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Roni Dugan, a wealthy investment banker from Wall Street, life continues to unravel two years after the financial meltdown of 2008. An intriguing story, which follows her to a small island in the Bahamas, Green Turtle Cay. Can the island, a horse named Joe, and a shy Bahamian dock master, help her to see life differently?

This novel will amuse and subject you to a whole other world and culture where friendship, love, and self discovery abound.




“Does it bother you that I come to talk?” Roni asked.

“Nah, it not bodder me,” Devin said.

“Come on, tell me you like it,” she goaded. “I bet you don’t have many girls who come to chat, especially white girls.”

“Nat many,” he said.

“Oh, come on, none is more like it,” Roni challenged. “Do you play any card games?”

Roni liked a contest.

“Nah. I play dominoes.”

“You got dominoes here?” she asked.

“Yez,” he said.

“Well, let’s play,” Roni said.

Devin gave her a distrustful look again.

“What, are you afraid I’ll beat you?” she dared.

“Nah, ain’ afraid. Gals don’ play dominoes,” Devin said seriously.

Roni laughed until tears ran from her eyes. Devin stared at her grinning, obviously not sure why she found his comment so funny.

“You’re serious,” she choked out. “Girls don’t play dominoes, only men?”

“Jes’ da men,” he said.

Then he laughed.

“It aganst da law,” he joked.

“Oh, here we go, Devin’s law again. I guess what you really mean is you don’t want the girls to play. Like I said, afraid they might beat you. Hurt your man pride.”




Author Bio

Lisa Loomis writes because she loves to. Her stories are about the human condition: love, life, and everything in between (including sex, drugs, alcohol, and things just crazy enough to be true). Her stories are not predictable, conventional, or lacking in the messiness of life. She tries to extract the real emotion in any given situation in her characters, with a touch of humor.lisa loomis

Lisa Loomis was born in Oakland California and raised in San Jose until she was a sophomore in high school. Her father then took a job in the San Diego area where he moved the family to Escondido, California (or hickville as she called it). She finished high school at San Pasqual High then went to junior college at Palomar JC, ultimately graduating from San Diego State University with a BS in Finance.

Finding more BS than finance with the financial meltdown in 2008 she went back to her passion of writing. Her currently published novels can be seen on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

She now lives and writes in Park City, Utah.

Visit her at www.LisaLoomisBooks.com or on Facebook Lisa Loomis Books and Twitter @lisaoharaloomis


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