HOT, STEAMY, BOILING scenes between Vlad and Leila that only she knows how to create. We know by who the story ends (and the cliffhanger) that we will see more of Vlad and Leila in the nearby future.
If you are still asking yourself if it’s worth buying this book, STOP THINKING AND GET IT! I’m pretty sure you’ll love it as much as I did 🙂

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  1. Nette says:

    I’m sooo bad Sophie! I totally have this book and haven’t started reading it yet. :-/ Thanks for your awesome review!
    Love ya doll ;-*

  2. sopelinda says:

    Thanks Eileen!!! 🙂 i cant wait for the next Cat & Bones either!!!

  3. Eileen says:

    Just finished reading this yesterday and your review is spot on! I liked it very much. Now that I have had time to mull over the ending I’m glad that she ended it that way. Very open for more in book 2. Can’t wait! Love her books and can’t get enough of Cat and Bones

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