Sophie, the Bookworm

I was born in 1981 at the General Hospital in downtown Los Angeles but life took me to a wonderful Central American country in the summer of 1987. For the next 22 years I would lived in an 85 + degree weather, 6 months of nonstop humidity and rain and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Since I was a little girl I loved to read and write. My Grandpa taught me how to read in Spanish and for as long as I remember I always had a book in my hand, mostly fiction.

I love Buffalo Chicken Wings, I’m a huge fan of Cheesecake, I’m a confessed coffee addict, I also drink at least 14 bottles of water a day, I walk 9.5 blocks mornings and afternoons, I wear glasses since I was 21, my favorite sport is Soccer and I am the BIGGEST fan of Spanish Soccer League’s Futbol Club Barcelona (since I was 14!) and though I don’t understand baseball that much, I do watch it and have two baseball loves: NY Yankees from the AL and the San Francisco Giants from the NL  (I actually have HUGE crush on Tim Lincecum, pitcher of the San Francisco Giants..he’s like the ultimate sport jock for a romance novel) ha!

My preference in books? ROMANCE! And all sub genres that apply (Chick Lits have a special place in my heart since I started my romance obsession with them), I also enjoy mysteries and YA.