Sweet Cowboy Christmas by Candis Terry [BookBlitz + Giveaway]




Sweet Cowboy Christmas
Sweet, Texas # 3.5

By: Candis Terry

Releasing November 25th, 2014

Avon Impulse



Mistletoe, holly, and cowboys, oh my! Christmas in Texas has never been sweeter.

Years ago, Chase Morgan traded in his dusty cowboy boots for the shimmering lights of New York City and a fast track up the corporate ladder. But when his shiny life is turned on end just in time for Christmas, Chase knows he needs to reevaluate even if that means going home to Texas to endure his least favorite holiday.

When Mr. Tall, Dark, and Smoking Hot walks through her door at the Magic Box Guest Ranch, Faith Walker sees just another handsome, rich exec looking to play cowboy for a week-at her expense. She’s sure the grumpy, but sexy as hell Scrooge will put a crimp in her holly jolly plans. Until a sizzling kiss has her seeing him in a new light.

Chase is haunted by secrets, and even though it goes entirely against her “hands off the guests” rule Faith is tempted to help him leave the past behind. As the magic of the season swirls around them, she is determined to succeed because now she is certain one sweet, cowboy Christmas will never be enough




“My God, you’re gorgeous.” Passion ignited the thick arousal surging through his veins.

“You might be gorgeous too.” Her head tilted, and a smile brushed her lips. “Hard to tell with all those clothes on.”

Laughter tickled his chest, and he surrendered to the heated curiosity in her eyes. He held his arms. “Maybe you can remedy that problem.”

She came forward, and he was immediately consumed with her honeyed scent. He wanted his hands all over her–now–and he didn’t think she’d argue if he took her hard and fast. But with her, he wasn’t in for a lightning round. Tonight, he wanted a pleasure cruise.

“I hope you came prepared to play.” She smiled up at him while her fingers trailed down the front of his shirt, unbuttoning it along the way. When the cotton fabric hung free from his shoulders, her warm fingers played over his chest, ran through the short hairs, then tweaked his hard nipples.

Her soft, seductive laughter rippled through him like the slow build to a hot orgasm. Then she leaned in, kissed his chest, and slicked her tongue across his nipple. “Mmmm. Definitely gorgeous.”

Unable to bear the heavy lust pounding through his veins another second, he kicked off his shoes, yanked a rag quilt off the back of the sofa along with a couple of pillows, and tossed them on the rug in front of the fireplace. Then he pulled her up into his arms until her legs wrapped around his waist. Her sweet scent engulfed him, made him even hungrier for her.

As the fire crackled in the hearth, and Michael Bublé crooned, “Baby, please come home for Christmas,” Chase eased her down to the floor.

“Playtime’s over, sweet thing. Time to get down to business.”



Author Bio

Candis Terry was born and raised near the sunny beaches of Southern California and now makes her home on an Idaho farm. She’s experienced life in such diverse ways as working in a Hollywood recording studio to chasing down wayward steers. Only one thing has remained the same: her passion for writing stories about relationships, the push and pull in the search for love, and the security one finds in their own happily ever after.











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The Rebel Cowboy’s Quadruplets by Tina Leonard [BookBlitz + Giveaway]

This post is part of a virtual book tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. Tina will be awarding a $25 Amazon GC to TWO randomly drawn commenters during the tour. Click on the tour banner to see the other stops on the tour. Remember, the more stops you visit and comment, the better your chances to win.


Justin Morant can’t believe he answered an online dating ad! Turns out, beautiful Mackenzie Hawthorne is looking for a ranch foreman, not a husband. Good thing, because marriage isn’t in the injured bull rider’s future. Justin is happy to take up the cause of saving the Hanging H ranch—and then there’s the bonus of playing stand-in father to the sexy single mom’s four angelic newborns.

Mackenzie doesn’t know what miracle brought Justin to Bridesmaids Creek, Texas, but she’d be a fool to fall for the hunky cowboy who wears his rebel status like a badge of honor. Justin’s a natural with her daughters and a whiz at ranching…yet one day she knows he’s going to gallop off into the sunset. Unless, of course, the marriage-minded townspeople get their hands on him!

Now enjoy an excerpt:

Justin slept off and on, dozing in the room with the babies. It was weird how much he found himself enjoying taking care of them. As a man who’d never been interested in having children—not one bit—he was surprised by how Mackenzie’s four little daughters tugged on his heartstrings.

He hated the idea of leaving them—all of them. And, somehow, he even hated the idea of Frog staying behind to take his place. Or any of the three men Ty was bringing on to replace him, for that matter.

The only reason he was leaving with Ty was because Ty had brought him here in the first place. He owed it to him out of a sense of brotherhood. Ty wouldn’t ask him if he didn’t need him. Mackenzie didn’t really need him—not like Ty did.

He needed to talk to Ty a bit more, dig into the mission to settle the questions in his mind. But the thing that unsettled his mind the most was how much he hated the idea of three men he didn’t know all that well roaming around the Hanging H and falling for Mackenzie and the girls.

Just as he was beginning to fall for them.

Whether he liked it or not, that was the truth. Justin closed his eyes as he rocked in the chair. The tiny night-light sent a soft glow over the room. An occasional baby snuffle or sigh reached him, the sound somehow comforting and not intimidating at all, not the way he’d thought it would be. During his wilder, crazier rodeo days, the idea of a family had been distinctly unappealing.

Mackenzie was recently divorced. No doubt the last thing she wanted was another man in her life. He couldn’t blame her if that was the way she felt.

At dawn, when Betty Harper appeared in the nursery, Justin felt strangely rested. He smiled at Jade’s mother. “Good morning.”

“Go get some rest. I’ll take over from here. Mackenzie said the babies didn’t even move last night.”

He felt like he hadn’t, either. In fact, he couldn’t remember the last time he’d felt so relaxed. “I thought I was awake all night. I didn’t even realize Mackenzie came in the nursery.”

Betty smiled. “I checked on you at five. Everybody was sound asleep, which is a first for the girls. They probably feel comforted with a man’s presence around. Babies do that sometimes. You have a nice deep voice with is probably soothing to them.”

She disappeared from the room. Justin rose and stretched. Haven peered up at him from her blanket, and he had the uncanny notion that she was watching him. Did babies see anything at this tender age?

“Hello, little one,” he said, approaching her crib. Gently he picked her up, held her close. “Good morning to you, too.”

He kissed the top of her head, breathed in the sweet baby freshness of her skin, the scent of baby powder.

“Hi,” Mackenzie said, her voice soft.

He turned and saw she was wide-awake and looking refreshed. “You’re up bright and early.”

“I got a lot more sleep than I have since before I became pregnant.” She came to take Haven from him, and he smelled an entirely different smell: strawberry shampoo, delicate floral soap, sexy woman.

His heart did one of those funny flip-flops he’d gotten used to feeling around her.

“Thanks for watching them last night.” She gazed up at him. “I think I slept so well because I knew you were standing guard.”

Oh, boy. There went the heart. “It was no problem. Part of the job.”

“Not part of the job I hired you to do.” She looked at him funny.

He backed up a step when he realized he was staring at her pink, glossy lips. “It’s the job Frog and Fellows are applying for.”

“That’s Ty’s bright idea. And by now, you know Ty can be a bit of a squirrel.” She smiled. “Babysitting isn’t part of your job description. But thank you.”

Warmth expanded in his chest at her smile. He wondered if he’d ever met a woman he was so blindingly attracted to—and decided in a hurry that was a terrible thought to have about his boss. Definitely a dead end. There was no way on this planet he had any business being attracted to her.

“I’m going to get some coffee. You want a cup?”

“No, thank you. You go on.”

He nodded and turned to leave.

Turned back around, met her gaze. Started to say that sitting up with her daughters hadn’t been work; he hadn’t done it because of Frog and Friends. He’d done it because he’d wanted to. Wanted to make her happy, help her out.

But it was a bad idea to make such a confession. No purpose to it at all, and he didn’t do anything unless he knew the purpose.

Shutting his stupid yap tight before it could say weird, mushy things, he left.

USA Today Bestselling and award-winning author Tina Leonard has sold over 2.6 million copies of her titles. She has made the USA Today Bestseller, Waldenbooks, Bookscan, and Ingrambook lists, and has written and contracted seventy-one books and special projects. Her work has been published by Harlequin, Samhain Publishing, Robinson Scarlet, and most recently Random House Loveswept contracted for a single title trilogy project, Hell’s Outlaws. Leonard was chosen to be among the first authors published for Robinson’s Scarlet line, writing four single title novels for that imprint. Not long after, she sold on proposal to Harlequin American, where she has since written several popular series, most notably the Cowboys By The Dozen, Morgan Men, and Callahan Cowboys series. Her newest single title project, HOTTER THAN TEXAS, was published in March 2013. Leonard is known for her fun sense of humor, endearing communities, snappy dialogue, and memorable characters.

Join Tina at www.tinaleonard.com









‘Shady Lady’ from the Anthology ‘Pistols & Petticoats’ by Adrienne deWolfe [BookBlitz]

Pistols and Petticoats_original



prequel to DEVIL IN TEXAS (Velvet Lies, Book 4)


Fiery singing sensation, Sadie Michelson, thinks falling in love is bad for business—until William “Cass” Cassidy, a hotheaded gunslinger, sets his sights on wooing her. But when a Texas Ranger arrives in Dodge City to extradite Cass for a crime of passion, Sadie must use all her wits and wiles to lure the law from her man’s trail. And that means risking everything—including Cass’s love.


Excerpt from

SHADY LADY, a Novella

By Adrienne deWolfe

from the Anthology


“Cass, I’m busy. Can’t you see I’m writing a song?”

He recalled that Sadie turned into a fire-breathing dragon if someone dared to interrupt her creative frenzies. He cocked his head, plotting his strategy to whisk her off to the river.

His ornery lover was sitting with her spine propped up by pillows against the headboard of her unmade bed. Her glorious red-gold curls tumbled in every conceivable direction over the sagging, ebony lace of her night wrapper. A sea of yellowed papers surrounded her exquisitely long legs, bared up to the thighs. Those papers had lots of black lines, little bitty symbols, and tea-cup stains.

In fact, the whole room smelled like mint and rosehips, Sadie’s favorite brew. The teapot – and a pair of greasy, sunny-side-up eggs – sat forgotten where she’d left them: on a chipped china platter atop the traveling trunk at the foot of her bed.

“The sun is shining!” he cajoled.

“Yes, well, it’s daylight, isn’t it?” she retorted absently, her bare toes wiggling to some inner rhythm as she scribbled a few more symbols on the paper in her lap.

She’d barely glanced his way. He steeled himself against a flare of temper. He was Coyote Cass, after all. He could charm the rattle off of rattlers.

Strolling to the side of the bed, he was careful to keep his expression enthusiastic rather than provocative. There would be plenty of time for romping in the daisies and buttercups, where he planned to spread a blanket, pop a bottle of champagne, and practice all the creative ways that Sadie had taught him how to use whipped cream and berries. Maybe even honey.

“What’s that chubby, black dot with the flagpole rising out of it?” he asked, knowing full well that it was a musical symbol.


“What kind of music?” he persisted, undaunted by her growl.

She blew a curl off her forehead. “The usual kind.”

“A love ballad?”

Her stylus paused as those tawny Tiger eyes glared up at him. He just loved when Sadie glared. He didn’t mind arguing with the hellcat one bit. Not when her make-up sex was so divine.

“When have you ever heard me sing about love?” she snapped.

“Maybe it’s time.”

She muttered something under her breath that sounded like, “Dreamer.”

Smirking, he thought fast. The only person in the world who thrived on competition more than he did was Sadie. Calling upon a credible baritone – one that she had once described as “lyrical” – he belted out an improvised rhyme:

“With looks that drive the gals insane,

He rides them like a hurricane . . .”

His musical lampoon succeeded. Her lips twitched. Her stylus actually lowered.

“Not bad,” she conceded grudgingly. “Where did you hear that? From Wilma’s piano player?”

“Hell, no. I made it up.”

“You did not.”

“I did too!”

She hiked a challenging eyebrow. “Right here? On the spot?”

“Damn straight! Wanna hear another?”

Hooking his thumbs over his gun belt, he swaggered around the room, acting adorable.

“He rides like greased lightning atop his black steed,

The handsome young Ranger, renowned for good deeds,

To rescue the damsel, alone in her bed

From cold eggs and boredom and songs in her head.

Away to the river, he carries the lass

To woo her and feed her and kiss her bare . . . ”


“Cass!” she shrieked, her laughter ringing through the room in merry peals.

He chuckled, enjoying her earthy humor.  “I reckon Cass rhymes, too.”

“You are a pest. And pests should be spanked.”

“Never argue with a lady. That’s my motto.”

“Is it, now?” She tossed aside her stylus and swung her naked feet to the floor. “Since when?”

“Since I was… uh… ” He gulped. “Sun-up?”

He’d lost the use of his brain the moment she’d started shrugging off that scanty black waterfall of lace. Nothing but freckles adorned her alabaster flesh now.

“Maybe you’ve confused me with someone else, lover,” she drawled.

She was prowling closer, all sizzle and sin. By the time she halted before him, his loins were hot, and his mouth was watering. Those wicked, feline eyes laughed up at him.

“Do I look like a damsel in distress to you?”

“Uh… ” Trick question, some lucid part of his brain warned. “You look like my heaven,” he rallied gamely.

“Aw.  Isn’t that sweet?”  A dimple flirted with her cherry-red lips. “Who taught you how to lie so prettily? That Injun half-breed?”

“Lynx doesn’t like to be called -—”

“I’m more interested in what I like,” she purred. “And what I like is naked cowboys . . . “

Pistols and Petticoats_box cover

Guest Post

The Rebel Rutter Rides Again


By Adrienne deWolfe

Cass_B&W portrait_iStock_000017570795_Medium

They call him Coyote Cass, the Rebel Rutter, and sometimes, Lucifire (because he’s a devil with a gun.


Some heroes capture an author’s heart.  They refuse to go away quietly after “The End” is typed in a novel.

Billy “Cass” Cassidy was one of those troublemakers.  He started out as the villain of SEDUCED BY AN ANGEL (Book 3, Velvet Lies Series).

But Cass wasn’t happy as the villain.

“Aw, c’mon,” he whispered in my ear.  “Give me a break!  Sure I shot a man in the back, but he bashed in the head of my 18-year-old cousin!  And sure I kissed my best friend’s girl.  But I also saved his neck from a lynching rope after I got plugged and was half dead from blood loss!”

Cass – or rather, “Coyote Cass,” as the rascal is aptly named – can be extremely persuasive. The next thing I knew, I was doing something crazy:  rewriting the plots of SEDUCED BY AN ANGEL and HIS WICKED DREAM to redeem Cass.

However, redemption wasn’t good enough for Cass.  Never mind that Dodge City bawds dubbed him the Rebel Rutter.  He kept whining in my ear, “But I need a book – and a woman — of my own!”

I sternly replied, “Cass, you’ve had TOO MANY women.  Remember that time in Cheyenne, when you set a record for eight bawds in one bed?  Romance heroes can’t do that!”

The scapegrace batted his baby-blues, flashed his Coyote Grin, and crooned in my ear:

“Lucifire they called him,

His draw was next to none;

His smile was like an angel’s;

The devil ruled his gun.

“The purdy gals in Texas

Would sigh for him and swoon,

When Lucifire went sparking —

Sneaked thru windows to go sparking —

Broke fair hearts when he went sparking -–

Each night beneath the moon.”

Needless to say, once Cass started serenading me with his theme song, I was a goner.

Creating the perfect lover for Cass proved a lot easier than I thought it would be.  She had to be a strong woman who didn’t need a man 24/7 (Cass was an outlaw, and therefore, on the run.)

She had to be a woman who had bigger aspirations than catching a man. (Cass was notorious for loving and leaving “wedding-bell chasers.”)

She also had to be immune to his charm.  So I decided to rattle the Rebel Rutter’s confidence by giving his woman so MANY men, that she didn’t believe in love and was jaded by sex.

In the novella, SHADY LADY, we first meet the torch singer / bawd, Sadie Michelson, in all fiery-haired glory. Three years Cass’s senior, Sadie is the woman who taught the Rebel Rutter how to kiss. (She also taught him how to use whipped cream in profoundly shocking ways.)

Cass has adored her since the age of 12. In describing their adolescent love affair, Cass reminisces, he “worshipped her in the only way a penniless boy could:  He gave his body wholly to her pleasure.”

In SHADY LADY, Sadie and Cass reunite after an eight-year separation in the Wickedest Little City in America – better known as Dodge City.  Since the novella is set in 1879, Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, and Luke Short are among the historical figures who play pivotal roles in the plot.

SHADY LADY is one of three novellas that you’ll find in the new Historical Western Romance anthology, PISTOLS AND PETTICOATS. My publisher invited two other best-selling authors to write for the anthology. In ETHAN’S BRIDE, Barbara Ankrum tells the story of a mail-order bride. In THE BAREBACK BRIDE, Sharon Ihle writes about a heroine who runs away from home to join Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West Show.

The great thing about PISTOLS AND PETTICOATS is that each novella features a beloved character (or two) from our previously published novels. That means you get to catch up with “old friends” after their Happily Ever After.  (Or in Cass’s case, BEFORE his Happily Ever After, since he and Sadie are star-crossed lovers until the end of DEVIL IN TEXAS.)





Adrienne deWolfe_Author

Author Bio

Adrienne deWolfe is a #1 best-selling author and the recipient of 48 writing accolades, including the Best Historical Romance of the Year Award. She enjoys mentoring aspiring authors and offers professional story critiques and book coaching services through her website, http://WritingNovelsThatSell.com. Learn more about Adrienne’s books and read excerpts at http://ebookdiscovery.com.p8.hostingprod.com/AdrienneDeWolfe.html


Lakota Honor by Kat Flannery [BookBlitz]

 photo onewiththewindbanner_zps89c7c416.jpg

Lakota Honor – PROMO Blitz
By Kat Flannery
Historical/Paranormal/Western Romance
Date Published: 5/30/2013

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Fate has brought them together, but will a promise tear them apart?
In the small town of Willow Creek, Colorado, Nora Rushton spends most of her days locked up in her home with a father who resents her and fighting off unwanted marriage proposals from the wealthy Elwood Calhoun. Marked as a witch, Nora must hide her healing powers from those who wish to destroy all the witkowin—crazy women. What she doesn’t know is that a bounty hunter is hot on her trail.
Lakota native Otakatay has an obligation to fulfill. He has been hired to kill the witkowin. In a time when race and difference are a threat and innocence holds no ground, courage, love and honor will bring Nora and Otakatay together as they fight for their freedom. Will the desire to fulfill his promise drive Otakatay to kill Nora? Or will the kindness he sees in her blue eyes push him to be the man he once was?
Colorado Mountains, 1880

The blade slicing his throat made no sound, but the dead body hitting the ground did. With no time to stop, he hurried through the dark tunnel until he reached the ladder leading out of the shaft.

 He’d been two hundred feet below ground for ten days, with no food and little water. Weak and woozy, he stared up the ladder. He’d have to climb it and it wasn’t going to be easy. He wiped the bloody blade on his torn pants and placed it between his teeth. Scraped knuckles and unwashed hands gripped the wooden rung.

The earth swayed. He closed his eyes and forced the spinning in his head to cease. One thin bronzed leg lifted and came down wobbly. He waited until his leg stopped shaking before he climbed another rung. Each step caused pain, but was paired with determination. He made it to the top faster than he’d thought he would. The sky was black and the air was cool, but fresh. Thank goodness it was fresh.

 He took two long breaths before he emerged from the hole. The smell from below ground still lingered in his nostrils; unwashed bodies, feces and mangy rats. His stomach pitched. He tugged at the rope around his hands. There had been no time to chew the thick bands around his wrists when he’d planned his escape. It was better to run than crawl, and he chewed through the strips that bound his feet instead. There would be time to free his wrists later.

He pressed his body against the mountain and inched toward the shack. He frowned. A guard stood at the entrance to where they were. The blade from the knife pinched his lip, cutting the thin skin and he tasted blood. He needed to get in there. He needed to say goodbye. He needed to make a promise.

 The tower bell rang mercilessly. There was no time left. He pushed away from the rocky wall, dropped the knife from his mouth into his bound hands, aimed and threw it. The dagger dug into the man’s chest. He ran over, pulled the blade from the guard and quickly slid it across his throat. The guard bled out in seconds.

He tapped the barred window on the north side of the dilapidated shack. The time seemed to stretch. He glanced at the large house not fifty yards from where he stood. He would come back, and he would kill the bastard inside.
He tapped again, harder this time, and heard the weak steps of those like him shuffling from inside. The window slid open, and a small hand slipped out.

“Toksha ake—I shall see you again,” he whispered in Lakota.

The hand squeezed his once, twice and on the third time held tight before it let go and disappeared inside the room.

A tear slipped from his dark eyes, and his hand, still on the window sill, balled into a fist. He swallowed past the sob and felt the burn in his throat. His chest ached for what he was leaving behind. He would survive, and he would return.

Men shouted to his right, and he crouched down low. He took one last look around and fled into the cover of the forest.
About the Author

Author Kat Flannery photo LoupaPhotography20284029_zps53a1bff5.jpeg

Kat Flannery’s love of history shows in her novels. She is an avid reader of historical, suspense, paranormal, and romance. When not researching for her next book, Kat can be found running her three sons to hockey and lacrosse. She has her Certificate in Freelance and Business Writing. A member of many writing groups, Kat enjoys promoting other authors on her blog. She’s been published in numerous periodicals. Her debut novel CHASING CLOVERS has been on Amazon’s Bestsellers list many times and was #62 over all their titles. LAKOTA HONOR and HAZARDOUS UNIONS are Kat’s other two books and both have made bestseller lists. Kat is currently hard at work on her next book.

Author Links
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Stronger Than The Rest by Shirleen Davies [BookBlitz + Giveaway



Title:  Stronger Than the Rest

Author:  Shirleen Davies

Published:  January 13th, 2014

Word Count:  approx. 68,000

Genre:  Western Historical Romance

Content Warning:   Mild Sexual Content

Recommended Age:  18+


 “Smart, tough, and capable, the MacLarens protect their own no matter the odds. Set against America’s rugged frontier, the stories of the men from Fire Mountain are complex, fast-paced, and a must read for anyone who enjoys non-stop action and romance.”

Drew MacLaren is focused and strong. He has achieved all of his goals except one—to return to the MacLaren ranch and build the best horse breeding program in the west. His successful career as an attorney is about to give way to his ranching roots when a bullet changes everything.

Tess Taylor is the quiet, serious daughter of a Colorado ranch family with dreams of her own. Her shy nature keeps her from developing friendships outside of her close-knit family until Drew enters her life. Their relationship grows. Then a bullet, meant for another, leaves him paralyzed and determined to distance himself from the one woman he’s come to love.

Convinced he is no longer the man Tess needs, Drew focuses on regaining the use of his legs and recapturing a life he thought lost. But danger of another kind threatens those he cares about—including Tess—forcing him to rethink his future.

Can Drew overcome the barriers that stand between him, the safety of his friends and family, and a life with the woman he loves? To do it all, he has to be strong. Stronger than the Rest.


Amazon | Barnes & Noble | GoodReads



“Hello, Drew.” She walked forward to stand a few feet away. “I hope it’s all right that I’ve come.” Her voice was unsteady, her nervousness apparent.


No, it’s not all right. “Of course. I’m glad to see you.” You look beautiful. He cleared his throat. “Did you have a safe trip?”


“Oh, yes, it was wonderful—so majestic and breathtaking. Sometimes we forget how beautiful some things are when we haven’t seen them in a while.”


Drew drank in the sight of her. “Yes we do, Tess. We certainly do.”




Author Bio

Shirleen Davies began her new series, MacLarens of Fire Mountain, with Tougher than the Rest, the story of Shirleen-Daviesthe oldest brother, Niall MacLaren. During the day she provides consulting services to small and mid-sized businesses. But her real passion is writing emotionally charged stories of flawed people who find redemption through love and acceptance. She grew up in Southern California and now lives with her husband in a beautiful town in northern Arizona. Between them they are the proud parents of five grown sons.


Amazon Author Page | Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads | Website




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  • 2 eCopies of Tougher Than the Rest
  • eCopy of Harder Than the Rest
  • eCopy of Faster Than the Rest

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Scoundrel For Hire (The Velvet Lies Series # 1) by Adrienne de Wolfe [BoobBlitz’Giveaway]

VELVET LIES_Trio_Adrienne deWolfe




SCOUNDREL FOR HIRE, Book 1, Velvet Lies Series

Author: Adrienne deWolfe

Genre: Western Historical Romance with paranormal elements (a ghost, a fortune teller, and a seance)

 Publisher: ePublishing Works

Date of Publication (ebook format): June 2013

Formats available: eBook (mass market paperback is out of print)

08 ds05 sofi

Velvet Lies Series:

  • Book 4: DEVIL IN TEXAS (Available 2014)



Raphael Jones is a Kentucky-born scoundrel, who has never played by the rules. When Colorado mining heiress, Silver Nichols, hires him to stop her precious daddy from marrying a golddigger, Rafe sets out to seduce Silver and win her fortune.

But beneath Silver’s cool veneer, Raphael encounters an aching vulnerability and a smoldering passion that could make his whole world go up in smoke.

In this high-stakes gamble for love and riches, the wily scoundrel wagers the one thing he can’t afford to lose — his heart.


Rafe and Silver (Diamond Hoax)

A gentle “Eh-hem” and the captivating whiff of lavender distracted Rafe from his worries about Fred’s mining hoax. To his surprise, he found Silver Nichols standing companionably by his side. The corner of her mouth curved in a half-smile.

“I suppose,” she murmured, “the gentleman with the, er, diamonds is a friend of yours?”

The velvety timbre of her voice claimed his attention more thoroughly than a clap of thunder. He hadn’t expected a mining heiress to sound like she looked: rich. Sinfully rich. He was entertaining a delicious vision of hot fudge and cherries, when the full implication of her words slammed into his brain.

“I beg your pardon?”

“The man in the top hat. I daresay he’s your accomplice?”

Somehow, Rafe managed not to choke on his tongue. “My dear young woman, I fail to understand—”

“I rather doubt that,” she cut in smoothly. “You look much too intelligent. Canny, in fact. However, I am willing to believe that you are naive about the swift justice that mining juries dole out.” She turned once more to watch Fred’s con, playing out so flawlessly before them. “So let me give you a tip.  The geologist you’re impersonating is about two-thirds your height, twice your weight, and his pate is just shy of bald.”

Rafe entertained a vision of throttling Fred, who had assured him that Bartholomew Markham, the renowned Pennsylvania geologist, hadn’t set foot in a western mining town since the war.

However, Rafe hadn’t spent the last fifteen years as a professional flimflam artist to let some cheeky millionaire’s daughter get the upper hand now. He eyed Silver with a nerve that he’d honed at fourteen, bluffing his way through Shakespeare’s Juliet, while all-male audiences had pelted him with tomatoes.

“Good heavens.” He chuckled.  “Uncle Bartie and I look nothing alike. Now I’m beginning to understand your confusion, Miss Nichols.”

He could feel her appraising gaze poring over him with the same attention that a bookkeeper might use on accounts. He couldn’t help but lament the irony. Here he was, standing thigh to thigh with an unmarried heiress, and he was insisting that he was some middle-aged greenhorn with a paunch!

 “So you claim to be Mr. Markham’s nephew,” she said slowly, an unmistakable lilt in her voice. “You must be from Philadelphia, then.”

“The Cradle of Liberty itself.”

“How delightful,” she drawled. “I’m from Philadelphia, too.”

“Yes, well, I, er, was merely born there,” he recovered as gracefully as he could. Damn her anyway. Was she really from Philadelphia?

Unable to take that chance, he hastened to add, “I spent most of my youth in…” Hesitating, he cast her a sideways glance. Where would a lawless sport be safe from female busy bodies? “…Abilene. And later, in Dodge City.”

“Dodge City? Oh my.” Her eyes twinkled like twin stars as they laughed up at him. “A geologist in a cowtown. I can just imagine what you must have dug up.”

He glowered at her.

“So tell me Mr. Kansas geologist,” she purred, “in what sort of rock formation might one find bituminous coal?”

Their eyes locked.

Rafe’s heart sank.  He didn’t have the vaguest idea.


03 sofi


Book 1, Velvet Lies

Author Donates Royalties to Help Plant Trees


            I grew up in the woodlands of Western Pennsylvania, where my playground was a hardwood forest of maple, white oak, elm, and dogwood — plus plenty of poison ivy. (::shudder::)

Nevertheless, trekking through the woods to find the perfect tree, where I could eat my lunch and pour my heart into my journal, remains one of my fondest childhood memories.

When I set out to write Scoundrel For Hire (Book 1, Velvet Lies,) I knew I had to give my rogue hero some redeeming characteristic to make him lovable. I looked out the window of my Austin, Texas, home and saw the sunset filtering through a forest of live oaks.  Their deeply green leaves were limned in shades of crimson, tangerine and gold.

That’s when I knew that Raphael Jones would become a “Robin Hood” for the environment. That he would fight the Colorado industrialists, who were polluting his precious Roaring Fork River with sawdust – a cloying goop that was making the orphaned, baby otter that he had rescued reluctant to swim.

I love that my Velvet Lies series is being published in ebook.  I feel better about being an author when I know that my ebooks have saved trees.

While ebook sales in the United States have steadily increased over the last few years, they only account for about a quarter of total U.S. publishing revenue. That means a lot of trees are still being cut to supply the country with millions of paperback and hardback books each year.

Several years ago, while I was researching a freelance article about recycling paper waste, I learned that one tree produces approximately 1,000 paperback books.  A typical print run for a mid-list romance novel is between 30,000 and 50,000 books — in other words, 30 to 50 trees.  I think this statistic comes as a surprise to many people, who haven’t thought about the effects of something potentially benign, like novels, on the environment.

Looking at my career in terms of our shrinking global community, I decided I wanted to be proactive.  I wanted to do something that would help raise public awareness. So I came up with the idea of donating a portion of my royalties from the Velvet Lies series to tree-planting efforts performed through the Nature Conservancy.

I hope that you will agree that urban reforestation is a worthy project.  Every time you purchase a novel from the Velvet Lies series, you can feel good, knowing that you will be helping to plant a tree!  With a little luck, Rafe, Silver, and the rest of the Velvet Lies gang will put a smile on your face for other reasons, too.


Upcoming novels by Adrienne deWolfe:


For more sneak peeks and updates about my novels, subscribe to the RSS feed for my Fantasy blog at http://feeds.feedburner.com/FantasyAdrienneDewolfe or subscribe to my reader newsletter at http://eepurl.com/wGwan

You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, Good Reads, Pinterest, and Google+.


Book Trailer





Adrienne deWolfe is a #1 Bestselling Author and a recipient of 48 writing awards, including the Best Historical Romance of the Year.  She consistently delights readers with sexy, action-packed, western-style romances, including her Wild Texas Nights series and her Velvet LAdrienne deWolfe_Authories series.  In addition, she is the author of the bestselling non-fiction ebook series, The Secrets to Getting Your Romance Novel Published.

Fascinated by all things mystical, Adrienne writes a weekly blog about dragons, magic, and the paranormal at http://MagicMayhemBlog.com to help her research her upcoming YA Epic Fantasy series. She also writes a weekly blog with fiction writing tips and advice about the business of writing at http://WritingNovelsThatSell.com.  She enjoys mentoring aspiring authors and offers professional story critiques and book coaching services.

010 sofi












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Too Sexy for His Stetson by Mal Olson [BookBlitz + Giveaway]





Anguished over his father’s lack of morals, Deputy Blade Beringer struggles to conquer self-doubts. When he and his K9 partner Rambo arrive in the mountains of northern Idaho, Blade is faced with a band of white supremacists, a homicide investigation, and a murder cold case, not to mention the task of training a gorgeous blond rookie.

Trainee Brandy Wilcox is bent on clearing her mother’s name of a wrongful murder conviction. While working the homicide investigation with her sexy new training officer, she discovers a connection between the victim and her mother’s case. The two deputies struggle to resist their mutual attraction and abide by the no-fraternizing rules, but passion blazes and teeters on the brink of love. With a killer targeting them and danger lurking at every turn, Brandy doubts their love can blossom, especially when she puts Officer Skip Coogan—Blade’s best friend and father figure—at the top of her suspect list.


Buy Link



Link to Follow the Tour: http://tastybooktours.blogspot.com/2013/09/now-booking-tasty-review-tour-for-too.html


Brandy’s trigger finger twitched. A bead of sweat tickled its way down her backbone. She was inexperienced, off duty, and miles from her truck, which sat near a trailhead in the mountainous wilderness of northern Idaho, and the intruder she held at gunpoint probably had seventy muscled pounds on her.

She studied the cowboy’s sweet-as-honey, wicked-as-sin smile through the sights of her department-issued Remington semiautomatic rifle. From his pose on the rickety porch of the old log cabin, he assessed her right back. His full lips tugged across Crest-white teeth, exposing a small but sexy gap between his central incisors.

He tipped his head toward the jimmied-open window. “I know this looks bad, Ma’am, but I can explain,” he drawled out “Ma’am” again.

“Deputy Sheriff Brandy Wilcox. Keep your hands where I can see them.”

“Brandy?” Impervious to the deputy sheriff title, he straightened and angled his dusty black Stetson over his forehead so the brim shadowed his cool-water eyes. “Name like that could make a man real thirsty.”

Brandy had heard just about every come-on in the book, but never from a trespasser on the business end of her rifle. She calculated his over-confident grin, the twinkle in his eyes, the tilt of his head—blond curly hair no less. A sensual package that promised a ride on the wild side—if one was so inclined. Which she was not.

Yet something primal tugged deep in her stomach.

Bracing the Remington more firmly against her shoulder, she steadied her aim and revved up her grit. This guy was banking on his wild smile a little too heavily. What he needed was some taming.

“Okay, drop ‘em.”

When he lowered his arms, she said, “Not your hands, your pants.”

For several beats, he stared at her like he hadn’t heard.

“Lose your Levis,” she urged again. She had no desire to shoot him, but she didn’t have handcuffs on her and she wasn’t about to chance his getting away. If it came to a footrace, his long muscular legs could outrun her in a heartbeat. But he couldn’t get far stomping barefoot in his skivvies through the mountainous shale-scabbed terrain. Not that making a break for it was something she intended to let him try.

“Excuse me? You want me to strip?” A trill of elation noticeably brightened his whisky-smooth voice. His expression bounced between “this is my lucky day” and disbelief.

“You got it. And while you’re at it, you can get rid of the shirt too.”

The fine lines defining his too-blue eyes crinkled as his expression turned sultry, and charisma dripped off his broad shoulders like summer rain over mountain granite.

Charisma, hell. That would get him exactly nowhere with her. “Necessary precaution. I wouldn’t want you trying to mosey off.” Not before she could engage an on-duty deputy to make an arrest.

She may have looked as young and inexperienced as she was, but she was physically and mentally tougher than her feminine five-foot-four frame suggested. She could outshoot and outthink every cadet in her graduating class at the police academy.

Revenge had a way of empowering a woman.

Despite her upbringing, she’d beaten the odds. She was making something of herself, and she wasn’t about to be intimidated by this guy and his toothpaste poster-boy smile, nor the blond, sweat-soaked curls straggling across his collar. Or the pumped biceps stretching the fabric of his shirtsleeves.

“I’m still waiting.”

“You’re serious?” He eyed the lettering on her I’m a Redneck Woman T-shirt, a fifty-cent find at Goodwill. “I usually like to get to know a woman a little before taking my clothes off and having a good time.” The dazzle of his smile cranked the charisma meter several notches higher.

“I can assure you, you won’t be having a good time.” Smart ass.

“That’s debatable. I’m already enjoying this more than you can imagine.”

Too eagerly, his fingers began tugging open his shirt buttons, revealing a deep triangle of bronzed skin dusted with tawny chest hair. More sun-kissed eye candy than she was ready to cope with.

As he slid buttons through buttonholes, her gaze skidded to a stop on abs honed like corrugated steel. She tore her glance upward only to meet those unnerving eyes, speckles of light glinting in the azure pools.

As he reached for the fastener on the waistband of his slim-fit 510’s, the heat blooming on Brandy’s cheeks slid south. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all. Still, he couldn’t run far in his underwear. Seconds ticked by. Golden sunbeams gleamed off beads of sweat on muscles she didn’t really want to notice, but her attention was completely captured by the liquid heat trickling down his chest. She worked harder to convince herself the quiver in her gut came from adrenaline not feminine hormones. At any moment, her survival instincts and training would take over and stop this ridiculous sensual reaction to him. “Turn around and take off your boots.”

“My boots?” The first sign of indignation crept into his voice. “Brandy, Honey, I think you’re making a big mistake. Did you ever hear of fairness in apprehension?”

“You sound experienced.” Obviously, this wasn’t his first tangle with the law. “Have you heard of justification of lethal force? Consider yourself lucky that I didn’t shoot first and ask questions later. Now turn around and get to work on those boots.”

“What about my Miranda rights? Or the proposition that a man’s innocent until proven guilty?” he asked even as he followed orders and pivoted, presenting her with a view of his equally impressive backside.

But rather than shucking off his well-worn snakeskin Justins, he removed his shirt and slowly slid his belt through the loops, making a sensual striptease out of the movements.

The cotton fabric of Brandy’s T-shirt dampened, and her concentration started to wane. Not because the temperature was flirting with triple digits and the August sun had bullied every cloud from the sky. The blame rested on blue eyes that had messed with her thermostat.

She cleared her throat. “The arresting officer will read you your rights. For now, I’d get to work on those boots if I were you.”

“You want to separate me from my boots, you’re going to have to do it yourself.” His back still to her, he planted his scuffed heels firmly on the cabin’s splintered porch boards and glanced over his shoulder.

“On the other hand, if you’re really interested in seeing what’s under my jeans, I’m all yours, Honey. I do love a redneck woman.”

Her heart hammered against the fabric of the particular T-shirt she wished she hadn’t selected that morning, which was clinging to her chest like shrink wrap. The Gretchen Wilson song title had made her laugh out loud when she’d come across the tee on the bargain table at the Goodwill store, and because it was a ridiculously outrageous tag for Brandy Wilcox, she’d bought it as a joke.

As she pondered her purchase mistake of the year, wind-tossed grit scratched her throat. Expelling a slow, controlled breath, she dipped into the pocket of her jeans for her cell phone. “You have the right to remain silent in the face of any questions that might be put to you.” With hardly a waver in her voice, she added, “Do you understand?”

For untold sun-blistered seconds, he exercised his right to remain silent. She steadied the rifle, her finger alongside the trigger, and flipped her phone open with her free hand. Glanced down to read the screen. The blank, dead screen.

In the pristine silence, the sound of a zipper rasped.

Lord. Way too much sinewy, masculine muscle made her insides twist. The heat index rose to equator level. Before Mr. Totally Ripped revealed the answer to the age old question “boxers or briefs,” Brandy choked out, “Hold it right there.”

Jeans hanging low on his hips, he swiveled and faced her. “So, Brandy, what are you doing roaming around out here all by yourself?”

She narrowed her eyes and tightened her grip on the rifle. “Maintaining my sharp-shooter’s status.”

A muscle in his cheek twitched. “Maybe you should put down that rifle before you accidentally kill someone. Namely me. It would be ill advised for a deputy to shoot a suspect merely on probable cause. That could get said deputy in a lot of trouble. Guaranteed.”

“If I take you down, Mister, it won’t be any accident, and it won’t necessarily kill you.”

His tongue played sexily over the sweat collecting on the indentation above his upper lip. “You’re that good, huh?”

Double entendre intended—she was sure. Definitely too sexy for his Stetson.

“Good enough to put a hole in your hat and a crease in your skull without turning you into a pulseless, non-breathing suspect. I don’t think you want to chance that. It would smart a whole lot. Guaranteed.”

“That’s some mighty big talk for such a little lady.” The grin that tilted the corner of his mouth irritated more than intimidated her.

“A little lady with a big gun that could put a crease just about anywhere I choose.” She lowered the barrel of the rifle and set her aim in the vicinity of his zipper. “That’d smart a whole lot more. Absolutely guaranteed.”

It warmed her heart when he came to his senses and reined in his smile.

About Mal Olson

Mal Olson writes adrenaline kicked romantic suspense. She enjoys skydiving, ski jumping, SCUBA, hang gliding, big wave surfing, car racing, mountain climbing—that is, vicariously through her characters, who are always kick-ass, and often boss her around rather than allowing her to spin her stories the way she intends. (She did, however, personally engage in zip lining this past summer.)

Her debut novel Shadow of Deceit, released by The Wild Rose Press in 2012, is an edge of the seat romantic suspense-thriller set in Milwaukee and parts of northern Wisconsin. A couple oMalf her favorite reviews came from Beverly at The Wormhole, who said, “Wow! This one has it all! Non-stop action, hot and sexy characters, betrayal, smokin’ romance, and a thrilling plot–” and Gothic Mom’s Book Review, which stated, “In the 150+ books that I read per year, there are very few that receive a five star rating. Shadow of Deceit did just that. Non stop action, sexual tension, an adventure that had me on the edge of my seat…A fantastic book that had me from page one…”

Olson also offers two short stories. Danger Zone, which has spent months in the Kindle top 100 free romantic suspense category, is a guaranteed fifteen minute pulse pounder where two strangers survive a rock ‘n roll landing on an icy Milwaukee runway and chase a could-be terrorist into the danger zone. Me and Brad, a feel good romance, features an irresistible K-9 and was ranked in the Kindle free top 100 list for months in the Contemporary Romance category.

Author Links

Website: www.malolson.com

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5754848.Mal_Olson


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BookBlitz: Effie’s Outlaw by Karen Lopp

Effies Outlaw Banner 450 X 169



Effie’s Outlaw
Karen Lopp

Genre: Historical Western Romance

Publisher: SoulMate Publishing

Cover Artist: Devon



Boston heiress, Effie Sheridan, takes matters into her own hands when her fortune is being stolen. The last thing she expects is to be kidnapped by a gang of train robbers. Forced to pretend to be an outlaw’s lover to stay alive, she questions her sanity when she is drawn to the gruff, yet charming bandit who risks everything to save her.

U.S. Deputy, Alex Marshall is mad enough to spit nails when the beautiful, city-bred girl lands in his arms. Unable to abandon her to the cruelties of the gang, he searches for a way out of the responsibility. But her courage and sweet kisses begin to chip away at the bitterness inside his heart and he must choose between revenge on the gang that slaughtered everyone he loved or redemption for saving a women he can never have.



The quiet frightened her. She was used to buildings, noise and humanity. Used to a kind face if she got lost. Used to law-abiding citizenry, not a landscape full of barbarians.

She took one step and then another. A flash of red in the distance made her freeze. Most of the men sported red bandanas. Effie turned and rushed in a different direction, her blood froze at the close call, remembering the outlaw’s threat of selling her to the highest bidder and the horror the other women endured.

A headache hammered in her skull and dulled her ability to stay focused. Her feet hurt and every step revealed a new pain from her fall from the train. Mouth dry, she longed to find the stream Lefty said existed. She was beginning to think he lied. A quick glance back reveled— nothing. The tight knot in her stomach subsided.

A glare caught her eye, and she quickened her footsteps. Something shimmered in the sunlight. She hurried towards the source. It had to be water, nothing else bright came to mind.

In her haste, Effie tripped over a rock and landed on all fours. She hissed out a cry of pain. Her heart fluttered like a fly trapped in a jar. Had anyone heard her? She glanced up, the silver canteen that Lefty had hung up, swayed from the branch above her. Fingers curled into a fist she punched the air.

Her valiant effort to escape had only led her right back to Lefty. To the man who had ripped her from the comforts of civilization, forced her to wear indecent clothes, and expected free reign of her body when he woke.

Damn. Yes it was rude to think such vulgarities, but not a soul here would be offended by her lapse into crudeness. Now, she had to start all over. Go back into that labyrinth and find a way out. And avoid getting caught.

Effie hauled her aching body upright, brushed the hair from her eyes, and started walking. Dappled sunlight fell across the ground. Something crunched in the stillness and she choked back a cry.

“I tell you I saw someone wandering around.” An angry voice sounded close, too close. Ice crystallized on her skin.

“You’re hallucinating. Ain’t no girl haunting this forest.” The second, deeper voice was filled with disgust.

“Who else would wear bright orange and go in circles?”

“Orange? You fool, that’d be Consuela. Ben will kill you if you bother her.”

“She has on blue now. A real fancy new dress. Probably stole it from one of the captives.”

“Maybe it’s Lefty girl, she’s the only one left. He’ll kill you too. I’ve seen him draw. You don’t want to mess with him.”

“Are you going to tell?”

“Course not.”

“Then let’s go find her. Have some fun and kill her. Lefty won’t know who did it.”

Effie’s stomach crawled up to her throat and strangled her. A layer of sweat slicked her upper lip. How could she avoid these predators? One of them had seen her and now hunted for her. She peered around the tree, only to see them angling directly towards her.



About Karen

Steeped in a rich family history, Karen Lopp has always been drawn to the courageous lives of the women who lived through the hardships of the past and triumphed.IMG_0702 (2)

A transplant from Oklahoma where she grew up on a farm just one mile away from where her great-grandparents settled in the land run, Karen now lives in the enchanted land of New Mexico and has a running competition with her dad on who can grow the tallest hollyhocks. Books and tales of ancestors were staples in her life and she fell in love with history. Enthralled with the short stories her grandmother wrote and passed down, she took the plunge (with encouragement from hubby and kids) into the world of writing.  Her inspiration comes from research into her family tree and their interesting lives.











BookBlitz: Faster Than The Rest by Shirleen Davies


FASTERWestern Historical Romance

Publication Date: 8/27/2013

Buy on Amazon


U. S. Marshal Jamie MacLaren will do whatever he must to find people who have been abducted, then return them to their families. This includes the woman who betrayed him then disappeared from his life.

Victoria Wicklund has endured numerous obstacles since she left Fire Mountain. None as frightening as being the victim of a kidnapping. At least that is what she thought until Jamie MacLaren appeared to rescue her. He was older, just as handsome as she remembered, and as unforgiving as the Arizona sun in summer.


Neither expects the desire they shared many years before to still burn as strong as ever. Nor do they anticipate the accusations upon their return to Fire Mountain. Will Jamie seek revenge, turning his back on the only woman he ever loved? Can Victoria forgive herself enough to trust the one man who can help her?






“Tell me, Victoria. Why did you leave if it wasn’t for the money?” His voice was a whisper across her face. She could almost smell the anger pulsing from him, along with all the other familiar scents of the man she’d always loved. He was just as intoxicating now, just as impossible to resist.


She lifted her face to his to look into eyes that had turned a deep steel grey. She could lose herself in those eyes. It was her last coherent thought as his mouth moved towards hers inch-by-inch, brushing across her lips, and coaxing them to open for him. When she didn’t resist Jamie moved one arm to the back of her neck, holding her in place while his other arm moved to her back, pressing her to him. Her arms slid up and around his neck, pulling his head down to hers. His mouth moved to her eyes, traveled across her checks and down her neck, before settling again on her parted lips.


Jamie was amazed at how the taste and feel of Victoria in his arms hadn’t changed. She was still the most desirable woman he’d ever known. No matter what else had transpired, his body still craved hers as it had none other.





I have been writing most of my life, but only recently began the transition into fiction. Historical romance, contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and short stories are what keep me reading, so that is the focus of my writing.


I was born in California, grew up between a growing beach town and a small town at the base of the San Bernardino mountains. My mother originally planned to name me Katherine, but she read an article in the paper about a woman named Shirleen shortly before my birth, so instead of having a cool nickname, like Kate, I am simply Shirleen. My mainstays growing up were all the Nancy Drew mystery books; I loved them. Eventually I moved on to mysteries, suspense stories, crime novels, and romance. Pride and Prejudice will always be one of my favorites.

Besides California, life changes have allowed me to live in Oregon, Colorado, and Arizona. Everywhere I have lived has been inspirational in one way or another, giving me the opportunity to meet remarkable people with their own stories to tell. I’ve sailed, skied, owned horses plus lots of other animals, and ridden various off-road vehicles. I enjoy dancing, fishing, hunting, being the back-seater on my husband’s Harley, traveling and, of course, reading and writing.


Prior to transitioning to writing fiction, I worked for Fortune 500 and many smaller, start-up companies. Fortunately, I regained my sanity long enough to start my own consulting firm, which I still maintain today.  My husband and I spend most of our time at our main home in the mountains of Arizona and our second home in Southern California. Between us we have five boys with growing careers and families of their own.  So, from my perspective, my life is a success and always an adventure. I wouldn’t change a thing; well, except finding more time to write.



I love hearing from readers, so please feel email me at shirleen@shirleendavies.com.

Website: http://www.shirleendavies.com

Blog – http://www.shirleendavies.com/blog.html

Twitter – https://twitter.com/shirleendavies

LinkedIn – http://www.linkedin.com/in/shirleendaviesauthor/

Google Plus – https://plus.google.com/101252295772842023369/about/p/pub

Goodreads – http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/17921590-shirleen