Jacked Up by Erin McCarthy

Erin McCarthy is one of my FAVORITE contemporary romance authors EVER. I really don’t know how come some people have never read a book from her or don’t even know who she is. Well, I do, and Erin should know that in me, she has an eternal and loyal fan.
I’ve been waiting for Jacked Up since January that I finished Slow Ride (Tuesday & Diesel’s story), so you can imagine how excited I was when I downloaded it in my kindle. That’s the most shocking thing though, I actually bought this book in kindle format and not in paperback like I have all the rest of her books; but I don’t regret it, whether it’s digital or paper version, all her books are a MUST for me
And yes, we saw a very different Eve Monroe from the one we met and learned to get annoyed at since book one, and yes, we also met her soul mate, Nolan Ford, who comes from a totally different world, from his clothing (or lack thereof) to his rent pay against Eve’s mortgage.
What I liked about this book: 
Mrs. McCarthy puts 110% in every story she writes and you can notice it. Funny lines and sarcasm are always included and for us know know her writing style, it is the absolute cherry on top. In this particular story, Eve is sassy and from the moment she sets foot at Oktoberfest to her last minute wedding in Vegas. Nolan is right behind her in his more southern ways. The couple is easy to love and Eve is not as frustrating and dictatorial as in the previous stories.What I have to admit *I didn’t quite like too much*:

The book is too short. Like majority of her books actually it’s too short to enjoy and besides that, there were just a few hot scenes this time. I guess the focus was more on redeeming Eve from the bad image she’s had through the past 5 books.

But at the end, Erin bought my loyalty once more. I really hope she continues with the Fast Track series. I kinda had a feeling Nolan’s brother has a story building, and I’m still waiting on Imogen & Ty’s wedding! So yes, you want to read a great series from a even GREATER author? Erin McCarthy writes pure gold!

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