The Half of Us by Cardeno C. [Review]


The Half of Us by Cardeno C.



A true bookworm will always be in the pursuit of a great book. That one book you either hold with you bare hands (and smell to make sure it’s 100% recycled material) or simply download to your e reader and stare at the cover in true colors over and over again until you go color blind.

One of my life’s greatest philosophies is to give a book the benefit of the doubt (Unless the cover is a bad compilation of photoshopped images) but still, it may hold interesting stories that you somehow could miss if you don’t give it a try.

So I, the bookworm, decided one day to go searching for that one genre that would hold my attention above all others. I hate angst reads. I hate stupid heroes. I hate macho dominant heroes I hate cheaters. I hate ridiculous characters that somehow turn smart and save the day.
Searching for that one genre I could dive into completely blind and have a blast while swimming, I found gay romance a.k.a in the book world as M/M.

In my eternal search for love and happy ever afters, I found Cardeno C.

And while I was checking out Cardeno C’s work, I came across the Family Series.

This particular review of ‘The Half of Us’ reminds me of a sweet boy I met once, who knew since the age of twelve that he was gay. He grew up to be a teacher at a very important university and while attending a seminar in Mexico City, he met the love of his life, a doctor. They both live together and although gay marriage is not legal where they live, they have achieved the ultimate goal of every couple: they became a FAMILY.

Jason and Abe’s story doesn’t fall far from the tree. Jason’s first attempt at happiness actually happened with a woman in his youth while he was still trying to figure out his own sexuality; Abe on the other hand always knew he was gay, but he needed to move from his ultra conservative home state of Utah in order to feel freedom and find love. Yes, right, LOVE, not a one night stand. Jason though is very addicted to one night stands.

In what would be considered a literal heartbeat Jason and Abe meet, agree to spend the night together and somehow, Abe plants the curiosity seed in Jason, who leaves that night wondering the ‘what if’s’. He soon becomes aware he is completely spellbound by the sweet guy he met who although is way younger than him, captivates his heart in a way nobody else has been able to.

This is a love story through and through, and yes, it is VERY believable and very down to earth. What I love most about Cardeno C’s books is just the fact that the ultimate goal is just that: LOVE. The greatest part about these character is that both of them are very family oriented people. Jason has kids and Abe is not shy when it comes to interacting with them and that makes the heartfelt storyline easy to follow and very realistic.

I could go on all day talking about how fabulous this story is, but one thing is just plain visible: LOVE IS LOVE. FAMILY IS FAMILY and there are ties and bonds that are impossible to break.

Book Suburbia gives this a 4 Bookie rating


***ARC copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review

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