Review: Next You Instellar, LLC by Angus H. Day

Z4yr9-oN9pItDbQaMpr5Xf0eIUrjzxdIAN7bmn1ZvJYAuthor: Angus H Day

Book title: Next You Interstellar, LLC  (Next You Universe Series)

Publication Dates: Apr 24 201

Publisher: GMTA Publishing (Imprint: Mythos Press

Genre: Science Fiction

Erotic Content: Some books have minor sexual content: PG-13 for the sexual content otherwise PG-13






If you had the option to come back after death, what would you want to be? Still want to be human or would you like to try something different? How much is it worth to you? Live in the extra-solar human civilization and experience your next incarnation in Next You Interstellar, LLC.



Next You Interstellar LLC Excerpt

Chapter 8: Storming the Castle

I really had missed out on some crazy leaps in technology. The device we were actually using as a drop cache was a gutted cloaking torpedo. By gutted I mean it had no explosive warhead, but it had enough space for us to kit up for a year of back country mission. I couldn’t believe it when we got all of our supplies and munitions into the beast and the hatch actually closed. It’s a good thing the

M972 12mm magnetic sniper rifle disassembled, or we would not be taking it, because I was not parachuting with a long gun again. At least we test fired the rail guns before packing them. I really would not like to show up and find that our shit didn’t work. “Thinking of parachuting, how are we to get to the surface undetected? Don’t tell me we’re going to HALO from a spaceship. Get the fuck outta here!”

Laughing, Angelique explained, “It’s not so much a HALO. There is nothing to open low or high, as an ablation glide followed by a powered landing. AUHAAG. We’ll enter the atmosphere with roughly three centimeters of carbon epoxy ablation resin on our suits. While that crap is burning off, we will be visible as meteors. Then we free fall to 5,000 meters and begin using the gravitic pulsers in the suit legs to slow down. After the ablation resin is gone, the suit nanites will power up the active camouflage and we will be virtually invisible.””Have you done this before?” “Yes. It’s how we inserted on Rios on my first merc mission. Rebecca visited me while you were taking care of business.” “Ummh, that’s awfully strange, because I thought she was a part of my mind.” “Don’t be silly, she’s an AI for conditioning the minds of the transferred to their new bodies. She is sentient.” Well isn’t that just dandy. Can’t say I’ve been true to you now, dammit. “Yeah, so what did she have to chat about?” “Oh, just girl stuff.” If I had nuts on the outside, they would have just made the pilgrimage to the inside. “Like that Daddy gave you shape-shifting abilities,

and a really cool beam weapon that pops out of your right forearm and can vaporize a small asteroid. Then we exchanged recipes and compared notes about fucking you senseless.” How quiet is it in space? I mean really, how much more quiet could it get after such a calm, attacking revelation? When she saw I was contemplating a suitless EVA fifteen minutes later, she laughed to relieve the tension. “That was fun, but here is the deal. I consider Rebecca to be the healthiest alternative to cheating, and I’m not jealous. I am a little aroused, but that will have to wait until later. Are you going to be all right?” “I guess so. What was that about a beam weapon?” “Let’s leave that for the planet if we need it. I think we should get the hang of the shape-shifting first.” “What do you mean by we? Are we going to the party as a two part horse?” “If so, I choose front.” I was lost in imagining my bringing up Angelique’s rear when I felt her shaking me. “What?” “You drifted off there ‘Walter Mitty’. Want to stay with the party?” “Okay. What do you want to try?” “I’ll give you an image and you try to imitate it.” “Ready, I guess.” She touched my head and I saw a being about three meters tall with whole body hair. I heard a gasp. “What now?” I was looking down at Angelique from higher, like I was standing on a ladder. “That is so cool! We’re gonna rock this mission. Check out your fur.”




If you liked Legacy of Daddy, you are going to positively LOVE Interstellar LLC. You’ll reunite with your beloved characters including the unforgettable Calabrini, Angelique and Dr. Abrams – yup, THAT Dr. Abrams – PAS is fun and mischievous, and you’ll also like Oscar and Myrtle. Add a mix of some pretty solid SCI FI (and some really bad one to make it funny) and you’re in for a treat.

Of course the nanites run rampant, the aliens are truly alien, the plot is actually not predictable and the Next You reconstructions are a solid hook you’ll surely get caught with. Also expect a bit more in the form of violent resolution than in The Legacy of Daddy. The action is very well paced to a frantic – yet not rushed thought that may not make sense at first – battle galore.  All in all a very appetizing read. YA is not going to be the same after the Next You series.



Angus day lives in Fort Collins Colorado with his wife and son. His daughter has embarked on her career as a graphics designer.

He’s been an Infantryman, Swine Farmer, smattering of other trades and jobs and now a manufacturing pharmaceutical chemist.

What aspect of his life that is devoted to fitness favors swimming in open water which means he spends most of the year working out in a pool then hit the lakes when it warms up a bit. His wife, Cheryl, safety kayaks for him when they manage to make it work.







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