Review and Blog Policies

Wanna-Be Legal Stuff (a.k.a Policies, that thing in tiny print hardly anybody reads)

FYI: No monetary compensation is made on ANY review posted on this site.

If you are reading this is because you are surfing around my blog. THANKS for that. I honestly never though anybody would be interested in following me or caring for any of my reviews and for that I owe you a big HUG and a THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.

So, this here is my Blog policy in a nutshell:

  • I read because I want to and I enjoy it.  Due to lack of time and means, I cannot receive review requests from authors, (self published or not) UNLESS you are in my TO-BE-READ list. I understand there are several authors with awesome books around and us reviewers are the best way for them to mainstream, but I honestly can’t commit to read something if I don’t feel attracted to it, or I have never heard of the author’s work, even if they are highly recommended. I can make exceptions, but I don’t want to promise anything.
  • All of the reviews you will find here are written by moi, me, myself: Sophie on my own free time. I usually BUY my own books, I get them as gifts, I request them from NetGalley or I simply borrow them from the library. I review them in all honesty in hopes that other people like them (or not) as much as I do. I WILL NOT review positively a book I DIDN’T LIKE. Sometimes you will find some collabo reviews from my dear cousin Oscar, or some other blogger friends, but the majority are written by me.
  • I usually read print books (paperbacks) or digital via Kindle (PDF or MOBI format only)
  • I am glad to receive book recommendations, but I don’t read out of sequence books. If the book you are recommending me belongs to a series and I haven’t read the previous, I will not read it until I read the series.
  • I don’t read anthologies UNLESS, there is a particular story of an author I need to read to complete a series AND/OR the anthology itself is in my TBR list because of the authors.


My choice of genres are:


  • Erotica
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Romantic Suspense
  • Mysteries
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Young Adult – Teens
  • Chick Lits


What I will NOT read or even attempt to:



  • Religious or Political books
  • Biographies (unless it’s in Spanish)
  • Horror / Thrillers
  • Self Help / Empowerment
  • Non Fiction


If you really like how I write reviews and SERIOUSLY would like to know what I think about a particular book, then please send me a message and include:



  • Title of the book
  • Author name
  • Cover image
  • The genre of the book
  • The book’s blurb
  • Links to the book online


About fun stuff other bloggers do like interviews and giveaways:


  • I’m really not a good interviewer. As much as I would love to interview and interact with an author, I simply suffer from what I call BLOG FRIGHT. I really can’t think of a single word to ask an author even if I love their books like crazy, so no, I CAN’T / WON’T INTERVIEW AUTHORS. I will gladly host anybody who would like to interview an author though. If you have the talent, I am more than happy to loan the platform.
  • I usually tend to hoard promotional items and swags about any book that attracts me. I buy a lot of book related items and I love to share. If I’ve loved a book like crazy, I will usually try to give away a copy of it.
  • I am more than happy to participate in blog hops, rolls, follow me’s and whatever works for attracting followers!