A week before going back to Bon Temps – Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris

Sookie Stackhouse, I really, REALLY, would love to have a little yellow car like yours. Mostly, I would love to have a hot as sin boyfriend like Eric Northman and a super relaxed job like the one you have at Merlotte’s. I think I would love to live in a small cottage-type house like the one you live at in Hummingbird Rd., I would be SO HAPPY to just be part of a small town like Bon Temps. After a LONG road of 12 books, several small stories and a TV series, I am still not prepared to let you (or any other member of the Bon Temps gang) go. Deadlocked was GREAT, but also bittersweet. I will give this book 4 stars, but not before pointing out some interesting things I consider necessary:
  • Sookie tricked me. At the end of the book and after what she does for Sam (nope, no spoilers), I was completely fooled and really don’t know what to expect in Dead Ever After.
  • I have a bad, BAD feeling, Sookie will end up either by herself, or with Sam Merlotte.  
  • I am still heartbroken to learn the truth about Claude.
  • Eric is NOTHING like he was 6 books ago, nor does he inspire me any kind of love-lust-infatuation anymore. Well, the book Eric, the TV Eric is a totally different story.
  • Bill Compton needs to GET A LIFE!
  • Mr. Cataliades is THE KEY to the overall unsolved mystery.
  • Alcide also NEEDS TO GET A LIFE and stop acting like the BIG BAD WOLF he is!
  • I’m suspecting there may be more to Jason’s marriage as there could be in Tara’s twin’s.
So many questions and we will have to wait a full year to get all the answers.
This book is a lot better than Dead Reckoning. Everybody will agree with me that one of last year’s biggest disappointments was Sookie Stackhouse #11. Plot was ok, but the book in average was less than 3 stars. This time though, Mrs. Harris redeemed Sookie in a well deserved way and kept us expectant as to what would happen next. Each page was a mystery by itself and if you are familiar with Mrs. Harris’s writing style, you will find this installment of Sookie a lot more elaborate and knitted in its mystery sense than others: you kind suspect who did what but cross your fingers throughout the whole book PRAYING it’s not who you think it is but at the end encounter a totally different result. Mrs. Harris IS THAT GOOD plotting a mystery book, comparable only to English literature legend Agatha Christie, the reason I started reading mystery books in the first place.
So there is no doubt Mrs. Harris stole my heart with Sookie. She most likely stole yours, and will end up breaking it in pieces when the time comes to say goodbye to one of our all time favorite heroines and a character that through the years has become a favorite among all of us her loyal fans.
One thing is for sure: I WILL MISS YOU SOOKIE STACKHOUSE, but I’ll get myself that little yellow car!
BTW, even though I had this book in my hands for a while, I only read it AFTER I received it as a birthday gift from my dear friend Amanda, who knew it was one of my most expected books this year and asked Mrs. Harris herself to autograph it for me! Thanks Amanda! YOU ROCK!

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