A Debt Repaid by N. Isabelle Blanco [BookBlitz]


Title: A Debt Repaid (Retaliations #1)

Author: N. Isabelle Blanco

Genre: Erotica/ Contemporary Romance

Expected Release Date: 2.14.14



Lex Talionis (n.)– The law of retaliation, whereby a punishment resembles the offense committed in kind and degree.

Two wrongs. One right. He met her under the worst circumstances. She was still married. To the man who’d stolen from his company. But none of that would matter, because Chase would have her. At any cost.

To Chase Blaine, it really was that simple. Douglas Colton had stolen millions from Chase’s company. He had to pay. Chase had every intention of cornering the bastard and making sure he ended up in jail.

Then he came face-to-face with Douglas’s wife, Aria. One look at her changed all his plans, warping them into a much darker and perverse plot to get his revenge.

He would offer Douglas his freedom…in exchange for a single date with his wife.

To a man like Chase, a man that hadn’t truly felt emotions in a long time, Aria’s presence soon became more addicting than a drug. A problem considering that she might never forgive him for blackmailing her, despite the fact that at times she seems just as unwillingly fascinated by him as he is by her.


Goodreads Book Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/16079601-a-debt-repaid




Author Bio

N. Isabelle Blanco was born in Queens, NY (USA). At the age of three, due to an odd fascination with studying her mother’s handwriting, she began to read and write. By the time she’d reached kindergarten, she had an extensive vocabulary and her obsession with words began to bleed into every aspect of her life.
An avid reader in her teens, her fascination with Japanese anime eventually led her to the universe of fan fiction, which became her on-again, off-again hobby for the next ten years. During that time she amassed a following of fans that, by her own admission, she would never be able to live without. It was those fans who encouraged her to step beyond the fan fiction realm and try her talent in the publishing world.

N. Isabelle Blanco now has three novellas and two full-length novels under her belt, and spends her days working as an author, web programmer, marketer, and graphic designer. That is when she isn’t handling her “spawn”, as she calls her son, and brainstorming with him about his future career as a comic book illustrator.







Marking Her by Elena M. Reyes [BookBlitz]



Title: Marking Her (Marked #1)
Author: Elena M. Reyes
Genre: Erotica/ Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 17th 2013

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Talan wants to mark Maya—with more than his ink. The owner of a prominent tattoo shop, he’s used to being hit on by easy women. Though “easy” is not a word associated with Maya when she comes in to support her friend. Flirtation ensues, but what will it take to break the painted man.


“When’s my next appointment?” I asked my receptionist Janice while making my way around the front counter. I’d just walked out Lance’s crush and wanted the day to be over.
“You have one more, Talan. Esther is due in twenty.”
“Fuck, I forgot about her.” My body slumped against the counter. The boys and I were hoping for the evening to be slow, allowing us an early night.
“That’s why I’m here, handsome. To serve you in any way you need,” Janice purred, and I sighed as I flipped open my laptop and logged in. I’d made the mistake of wetting my dick in her a few months back when she first came through my door. Afterward, she became jealous and clingy, wanting more than I was willing to give.
The only reason she was still there was because she had bigger balls than the other two fuckers that worked there. Janice could handle the leers, gestures, and jokes like a pro, but fuck with her inventory or dirty my shop, and she will rip you a new one.
“Janice, cut that shit out,” I demanded before storming off toward the back and into my sanctuary. The guys all laughed when I walked by. I flipped them the bird and continued on into my room.
An hour had passed since I’d asked Janice if I was clear and there was still no sign of Esther. It was the usual for her. The woman would be late to her own funeral, but this was a new one for her.
She was never this late.
I was becoming agitated by the lack of common sense people had to pick up a goddamn phone. How hard could it be to let me know if you’re coming or not? There was just something about a person’s lack of punctuality that pissed me off. Not caring if I had shit to do or places to be was plain rude.
I was worked up to the point of walking out the damn door.
“Janice,” I called out into the now empty shop. She’d insisted – once the boy’s left – in staying behind to help me set up, not listening to my refusal. “Call Esther and reschedule. I’m beat and—”
“I’m here,” Esther yelled, rushing through the door. “Traffic was a bitch and I—”
“Save it and get in my chair before I kick you out,” I grumbled and rubbed my throbbing temples.
“But, I brought—”
“Is he always this rude?” a soft, feminine voice I didn’t recognize asked.
I looked up, and was startled by the sexy little thing that stood before me. She was young. Much younger than what I was normally attracted to; at the most this little nymph was twenty.
The beauty had black hair; wavy and tousled locks that swept down to the middle of her back, with side-swept bangs across her forehead. Her face was sweet, innocent, while her gray eyes spoke of mischief, and in my case, trouble. Lips, those fucking cherry-red lips, were plump and inviting—the perfect Cupid’s bow that begged to be nibbled.
I let my eyes traverse her short frame and my mouth watered. She truly was an itty-bitty thing. With my six-foot-four frame, I towered over her, dwarfing her delicate one.
My feet carried me closer to where she stood, next to Esther in the receptionist area. I wanted her laid on that black marble top so I could feast on her. The drought I’d been on as of late might have been making me desperate…then again, looking at her was making something within me want to just take, consequences be damned.
We watched each other; she followed my every move and I, her every breath.
My eyes dropped from her perfect face to hungrily devour her chest and a shiver ran down my spine. The two pert, no bigger than a handful breasts, sat high on her chest. She wore a simple camisole that did little to hide her obvious happiness to meet me.
My cock twitched as her nips puckered.
I continued my assessment and found my hands clenching the second her narrow waist and flared hips came into view. My nails dug grooves into the palms of my hands, the slight pinch keeping me in check. The desire to pull her closer, grab onto her flesh, and leave my prints behind was almost unbearable.
She was a slim petite thing, with the sexiest pair of legs my eyes had ever seen; they were bare for my enjoyment. A tiny pair of denim shorts barely covered her lower region, marking every groove and molding onto her sinful flesh as if they were a part of her.
I was hard.
“Wow,” a voice coughed to my right, pulling my eyes away from Bitty.
“You can say ‘thank you’ for my gift now and eye fuck her later.” Esther laughed while Bitty turned red around the cheeks.
This cute little thing blushes?
“Talan, it’s getting late,” Janice interrupted suddenly, “and we have plans.”
“I’m sorry,” Bitty spoke up, turning to Esther, “maybe we should come ba—”
“No.” The word popped out before I could think to stop them.
“Yes.” My glare cut off Janice before she could continue, eliciting a chastised look from her. Who the hell did she think she was to be so rude and hostile toward my client and someone who, I hoped, would soon be my friend?
“Enough, Janice.” I let the words come out encased in a low, warning growl before turning toward the two women with raised brows. “You two head on back.” Bitty went to protest at my command, but instead bit her lip, causing me to groan. Fuck, I need to get this situation under control. “Esther, you know the drill; lose the shirt and get comfy. Bitty, I want—”
Bitty crossed her arms, scowling adorably. “Who you calling ‘Bitty’?”
“You, sweet thing, now quit interrupting me.”
Bitty huffed, but I saw no real annoyance in her expression.
“Talan, can we have a word please?” Janice butt-in, again. If this chick didn’t leave soon she was going to find herself without a job.
“No, and for fuck’s sake—go home.”
“But,” she whined and gave me a ridiculous pout. The two other girls in the room laughed. Janice didn’t appreciate this and turned her icy glare on them.
“Come on, Es, seems the big, bad, tatt boy has his hands full,” Bitty cooed with a sexy giggle and pulled a nosy Esther behind her. The two walked off, down toward the room with my name on the door. They walked in, and while Esther went to strip, Bitty closed the door.
Her eyes—those damn cat-like grey eyes—set on mine, blazing with amusement while she winked then pushed the door closed.
“What the fuck was that?” Janice hissed once they were both out of earshot. “You should have a little more—”
“Get out,” I said through gritted teeth.
Janice’s jaw jutted forward in defiance. “Are you into that little girl?”
I pointed toward the door. “Out and quit pushing . . . you’re walking a fine line.”
Hurt flickered in her eyes. “Talan, I—”
“Go home, Janice. Go home before I fucking lose the last bit of patience I have today and kick you out permanently.”




Author Bio

Elena M. Reyes was born and raised in Miami Florida. She is the epitome of a Floridian and if she could live in her beloved flip-flops, she would.

As a small child, she was always intrigued with all forms of art—whether it was dancing to island rhythms, or painting with any medium she could get her hands on. Her first taste of writing came to her during her fifth grade year when her class was prompted to participate in the D. A. R. E. Program and write an essay on what they’d learned.ElenaMReyes

Her passion for reading over the years has amassed her with hours of pleasure. It wasn’t until she stumbled upon fanfiction that her thirst to write overtook her world. She now resides in Central Florida with her husband and son, spending all her down time letting her creativity flow and letting her characters grow.













Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Elena-M-Reyes/595337763817997






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Pearl on Cherry by Chanse Lowell [BookBlitz + Giveaway]

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Title: Pearl on Cherry
Author: Chanse Lowell
Genre: Historical Erotica
Release Date: December 29th 2013

Pearl On Cherry_72

GOODREADS BOOK LINK: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18709270-pearl-on-cherry


Clarissa Stone never thought she had a chance to make it on stage, but a strike in 1907 at the music hall in New York City opens up a door, and Clarissa races to it. The path isn’t easy, and especially not after catching the eye of William Berling Ferrismore III. Money and power have gone to his head and he uses that to his advantage, sating his sexual appetite with the women on stage. Clarissa won’t be caught so easy, but William doesn’t play by the rules. How can she prove her worth as an actress with his defaming ways?

“Quiet. Wait ‘til I have you in the motorcar, then you may speak freely,” he told her, helping her into his vehicle.
“Do you even know how to drive?” she asked when he was at her side.
“I drive this motorcar the way you drive me mad—with precision and a punishing force.”
She gulped and took to holding her wobbling knees.
“Tell me now—you will not leave, will you? Once I have you in my home, you will not desert me?”
“Why would I? Unless you mean to massacre me.” She chuckled, and it was nervous sounding.
Probably because the butterflies dancing in her stomach had taken to other parts of her body.
“I mean to devour you, lick you in the basest places and dig my fingers into you. I think you can withstand it—my cherry girl is built for my onslaught.”
She sucked in a tight breath, her abdomen caving in with the action.
“What if I taste wretched and am unflattering on the tongue?”
He laughed, and it was unsettling how free he sounded over these vulgar things they were discussing. And why did she want more of this type of talk?
“Oh, little cherry, how you amuse me. Have you forgotten so soon I have already had your cream on my taste buds? It still lingers and drives me to distraction. I want that flavor coated on my cock.”
“Oh, almighty Jesus,” she whispered under her failing breath.
“Oh, yes, I shall have it, too. Before you sleep this night, you shall do exactly what I say.”
She gripped her knees harder. They were close to shaking—her hands were not much steadier.
“I shall not request your obedience—I shall earn it and demand it. In return, you shall have unending adoration flung at your feet as I worship your gorgeous body built for my hands to explore. I shall respect you, find every way possible to keep you happy, but you will be mine, and you will submit,” he said, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed hard.
His voice was hoarse, and his hands clung to the steering wheel. The pulse at his neck was visibly racing.
“When you say these things to me—do you expect me to respond?”
“Yes, but not with words. Those are unnecessary. I already know how you feel. I can taste it in the air surrounding me. I can hear it in your exaggerated breathing and in the grip on your legs. You are ready to drip at my command. And I can barely wait to give that order.” He turned to look at her, and she froze. “You may use words right now if you wish, though. So, say it . . .”
“Say what?”
“Say you are afraid of me. That you think me an unholy bastard. That you want to run right this instant and flee my wicked presence and salty tongue.” He turned his head back to the road, but she could still feel him watching her out of the side of his eye.
“If I said any of those things, would you believe them? And would it even matter? It is not as if you would take me back home,” she said.
The car jolted to a stop. He turned at the waist and braced her with his grip on her shoulders. “I will never take you against your will. Never. I am not about that. I want you to want this, too. I want your body vibrating with excitement and unadulterated bliss. I will find a way to get those reactions from you if it forces me to rip my bones out of my body. That is how committed I am to you.”
She dropped her gaze at his lap. She did not mean to. Her eyes just went there to his prominent bulge.
“Do you desire me that much?” She kept staring.
“I desire you more than a man should. You”—he swallowed hard—“will be my unending addiction I shall never break free from.”

CONTENT WARNING — This story contains scenes of an explicit, erotic nature and is intended for adults, 18+. Story includes anal sex (use of implements in the anus as makeshift butt plug toys), bondage, crude language, dubious consent and a primitive type of Dom/sub arrangement involving consensual sex. There is mention of rape and abortion—both more than once, but it is not shown. There is an attempted, unsuccessful rape scene that is thwarted. There are also punishment scenes with whipping and spanking some might find offensive, along with violence with fist fights. Characters portrayed are 18 or older.


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Author Bio

Chanse Lowell grew up in the desert southwest and still lives there with her husband, children, and pet cactus. She’s addicted to three things—reading erotica, writing erotica and sandwiches with a side of erotica to aid with digestion. She grew up watching programs with science fiction and historical fiction themes, and is determined she can combine her three favorite genres, creating a new breed of novel with scifi, historical and smut sandwiched in the middle.

The last thing she ever thought she’d do was pursue her dream to be a writer since her family tends to keep her busy. When she was introduced to fan fiction, she realized she wanted to see more science fiction and historical fiction to fill in the gap with lots of naughtiness thrown in, of course. Her true passion is creating her own worlds from scratch, letting her imagination go and take her to another place.Chanse_Lowell

Having recently entered the BDSM lifestyle and discovering she’s a submissive herself has opened her eyes to how few stories there are exploring the softer side of the lifestyle. She enjoys chatting online with others with similar kinky interests and has advisers in the lifestyle that help make sure her stories remain true and don’t veer off into outer space. Although aliens probably enjoy kink, too, since they like to dress in rubber fetish-wear while traveling. At least that’s her argument for why her new genre she’s created is valid.


The Bride Unbriddled by Damon Starc [BookBlitz + Giveaway]


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Title: The Bride Unbridled
Author: Damon Starc
Genre: Erotica
Expected Release Date: 12.5.13

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This is an


novel intended for mature audiences


As the Newlyweds embark on the erotic adventure of their honeymoon the sexual tension threatens to bubble over. They have endured a selfimposed sex embargo, part of an erotic pact that dares the Bride to expose her gorgeous body publicly; a pact designed to add a little fire to their honeymoon.

The Bride is full of life and energy, “…exquisite, still cocooned in the flowing white lie, a sterile illusion betrayed by her green eyes, a sparkling window to a soul exploding in colour.”

Erotic sparks begin to fly from the moment they are in the limo to the airport and continue throughout their international flight as they tease each other with scorching erotic fantasies and confessions.

Little do they know it will ignite an erotic inferno.

The enigmatic Groom is torn between his erotic fantasies of wifewatching and his possessive tendencies towards control and jealousy and his Bride knows it.

The Bride nervously fulfils her dare and finds her exhibitionism surprisingly fulfilling. Her Groom hahoped it would give her selfimage a boost and him a thrill but he gets more than he bargained for.

The Bride rebelliously fuels the inner battle in her new husband when they meet the charismatic alpha male Lancelot and the desirable Paulo, drawing her into an exploration of her own long suppressed erotic desires and sexual taboos.

Lancelot seems to understand her hidden needs better than she does and enjoys the challenge of forcing her astray, “a wedding ring is the ultimate sex toy and you already have one of them.”

Sexual boundaries are tested and then smashed as the Bride is taken to new erotic heights. “Inch by meaty inch they drag her to the peak of her private Everest.”

And what of her Groom, handcuffed and cuckolded, will his inner conflict destroy him? Will this white hot erotic affair destroy their one day old marriage?

Bride Unbridled



Chapter II

Bride Exposed
And when we finally hit our hotel room, exhausted, we had not slept at all on the plane and we are both acutely aware of the terms of the dare so we abstain, enjoying the burn. It sharpened our edge.
We had purchased a white one piece swimsuit tagged “Warning, fabric becomes see through when wet.” Unknown to Marcella I had painstakingly cut away the lining in the crotch designed to protect her modesty. I do my best to distract her by kissing and fondling her as she pulls on the swimsuit hoping she won’t notice the absence of the lining.
If she did notice, she didn’t protest.
Marcella is nervous and aroused as she walks along the beach with me trailing anonymously some distance behind.
I admire her audacity as she spreads her towel amidst a “Target Rich Environment” of fit looking men.
I settle down about twenty meters away, as agreed, to hide our connection.
I watch as she timidly approaches the waves, even dry, the fabric was fairly transparent and men are straining their eyes to soak in the delights of her body. Marcella emerges from the water a short while later. She drops back into the water as soon as she sees just how see through her swimsuit has become.
Taking a deep breath, she holds her head up high and her shoulders back as she walks up the beach, fighting back the urge to run. Marcella is hyper-aware that every detail of her body is on display, from her standing out pink nipples to the miniscule strip of short dark hair running vertically upwards from the top of the crease in her mound; an exclamation mark!
Her cheeks and neck blush on the redder side of pink, embarrassed but demure.
She is stunning.
She averts her eyes, only occasionally meeting the lustful looks of the admiring men with her fluorescent green eyes.
Laying on her back propped up on her elbows she spreads her legs just enough for her show. Men, trying to look casual, circle for a closer look.
Audacious men approach her at different times, I am deaf to what is said but I can see the erections they are sporting. So could Marcella, she wasn’t even pretending not to look. I knew she would be wet.
A twinge of jealousy pulls on my heart strings at the same time squeezing my balls as I watch some of these strangers make some obviously lewd suggestions to my blushing Bride.
The plan was that Marcella would signal me when she had had enough. The signal never came.
When a muscular Latino looking stud with long dark hair drops his towel in front of her to reveal his complete nudity, Marcella ogles his stallion-like cock and approves his request to join her.
This was not part of the plan. She must have asked him to wait and she hurries in for a very quick dip just to freshen the transparency to make sure he gets the full visual. Then on her return, with him sitting, her standing, she makes a big pretence of drying her hair with a towel, displaying her pussy at eye level just in front of his face.
Even from side on I can see his big knob climbing over his thigh like the sun rising over the horizon. Jealousy wraps its big fist around my stomach, and clenches when Marcie looks, and looks, and looks again at his stiff cock and sits down on his towel close beside him.
Her head turns slowly my way to check if I am watching, I see the glance coming and look away quickly, looking disinterested not wanting to betray the battle I am waging within to contain my jealousy.
Marcella casually drops her towel in his lap and when she licks her palm and secretes her hand under the towel I know she is saying a tactile “hello” to his cock.
My stomach is practicing judo breakfalls. Picking itself up then slamming itself back down on the ground.
When he spreads the towel out across her lap as well, I see her head tilt back and her hips tilt forward and know that his fingers are probing her cunt.
Now my lungs down tools and refuse to do their job.
Angrily I ring her phone. “Yes I’m fine Dad” she says sarcastically, “no need to worry, gasp, I can handle it, gasp. I’m just rubbing some sunscreen in now. Giggle. Gasp. I’ll come soon. Bye Dad. Gasp.” She turns my way and glares.
He pulls out his phone and they probably exchange numbers. He takes Marcella’s phone puts it under the towel and hands it back to her. Then she takes his and puts it under the towel between her legs then gives it back.
Damn they are taking photos of their genitalia to for each other.
My heart takes a running dive off the springboard that my cock has become, bouncing high in the air, completing a triple piked somersault with a twist on the way down. Splash!
I pounce to my feet and stomp along the beach, a thunderstorm in my eyes as I pass the front of their feet. She metaphorically kicking sand in my face by pushing her towel from their laps exposing her fist wrapped around the shaft of his shiny cock and rapidly sliding up and down it. Her other hand covers his, urging his fingers deeper into her damp cunt. Mine was not the only radar that locked in on their heat-seeking hands either.
I wait, pacing back and forward further down the beach, still in sight, steaming. When she finally joins me, Marcella is giving me contrite little “am I bad” looks with her big green puppy eyes. As soon as she feels I have dropped my anger she holds a portion of the towel to my nose. The undeniable smell of a man’s come, and jealousy turns the vice on my balls.
“And did you?” I ask meekly.
“Come?” she asks, “not quite but I was sooo close,” she adds without a hint of remorse.
I make a mental note to delete his number from her phone before she could go back for more.
“Do you even know his name?” implying she should be ashamed.
“Paulo”, she replies with a “so there” kind of attitude.
‘Right Paulo your fucking number is gone baby!’ I think to myself. My jealousy transmutes to anger and I can’t contain it. “What the hell? You are cheating on me and we haven’t even been married a day.”
“Whoa!” she says, as if trying to pull up a bolting horse. “It’s what you wanted isn’t it?”
She is right I had fantasized about seeing her with another man but I had never for a moment thought it might happen. I had urged her to expose herself on the beach but I thought I would have more control. I realise I have no control.
Marcella fires at me, “What do you fucking want from me? What does this fucking marriage mean anyway?”
“There has to be rules”, I say.
“Fine! Rules. What fucking rules? Your rules for me? Is that it? What if I want my rules for you?” she snaps.
“Um I think we should have THE rules.” I am struggling, searching for calm logic.
“Yeah, well who decides THE rules? The law? Fucking society? The church? I want NO fucking rules”, Marcella counter-punches.
“What about we have OUR rules, we can negotiate them?” I offer weakly.
“Fuck off” she says, and she fucked off.




My suffering for my art began at a tender age when I first started my research into erotica undressing a Barbie doll to explore her firm but nippleless breasts, resulting in a fair slapping from my mother when she caught me in the act.

Only temporarily deterred, puberty found me secretly and enthusiastically 1375778_1461388617418945_234813692_nstudying the erotic novels my parents kept hidden in their sock drawers.

By my estimate I have dedicated around 40,000 hours to erotic fantasies, um, research, since those first tentative steps.

The Bride Unbridled is my first novella, born from the seed Barbie helped plant all those years ago and which I have diligently nourished daily ever since.

The Bride Unbridled is the beginning of a series of Transformational Erotica.


I can be contacted by email at damon.starc@gmail.com and welcome constructive feedback and suggestions.


10 E-book Copies of The Bride Unbridled


Bride Unbridled


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010 sofi



Just a Step Away by Flora Roberts [BookBlitz]



Title: Just A Step Away
Author: Flora Roberts
Genre: Erotica/ Romantic Comedy
Expected Release Date: November 20th 2013

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Lanie Wagner has it all—from her great apartment in the heart of Los Angeles, to her amazing career as the city’s most sought after wedding planner. Yes, ladies and gents, Lanie is riding high on life.

But there’s just one problem. When her cousin called her and asked Lanie to plan her wedding, she knew it was going to be a disaster. She hasn’t been back home in over five years, and her family is out of control crazy. All of them.

With her cousin’s wedding looming, Lanie has to make a pivotal decision. She needs to find a date; a boyfriend to be exact. She needs to find some poor bastard willing to pretend to be madly in love with her for an entire week.

The only downside is Lanie is convinced that no one is pathetic enough to take her up on her offer.

Lucas Sparks, aka Sparky, is the epitome of every woman’s wet dream. And he knows it. Born into a family of wealth and privilege, Lucas has never wanted for anything. Well, that was until he was given the opportunity to share an apartment with Lanie, the one woman that has never fallen at his feet and begged for all that he could give her.

The same woman that acts like he doesn’t exist.

Even all the money in the world wouldn’t be enough to make his humble roommate fall in love with him. When he is given the chance to spend a weekend away in the country with a woman he fantasizes about on a daily basis, he’s determined to do whatever is necessary to go along for the ride, even if it means pretending to be her man.

But playing pretend can be a dangerous game, and considering the circumstances, Lanie and Lucas just might have signed up for more than they bargained for.



Before my hand landed on the doorknob, I was pulled back by Lucas’ grip on my arm. The song had changed, and my breath hitched when he pulled me towards him, close to his bare chest. The song was deep and penetrating. I closed my eyes and let the beat of the music drill into every pore in my body. The singer’s voice was low and lust ridden, singing about being closer and how the woman he loved took his heart and his soul. That and the way Lucas held onto me sent a jolt of undeniable electricity zinging down my spine.

Lucas held me tighter to him and we moved slowly and deliberately around the narrow hallway. I could feel his breath on my neck as he dipped his head even further to rest it in the crook near my ear.

As the song continued, it felt as something shifted between us. I tried to shake the idea from my mind and just allow myself to feel and move. I felt Lucas’ hands slide down my back until they reached my hips. A visceral shudder racked through my body, and I wanted to feel more. More of this.

We moved, swaying from side to side, and for a moment I let myself forget about my problems and who I was actually with. I just let my body feel.


“Don’t,” I whispered. “Don’t say anything, please.”

With that Lucas pulled me completely flush against his bare chest and I could feel his heart racing a mile a minute. It wasn’t as though I had never thought about him as more than a friend, my best friend, but I knew it would never work.

Every ounce of stress lifted from my body. I knew that I was probably giving out the wrong signals, but I didn’t care. All of it felt so damn good. He felt so damn good. And for once the man holding onto me didn’t care about how my body looked or where I came from. He just held on.

My hands had been resting on Lucas’ shoulders and when he pulled my hips into him, my fingers slithered around his neck until they reached the little hairs at the nape of his neck. He dragged in a ragged breath. A throaty growl bubbled up in his chest and I instantly felt a tightening deep in my belly.

I felt the warmth of his breath on my neck as he whispered, “Lanie”, moving impossibly closer to me. “I…”

I didn’t respond. I just kept moving to the beat of the music. I wanted to feel. I sucked in a breath when Lucas pressed himself against my belly. And that’s when I felt it. He was hard.

Something in the pit of my belly stirred, and when I opened my eyes and looked up at his face, Lucas’ brows were furrowed, almost as if he was scowling, parting his lips slightly. His eyes were wild, searching my face. I quickly pulled my hands away and bolted through my bedroom door, pressing my back up against the wood.

Why did everything seem even more fucked up?  All we did was dance. Why the hell would he get a woody just by dancing with me? It’s not like I’m one of those beautiful blonde, big boobed women he dates. Hell, those women don’t even have an ounce of fat on them! What the hell, Sparky? Maybe he needed to get laid. That had to be it. My vagina, his penis, so, so close. Oh, God!

I changed into my running gear. It was high time for that run.





Flora Roberts is an adult romance author with an affinity for writing about characters that are utterly insane and wonderfully sexy.

Living on a ranch with her three kids in sunny California, Flora thrives on the peace and quiet of her surroundings.Flora_Roberts

The first time the writing bug bit her in the butt was when she discovered the world of fanfiction. From then on pulling her away from her laptop was like pulling teeth out of an elephant.

Flora’s online stories have been read from around the world and have been reviewed as laugh-out-loud funny.

If she isn’t on her laptop writing about swoon worthy characters that make you spit your coffee out and laugh your ass off, you can more than likely find Flora spending time with her kids, reading books by her favorite authors, or sitting outside in the dark for no apparent reason.

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