Felix by Elizabeth Reyes [Review]

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Please excuse me if I get too emotional while typing this review, but I just can’t help it. I have a huge sense of loss that usually doesn’t happen when one finishes a book, but in this case did happen. I just finished reading an epic KNOCKOUT!

Before I go any further, I have a soundtrack / playlist that stuck with me throughout this entire journey:


  • Butterlyz by Alicia Keys

  • Love @ First Sight by Mary J Blige

  • California Gurlz by Katy perry

  • Let’s Get Married (Remix) by jagged Edge

  • Love Who Loves You Back by Tokio Hotel

  • Break My Heart by Common

  • I Can’t Describe by Jennifer Hudson

  • And of course, Lastima Que Seas Ajena by Vicente Fernandez.


You totally don’t have to agree with me, but this story had scenes that fit perfectly with every single one of these songs.

We had to literally wait a year to finally learn the absolutely heartbreaking story of Felix. He’s been a key player in the whole scheme of 5th Street stories, and his HEA could not be less than breathtaking. What I didn’t expect was to meet such a kick ass character like Ella. There is this whole instant attraction that you will learn, Felix has to fight, but in the end , when one knows what true love is, it becomes extremely hard to let go.

This whole story has all the elements to make it a winner, and in the best Elizabeth Reyes fashion, you can’t help but to LOVE, each moment shared by Felix and Ella. You may remember that whole ordeal between Gio, Bianca and Felix, so it will come as a surprise the way things have changed in his life and all the challenges he’s had to battle in order to settle down and realize he was really spiraling out of control. The man Felix is now, shows a drastic change of heart and mentality, he recognizes his mistakes and when meeting Ella, he acknowledges that he had to hit rock bottom then fight to resurface and win his most desired prize: Mighty Miss Ella.

Ella on the other hand, is what you can call THE true fighter. In her short life she has survived unbelievable challenges. She obviously feels attraction towards Felix (come on! Who wouldn’t?) but she is a very down to earth girl who knows her boundaries.

The initial encounter between Felix and Ella will unravel a series of events the reader will immediately feel related to: real life issues. This is possibly the greatest accomplishment I can point out about ALL of Elizabeth’s books: the realistic and human side of each story. In this particular case, the elements she has added and the vast knowledge she has of our Hispanic culture makes it absolutely believable and fun to read. The attraction turned in time to love , portrayed by both Felix and Ella will only convince you that this is the way how 5th Street Series needed to end. It has it ALL: angst, laugh, love, sweetness, seriousness, and real life issues. Although I have to say that Abel is my favorite, Felix won a special place in my heart. I was able to connect with him at a very human level and understand some of the reasons why he behaved the way he did and how much redemption he was seeking. Once Ella meets him, her journey also becomes a lot more clear and her world finally makes sense after all the chaos she had to go thru. The combination of both these strong willed characters, created this MASTERPIECE.

Eli, thank you.

Thank you until the end of time, for giving us this gift. I usually drive by East Los Angeles on the weekends coming back from my friend’s house in Hollywood, and I always, ALWAYS, think about the 5th Street gang. I love to drive by there and imagine how cool it would be to see them all gathered at the gym, hanging out and training for a very important fight. I surely will remember them now even more since I know their journey has ended. <3

**ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

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  1. Susie Hernandez says:

    Along with alot of people, I am a HUGE fan of Elizabeth. I went to a book signing in Temecula, CA. and had the pleasure of meeting her and taking a few pics. I have read ALL her books and love them all. I been waiting for FELIX book to come out and I can’t wait. I was born In Los Angeles.. and I also think like you when driving down East LA.. I always, ALWAYS, think about the 5th Street gang.

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